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Topic: Severe Health Anxiety

  1. Mr. Anxious
    Mr. Anxious avatar
    1 posts
    9 February 2018

    Hi all,

    I have only very recently discovered that I suffer (quite badly) from health anxiety, and to a degree anxiety in general. Virtually any situation where I can't directly affect the outcome, I begin to feel anxious... Flying, catching a lift, becoming unwell etc.

    I have recently begun seeing a GP who also works in mental health. I have a referral to a psychologist but it's a big wait before I can get in to see him. My fiance is a nurse and is so understanding which really helps. Sometimes just talking about what is running through my head helps so much, so if anyone reading this is bottling up their thoughts, please find someone to talk to, whether it is a friend, family member, a specialist, or someone from this forum.

    It is odd that at times I can be on both sides of the fence. I can be so anxious about something but at the same time know I am (likely) overreacting. Just yesterday I went for an ultrasound as I was worried about testicular cancer, towards the end of the procedure the sonographer confirmed all looked normal, I momentarily felt at ease, then as I left I began to ponder what if the sonographer just didn't want to be the bearer of bad news? And that I might actually get a call from my GP saying I've got cancer or need further tests? The anxiety had gotten to a point where I was beginning to assume medical specialists were lying to me.... I know that is just ridiculous but I can't convince my mind of that.

    Anyway, it's good to be in a community of people going through the same condition as me. I hope one day soon we can all be at peace with our thoughts.

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  2. cakeboss
    cakeboss avatar
    91 posts
    13 February 2018 in reply to Mr. Anxious

    Hi i also suffer with health anxiety .Ive been feeling really well in the last few months and as soon as i feel sick or with somthing i think the worst.I have been nasuated so badly last day and heart pulpatations.I dont feel like eating and my anxiety and panic attacks have crept back in .ive tried doing my relaxation cds and breathing .I felt so nausated yesterday and started thinking oh what if its somthing else and then the panic attacks set in.I had a bad day of anxiety yesterday and hope today that i will have a better day.i dont know whats set it off but im trying not to overthink and think the worst .Does anyone else get like this with health anxiety and panic attacks .

  3. cweat3
    cweat3 avatar
    7 posts
    15 February 2018

    Yeah i know how you feel.

    For me its always like this because i have 3 permanent disability’s and i have extreme anxiety and experience really bad paranoia when it comes to health. I also suffer PTSD and Depression and other undiagnosed mental illness. I stay in my house 24/7 never leave it unless i have too for like food and stuff. Among other things health is a big one for me too.

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  4. Worrier23
    Worrier23 avatar
    1 posts
    20 February 2018

    Reading this made me sad, but helped me to appreciate that I'm not alone.

    I've had health anxiety since I was kid. It mainly revolves around me believing I have cancer - a family member of mine died from cancer when I was young.

    My anxiety was bad in high school/college but got better through university. I thought I was just getting more mature.

    I was lucky enough to have a job I really enjoyed for 3 years after university. I not only enjoyed the work but worked with a great group of people. This really helped because I'd often be distracted by work before a worry could develop so it consumed my mind.

    A couple of years ago I left that job, hoping to broaden my experience. I enjoy my new job but I'm a bit more isolated. The office is a bit smaller and the work isn't as interesting for me. So, since starting the job I've had more time to worry. The worries have now consumed my life.

    I've seen a GP more than ever over the last 12 months. I've thought I've had cancers in the bowel, prostate (I'm 31!!!), liver, bladder, lungs and more others. I'm now preoccupied with my skin and worried about freckles.

    I completely understand the feeling of seeing the doctor one day and then worrying about some other symptom the next day. It feels like you can't get a break.

    I'm lucky that I have a great doctor (who I trust and understands me) but when I see specialists I often find it hard to trust them.

    My anxiety manifests as increased heart rate, fidgeting and tense muscles (mainly).

    I'm seeing a psychologist, taking medication and trying some techniques. They do work, but I have spikes, and I think this is something I'll have to manage for the rest of my life.

