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Topic: Treading Water

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. Writer's Block
    Writer's Block avatar
    4 posts
    17 August 2020
    Sometimes I have good days sometimes bad. With my anxiety and depression it is sometimes 2 steps forward 5 back. I try to do things to keep it at bay, eat right, try to exercise, get sleep, medication, meditation etc...But it is always lingering...knocking at the door or window ready to overwhelm me at any moment. I should look at the positives...I am employed, I have a family that loves me. All that makes you feel guilty of feeling like this. Getting tired of treading on water. The tsunami of emotions make it hard to stay afloat.
  2. sisu100
    • Masters of Psychology student on placement
    sisu100 avatar
    71 posts
    19 August 2020 in reply to Writer's Block

    Hi Writer's Block,

    Thank you for taking such a brave step in sharing this with us. I'm sorry to hear about your struggle with anxiety and depression. It sounds like you've been dealing with a lot of overwhelming emotions and trying hard to stay afloat. I can see that you're being really proactive in managing these emotions by engaging in self-care, and even reaching out here. That takes a lot of resilience and strength, I imagine it must be difficult to do so during this time.

    I hope that you don't feel guilty about the way you're feeling. You're only human- you’re allowed to struggle, you’re allowed to be impacted. Your emotions and your experience are always important. They’re valid and they matter.

    Please do feel free to use this space to talk through your thoughts and feelings, we're here to help and support you.

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