    I'm aware that the anxiety impacts my family, who I seek reassurance from, and I can understand why they get frustrated.

    Anyway, just wanted to tell my story. Good luck to everyone out there.

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  5. Chambeer
    Chambeer avatar
    1 posts
    21 May 2018
    I don't know if i am the only one who experiencing depression because of my grades in school. I am the eldest in the family and i failed them because I did not make it on my graduation day. I have 2 failed subjects. And my mom was very disappointed in me, that's why i take it seriously i did not come out in my room for how many weeks, i don't want to talk to anyone, i did not eat also. My mind was floating and i cant think clearly. But my friend recommends me to use CBD for me to cure this depression. And as of now, i see the changes in myself and it really helps. And i read that it really helps in any kinds of illnesses.
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  6. stroppytom
    stroppytom avatar
    22 posts
    23 May 2018

    Having watched first my mother and then my father die of cancer I am absolutely certain health issues are one of the main drivers of my anxiety. My mum's diagnosis came out of the blue. Her GP told her she had simple osteoporoses but when my father insisted that she have an x-ray (the GP told dad he was "humouring" him to stop the requests) the real story hit us all like a ten ton block. My mum had cancer in all her skeleton from the top of her skull to her toes. She lived another three months and died in awful agony. I tried so hard to research any treatments which might help her...I even asked the doctor to back me with a letter to the Minister of Health asking for special leave to take her to a famous bone cancer surgeon in New York. The kindly oncologist took me aside after this and said, "Look...enjoy your mum's company in these next few months. No current treatment can help her." I was devastated. After she died I fell into a deep depression and also a hypochondria anxiety attack where I imagined that I had the cancer as well. It took me months to recover.

    When my father was diagnosed I went through the whole shooting match again. I looked desperately for treatments which would help him but it was too late. His cancer was very insidious. It crept up on him with no warnings in terms of readily recognisable symptoms. I sat with him in hospital when he breathed his last. Up until that moment I held it together for his sake but after his death I plunged back into the deep anxiety and malaise.

    This type of health anxiety (the old term was "hypochondria") is not that uncommon and in the case of the fear of cancer it is actually called "cancer phobia". I know that in my case if a doctor told me he suspected I had cancer I would instantly fall apart at the seems and be a complete gelatinous mess. And yet my psychiatrist and GP keep reminding me that cancer is not the killer it used to be...that new treatments are coming into use all the time and that is what we health anxiety sufferers need to hang on to. If found early cancers are eminently treatable and some new treatments eradicate altogether (like the new treatment for Melanoma).

    I feel for all my fellow sufferers...I know what you are going through. Just hang in there. The anxiety will eventually fade.

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  7. James2018
    James2018 avatar
    9 posts
    31 May 2018

    Hi everyone

    New member here - my first day actually.

    I too suffer health anxiety. people always ask what's bothering you? what causes the anxiety? I know very well it's health issues. Apart from how i feel health wise I have a pretty good life and nothing I should feel fearful about.

    I've had Health Anxiety for at least 10 years.

    Does anyone suffer the same symptoms I do?

    * Sore/aching legs, feet
    * Sore/aching lower back
    * Sore/aching stomach/pelvis area
    * Sore/aching and sometimes stinging bladder area
    * Sore/aching rectum area? THIS CONCERNS ME THE MOST

    I have had two cystoscopys and a colonoscopy and they found nothing of real interest. Ive had about 10 blood tests recently, urine tests, bone density scans, x rays, ultrasounds etc and nothing is ever found.

    I do have scoliosis but besides that nothing that can really warrant constant aching day and night.

    I worry and obsess about it all day and everyday.

    Does this sound like health anxiety? Does anyone have any tips that WORK....and/or want to talk to me about it via email?

    Feeling pretty down and hopeless :(


    • * Sore/aching
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  8. Malteser Bunny
    Malteser Bunny avatar
    1 posts
    1 June 2018
    Hello..I have just joined this site and I am quite....relieved?...to see that I am not the only one who has terrible health anxiety. Both my parents died from cancer and I my brain fights to convince me that I will die from it too and that it's just a matter of time. This time last year I was in hospital with depression/anxiety and going through drug changes and this horrible health anxiety has only got really bad since I was discharged, go figure. I have seen GPs far more often than normal (I saw one again just tonight, all in a panic about cancer) and it really takes over my life. I have a psychiatrist and psychologist and am still working on getting the medication balance right. If you are also new, don't feel like you are the only one out there! I nearly cried reading posts and seeing that there are others out there. Sending a big hug to all MB
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  9. Flower Earth angel
    Flower Earth angel avatar
    18 posts
    21 June 2018

    Hi, I am new to here about health anxiety.

    I need to do procedures to rule out the cause, i dont believe what the doctors are saying coz whatever they give me wont take away the ear problem i have.

    I have had this for 3 years.

    I also have PTSD. but this ear thing i definately not related.

    Im scared to do the procedure coz i dont feel safe in my body andi get problems at dentist liek im gonna pass out.

    I dont work and am worried iw ont be able to cope financially or with the anxiety to go ahead with dental.


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  10. Lizzie M
    Lizzie M avatar
    2 posts
    25 June 2018

    I suffer from severe health anxiety too, I have worried about my health for as long as I can remember, but when I turned 40, this went to the next level. I was so anxious all the time that I could barely function. My usual fears are cancer, heart disease or stroke or some debilitating life changing disorder that might leave me permanently changed or disabled. Like many of you here, my problem is exacerbated by googling symptoms that leads me down a rabbit hole and by the end of it, I am convinced I have the problem. 6 years ago when this first happened, I got help through counselling and a great website called anxietycentre.com . I also went on medication and had some tests to rule some things out. I wasn't cured of my health anxiety but I was managing it much better.

    Then I lost my sister to cancer and then my brother in law just 2 weeks ago. My anxiety has been gradually getting worse again and now I have tipped over into the same unmanageable anxiety I used to have. At the moment, I am terrified that I might have Parkinson's disease, MS, ALS or MND. I know that the current fears were triggered by hearing something on tv which led me to start scanning for symptoms, then googling and then terrifying myself. I know I should not google but it is like a drug - I am seeking reassurance that I don't have these things but always end up convinced that I do. I have trembling in my body, mostly my legs and especially at night. I wake up and the symptom is there and then I can't get back to sleep, thoughts start spiralling around, I'm scanning my body over and over and I find things - tingles, buzzing, twitches, pain. And then I start thinking about how I have blurry vision sometimes which I used to think was because I also have dry eyes but now it is sinister, I suddenly remember back to times over a year or even two years ago when I had a funny dizzy spell or really blurry vision when looking at bright light. I am scared all the time, a sense of impending doom, fear that I won't get to see my two beautiful children grow up or that I will be so disabled that I won't be able to care for them properly. I am constantly in tears, overwhelmed. I know you all know what this is like, I just wanted to share to say I understand but also because I hope you understand me too and can related to what I am going through? I am too scared to see my doctor but I know that I should. I wish I could fix myself.

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  11. Cauliflower
    Cauliflower avatar
    1 posts
    6 August 2018 in reply to Lizzie M
    Hello. I am wondering if you are any better. ?
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  12. Anxious Andy
    Anxious Andy avatar
    1 posts
    9 August 2018 in reply to Cauliflower

    So thankful that I have found this site. Like I have seen all the advertising for Beyond Blue but recently, I have just been hit with this severe case of health anxiety.

    In the past I have had bouts of this and it goes away, but this is the worst that I have ever had.

    It started about 2 weeks ago after going to the snow, I must have pulled a tendon (mildly) when putting my foot through some snow. Then the tendon was a little sore afterwards, you would think no big deal.

    But then my mind spiralled and I recalled an article in the news about MND (ALS) and having pain in your ankles. Well since then, it has TOTALLY blown out. Now that symptom has subsided and I have these "jelly leg"symptoms where I feel unsteady on my feet despite walking normally. I am living in this state of fear that my legs will give out from underneath me and confirm my diagnosis but despite that, im still walking ok and driving ok.

    I get periods where the waves of anxiety seem to abate and I get this feeling of relief that just cannot be described but then the fear edges back into my mind.

    I initially thought this was a symptom of my blood pressure medication and went to the doc about it (sometimes it slows my heart rate when I dont move down to 59bpm) but after going to the doc, he just said it was anxiety and I need to calm down. He felt the pulse rate in my feet and he said it felt normal.

    I am hating feeling like this and have access to a psychologist at work but im hoping that this will eventually going away.

    I am stuck in a feedback loop where my mind will be free then I will be like "what was that" oh that must be X, symptoms get worse due to anxiety and etc etc etc.

    It was odd last night that after I found this forum and read some people stories, I immediately calmed down. I am hoping writing this will also help calm me down.

  13. SeekingSerenity
    SeekingSerenity avatar
    1 posts
    24 August 2018 in reply to James2018

    Thank you for your post. I get these symptoms too and it frightens me as I don't know what the causes are. I've also had numerous blood tests and doctors check ups, all who've told me that I'm ok. Your post is helpful that my symptoms could also be anxiety related.

    The pains in my lower back and rectal area are also the most concerning. To me they just seemed to have magically started when I overheard a program on TV about a man who was in remission from colon cancer and he mentioned it was diagnosed after having constant lower back pain. I no longer watch TV or go on the internet to use Dr Google. One of the best things for me was to stop googling symptoms. It doesn't help!

    I work on telling myself that the pain is all anxiety and muscular related, I started seeing a physio when they first started and they were getting better. Then I did City2Surf without much training and the pain got worse from there. I tell myself that the pain is because of the lack of training and to keep working on the stretches my physio gave me.

    I try meditation and positive thinking, it takes work. I am definitely a work in progress. I try and do breathing exercises. One helpful one I learned is to breath in through the nose counting 7 then out through the mouth counting 11. It gives your brain a break from focusing on the worry about the pain. I've also downloaded hypnosis tracks which focus on whole body healing and health anxiety. The next step is finding a Reiki practitioner I've heard that it does really help.

  14. Malevolent
    Malevolent  avatar
    1 posts
    2 September 2018
    Hey my names Luke but most people call me KZ I’ve been battling health anxiety for almost two years now and I can safely say I’d give anything for it to be gone. When I was 4 & 5 I had open heart surgery and was always told I would need it again when I was in my 20-30s so I always thought it was an issue for later in life. Then one day I went to have a routine check up and the doctor told me I’d need my surgery this year! I’m currently 18 so this took me by surprise I was obviously upset but sort of thought I was alright and then a few weeks later the first panic attack happened I was on the four hour long train ride from the city and about an hour in full panic mode kicked in because my hands are pale. How can something so small cause such emotional and physical reactions. I was texting my mum begging her to get me and take me to a hospital so sure I was having a heart attack and I needed my surgery but I wasn’t and I didn’t. Then a few days later I’m coming down with all these symptoms pins and needles. I feel lightheaded. So I go to the doctor and everything is fine now I’m left wondering what the hell is going on. Bear in mind I’m was incredibly confident back then and I’d never even heard of health anxiety. I’m a smoker and to this day cigarettes still give me anxiety because I convince myself after everyone it has caused something and I’m dying. Anyway so months go by and I’m paying the doctor more money than my landlord and I’m so scared when I just couldn’t take it anymore I went to a doctor told her what was happening and that if it didn’t stop I couldn’t keep going and she did a mental health test then I saw a psychologist and she diagnosed me and taught me ways to deal with the trauma because that’s why I have this issue because when I was so young I nearly died. So I go on meds and I’m doing really good for about 6 months then my life spirals I’m homeless and have to move back in with my parents due to circumstances out of my control and my anxiety has skyrocketed. Now if I’m not drunk or stoned I’m convinced I’m dying and I can’t stop the drinking or the weed till I get this shit under control because it’s the only thing for a few hours a night that makes me feel normal and not completely terrified. I’m exhausted.
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  15. Sapphire87
    Sapphire87 avatar
    1 posts
    8 September 2018 in reply to Malevolent

    Hi all,

    I've read this forum for a while now and it's helped me to know I'm not alone but I'm also sad that others are experiencing what I am.

    I went through a stage about 8 years ago with health anxiety and I was able to overcome that myself but about 8 months ago it come back and quite severe this time. It all started with back pain which ended up being a herniated disc in my back, since then I have thought I was having a heart attack numerous times, worried about having a stroke, breast cancer, blood clots in my legs, brain aneurism and the latest is sepsis from a "cold". I think because I'm in a good place in life I worry what will go wrong, I NEED to seek professional advice before this totally consumes me 😢

    Thanks for reading x

  16. cakeboss
    cakeboss avatar
    91 posts
    18 September 2018 in reply to Sapphire87
    Hi we all suffer anxiety in different ways to one another .I myself have had health anxiety to .Ive learnt to understand that it comes on when my anxiety is high.I to think im having a heart attack due to short breath and feeling sick on the stomach .I have been to the gp who then tells me blood pressure is normal and he ran full bloods all came back normal.So he said to me that alot of the symptoms of anxiety can make you feel very sick.He trained me to say to myself This is not me this is my anxiety it will pass .All my bloods are normal blood pressure normal dr would chat and i come home .It has worked for me lately .I had a bad health anxiety about 1 year ago when under stress from finances.I feel for you as i know its terrible when it sets in .I have been well for awhile till now my anxiety panic disorder is back .I see a counciler ,dr regularly .I was told to try and distract myself with midfullness which im trying to look into .Anxiety attacks take alot out of your body .I have started gym which excerise may help .I know that road to well where anxiety sets of health anxiety and a roller coaster starts .I am trying excercise and trying to distract myself by keeping busy and not being hard on myself .I have family and friends but it sucks when your well for ages then all of a sudden anxiety comes on.Keep in regular contact with a counciler to get ideas of relaxation teaching me .
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  17. joey1
    joey1 avatar
    3 posts
    28 September 2018

    Have been reading through these posts to try and calm myself down, I am so surprised that so many suffer from health anxiety I thought I was alone, mentally unhinged, weak and crazy. A huge thank you to everyone who has posted! My long suffering doctor is a gem and helps me get through as best she can however in dark times I revert to Dr Google and it sends me off the deep end.

    My brother in law died aged 54 and my ex husband has cancer that nearly killed him and will definitely shorten his life significantly, his health is now poor. I have two children and my great fear is that I will have a debilitating disease and they will have no father and will need to look after me. My greatest fear is lack of independence.

    I am going through early menopause so I have so many symptoms that I have lost count. My latest thinking is hey, I have made it to 50 I should be grateful...ridiculous.

    All of my random symptoms like numbness, twitching, bladder issues, chronic nerve pain in my back, difficulty walking, vision problems, excessive weight gain, teary, tired, sensitivity to light, lead me to read about MS, MND, Parkinsons, brain tumours...everything that feeds my fear of losing my independence. I wake up every morning and read news reports of people who have woken up feeling a bit sick and were dead by the afternoon and I obsess that it will happen to me.

    I exercise and try to eat healthily, but if I see one more diet opinion on what menopausal women should do I'm going to scream, all the advice is so conflicting! Cut out carbs, don't do cardio, do cardio, eat carbs, more protein, less protein.....AAARRGGHH.

    We definitely live in an society where we have information overload and for people wired like me it is actually making me sick. I need constant reminders to self that I have always been healthy, I do as much as I can to make sure that I remain so, good diet, exercise and doctor check ups. I'm going to try some of the app's suggested in other posts to see if they help me. Meditation so far hasn't worked as any quiet time is when my brain goes to the dark side. Thanks again. J1

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  18. Ninolilo
    Ninolilo avatar
    1 posts
    5 December 2018 in reply to Anxious Andy

    Hi there, I just read what you said, and man I am going through the exact same feelings. I was scared and convinced at first I have pelvic cancer after my friend got diagnosed with it out of blue. I then did full testing for that and it came all clear. I then worried myself that I have brain cancer. It made me have headaches, nausea, lightheadedness. Did MRI, CT - all clear. Now stupid fear of MND. I feel that my left arm and hand are living their own life. I feel numb and weak in my left side. Like it is not my body. Everytime, I fall asleep my hands become restless and pinching to the point of me waking up fully distressed. Every morning my mouth feels restless. And all that comes in my head is: "Right, it must be MS,Parkinsons or MND. These thoughts make feel sick. I used to have death anxiety 3 years ago and it was gone. But now it is back and I feel hopeless, my life is not bright and happy any more. I can not even enjoy things I used to enjoy before.
    My psychologist will be seeing me after New Years and I can not wait. It feels like there are 2 different minds in my head. One is stressed head, no sense what is so ever, another one is smart and tells me to stop googling and do some breathing, learn to appreciate life.
    I am glad to find you people, it is so sad we are going through this. Sucks to be surrounded by so many people, so many cool things and to be the lonely party pooper, that is tired of being scared.

  19. amirith_
    amirith_ avatar
    2 posts
    18 December 2018 in reply to Joey7

    Hi all!

    A few weeks ago, I started having chest tightness and dull pains on certain areas on my left chest. As the typical 21st century phone addict I am, I went to my phone for answers. Before this, I had never experienced a sensation like this before so I was kind of nervous. When I searched "my chest is tight and painful" on Google, it immediately came up with a list of heart attack and heart disease problems. Now, reading this, I was shocked. Like, really shocked. And it didn't help that a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with acid reflux and went to the hospital, and next to my room there was an old lady suffering from a very severe heart disease. She was very sweet and although I only shared a few words with her while I was waiting for my blood test at the hospital, it made me think, "what if I'm next?"

    Now my anxiety worsened with each day. With every day I began "developing" those aforementioned symptoms that Google had given me. Chest pain, slight sore left arm and jaw, etc. This caused me to freak out, and I mean, FREAK out. I would cry myself to sleep for many days, begging and begging my mum and dad to take me to the doctors to find out what was wrong with me. Now, as a developing female teenager, my mum automatically assumed that my body was just developing, and that I didn't need to go to the doctors. However, with many days of just begging and subtle bribing, I managed to go to my local GP, get a chest x-ray and an ECG, to find that I had....you guessed it, anxiety...*DUN DUN DUUUN*

    This didn't stop me from going on Google however. I still searched up symptoms, and although I'm not as frightened as before, I still am slightly anxious. However, I have also realised the things that set off my anxiety such as talk about death, war and/or horror movies as well as just talking about it in general.

    In contrast to this however, I am still in need of some help. I would like to know any strategies to prevent these thoughts and to prevent my fingers from typing in "heart attack symptoms" every single time I open Safari. What do you guys do? Have you made any progress from following those patterns? Please reply to my response and let me know so I don't go to Google for help :)


    Amirith ^^

  20. Tt123
    Tt123 avatar
    1 posts
    9 January 2019

    Hi everyone,

    I've had anxiety my whole life but in the last 3 years its become health anxiety. Its sad but also a little calming reading these post because now i know I'm not alone. I feel like I'm crazy and live in my head most days and to afraid to tell anyone how i feel or think because of how rediculous its sounds but its so real to me.

    I fear that I've got some sort of nasty desease and I'm slowly dying. Ive had so many test for all kinds of things and there is nothing wrong with me. All the symptoms everyone has said- I've experienced and more! I make myself sick most days with worry and fear and I'm at the point where i feel like i need to check myself into a mental ward!

    I've never liked medication but thinking that i do need to see a psychiatrist now because i always feel a little better after talking about it. I feel your pain guys, it's definitely hard and extremely upsetting living with health anxiety! Just hope we all find a way to deal with it and have healthy minds!

    Thanks for sharing all your stories and experiences- has definitely helped me feel a little calmer tonight

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  21. cmc123
    cmc123 avatar
    1 posts
    15 January 2019 in reply to amirith_
    Hi...I don't know if this will help you or not, but it really helped me. I read a series of books by Dr Claire Weekes (I know they are still available to buy). She wrote these books decades ago and has since passed away but the books are still very helpful for anxiety. They are a bit old fashioned but she really explains the physical symptoms of anxiety and why you get them. She helps you to understand what is happening to your body and how to relax and accept that the symptoms will go away once you give your body and mind a chance to heal itself. When I read the first book it was like a light bulb went on and I just decided to give it a go. That was many, many years ago and I've had a few setbacks over the years but she explains those too and I got over them. Reading those books was the best thing I ever did. As I said...it might not be right for you but it certainly helped me.
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  22. Mum02
    Mum02 avatar
    3 posts
    17 January 2019 in reply to Lizzie M
    I am. Exactly the same about the impending doom about not seeing my kids grow up, I too lost a sibling my brother . I have worked my self. Up. So much that I am. Having nerve trouble and breathing problems, but all come up clear. Told my Dr today that I am just not coping and crying at anything, even just looking at my children, cause I am so scared of something hideous. Now I am booked in for a psychiatrist. Good luck lovely x
  23. labradorlover
    labradorlover avatar
    3 posts
    19 January 2019 in reply to Mum02

    I wish all my fellow sufferers of health anxiety the gift of some peace in 2019.

    Asking myself this question sometimes calms me down: "Well, how do you know you have …………………………. You would be the only person on this planet with the astounding ability to diagnose correctly without ever gaining a Medical Degree".

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  24. amirith_
    amirith_ avatar
    2 posts
    21 January 2019 in reply to cmc123

    Oh my goodness, someone replied! ^^

    Thanks so much for the response, I'll have a look into those books, and I'm happy to hear they helped you! I'll give those books a shot and see how it helped in a few weeks! I can't thank you enough <3


  25. amlo
    amlo avatar
    6 posts
    21 January 2019 in reply to amirith_

    Hi Amirith,

    You may also find the Centre for Clinical Intervention Anxiety Resources available.



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  26. Cat67
    Cat67 avatar
    17 posts
    24 January 2019

    Hi anyone out there,

    I am new to BB and this forum. It is very interesting reading everyone's posts on health anxiety. I am currently suffering with the same thing. Ever since I was a kid I was a bit of a hypochondriac....but then I'm a Capricorn and that's what we're like apparently! Since being prescribed something that disagreed with me back in December my anxiety has been through the roof. Like another lady mentioned I google every little thing that worries me and then I get convinced that's what I've got. Blessed were the days when you only had a medical Encyclopedia to look up....now we have Dr Google which just makes things worse! I have long living genes (Mum 97 still going, Dad 88 when he died, grandparents on both sides the same) so no cancers, heart attacks, nasty diseases etc yet I've convinced myself so far I have a heart problem ( at least) as I can always feel my heart thumping in my chest. My Dr says as I am a thin person I will obviously feel it more, but I've never been convinced. I've had about 5 ECG's over the last few years, a really thorough Stress Test where they said I was "remarkable for my age", and bloods all perfect. No High Blood pressure etc. I even convinced my Dr to give me a CT scan of my head last year as I was sure I had a brain tumor as I was smelling a strange smell all the time and I've always suffered from migraine. Of course...it was negative! I do get annoyed though when you just get fobbed off.....I know my GP thinks it's all anxiety, all my symptoms, and given my mothers history he's probably right, but other times he's been wrong. Like when I had gall stones (had to have it out) and he said there's No Way I could have them as I didn't fit the profile of " Fair, Fat and Forty". So, this doesn't always make me feel like he's got it right. However, with all these worry issues about EVERYTHING I think it must be anxiety as when my husband comes home from work and we have a glass of wine with dinner I somehow feel much better and back to being normal! So it's got to be anxiety right?

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  27. AMMoverthinking
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    23 posts
    20 February 2019
    I have always suffered from anxiety. Not that I knew that was what it was as a kid. Since having my twins four years ago it has blossomed into health anxiety and it is really out of control. I have the biggest fear that I won’t get to see my kids grow up and someone else will get to raise them. I am constantly fixated on one health issue or another. I then feel those symptoms. I obsess about it and can barely function until I get it checked and then once I do and get the all clear I switch straight over to something else. I really am struggling to function. I spoke to my doctor and he wanted me to go see a psych but as someone that also has social anxiety the idea of speaking to someone makes me feel worse. Currently I’m stressing I have breast cancer. I do have dense breast tissue that was checked late 2017 but now I’m focussed on it again. It sucks. I really hate not being able to control these thoughts. When I get like this just looking at my kids upsets me because I think of dying and leaving them.
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  28. Ash81
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    54 posts
    24 February 2019 in reply to AMMoverthinking
    Hi, I replied to your post on the other forum I think? I hope you’re feeling a little better but I completely understand if you’re not. I’m going through something similar; no lump but pain and itchiness and tingling sensation of my nipple and one feels different than the other.. I had an ultrasound last September which was good thank goodness. Now I know the only thing that will make me feel better is another one.. but then I’m terrified of having it I shake and cry when I get it done! I’m bed ridden and don’t eat.. please know you’re not alone. We can all help one another hopefully..
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  29. Benny10
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    2 posts
    6 March 2019


    i am needing some advice.

    i constantly feel like I have something wrong with me, had boood tests and everything always says I’m fine. I found a lump last night go scared so took myself to ed the doctor wasn’t worried only if it grows.

    i just feel like I’m letting my health anxiety take over and I really don’t know what to do.

    I just constantly worry, google and am studying to be a nurse so it doesn’t help when I find out about a new illness everyday and then I diagnose myself with it.

    would appreciate some advice x

  30. ozsheila79
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    2 posts
    7 March 2019

    My health anxiety started in my twenties when a doctor said my weight could cause a DVT and death. He was trying to scare me into losing weight but it had a counter-productive effect. Soon after I had my first panic attack - I stayed up all night thinking I was going to die from a heart attack. Years later another doctor said he was irresponsible for saying that, because weight alone wasn't a cause of DVT - but it always stayed at the back of my mind. With all the messages out there that being overweight is bad, the thoughts just got worse. I felt like my body was the threat and I couldn't escape it. Whenever I asked doctors for help, I'd just got told to lose weight. Sounds simple - but at the time, my stress from my job was really bad and I was drinking and smoking to cope - which all made me gain weight. I was stuck in a neverending cycle and I was in despair. When I reached 30 the negative symptoms started - mostly digestive (reflux) but feeling wonky, faint/dizzy and forgetting things - I was afraid my bad choices had caught up with me. But despite all the tests, nothing really came up health-wise. That's when I realised it was health anxiety. I finally stopped googling and starting accepting the symptoms and this was a blissful time in my life. I left my bad job and started to make lifestyle changes, so many of the symptoms subsided. Now the weight is the final mission! So I recently went to a dietician for help, as you do. But he found an inflammation marker (CRP) was really high and he said it was a risk of heart attack and stroke. Suddenly all my positivity stopped and my fears returned ten-fold - its like I'm traumatised . Constantly on edge, stressed and easily agitated - and my weight loss stalled which is stressing me out too. He did more tests and couldn't figure out what causes the inflammation - probably because he's not a doctor!!! So now its up in the air! I'm really upset because I was doing so well - I'm annoyed because I went looking for answers and found problems instead :( Its been hard for the past few weeks, but after reading this forum, its helped put some perspective back and I feel better - so thanks all! I can't control anxiety, but there's things I can control - like diet, exercise and doing fun, enjoyable things. I've noticed that diffusion is good for that intense anxiety - like laughter or grounding - so FYI. I just need to self-care, so thats the plan! :) Thanks for sharing your stories and good luck everyone...

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