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Topic: weird sensations?

5 posts, 0 answered
  1. caityyyxx
    caityyyxx avatar
    3 posts
    10 June 2020


    I have suffered from anxiety/depression for years. I was diagnosed when I was 12 and am now 23.
    I have been on medication for about 4 years now. My anxiety is really up and down. Sometimes I’m really good, other times I’m really down.
    lately, my anxiety has gotten bad. i have been having weird sensations and I always experience different things. I always put it down to anxiety because it goes away when I’m not thinking about it.
    but lately I’ve felt quite nauseous often, sometimes experience depersonalisation, dizziness and the most recent one is my legs feel really weak. It’s hard to explain, but they just don’t feel normal. Like sometimes If I’m walking I feel really sluggish/slow and sometimes feel like my legs are going to give up. It stops me from wanting to do much.
    does anyone else experience this? So I’m not alone.

    im going to get a full blood test soon, to check that I’m not deficient in anything either. But it just becomes debilitating and I’m struggling to put all my effort into work lately.
    In terms of other health conditions, I’ve only got PCOS that I know of and I saw a Neurosurgeon this year and don’t have any neurological issues that they could find.

    last year I did go through a lot of trauma with DV, but it’s been a year so I’m not sure why my anxiety has gotten so bad lately like this.


    someone please help

  2. white knight
    Community Champion
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    white knight avatar
    8254 posts
    10 June 2020 in reply to caityyyxx

    Hi, welcome

    I’m sorry but many of your questions have to be answered by qualified medical staff. We are peer advisers.

    In terms of anxiety I can from lots of experience point you towards invaluable information

    please google

    beyondblue topic anxiety, how I eliminated it

    beyondblue topic the best praise you’ll ever get

    reply anytime


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  3. caityyyxx
    caityyyxx avatar
    3 posts
    11 June 2020 in reply to white knight


    thank you. I understand that, just wanted to see if anyone felt/experienced similar sensations or symptoms as me so I didn’t feel as alone.

    thank you though

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  4. golden82
    golden82 avatar
    140 posts
    13 June 2020 in reply to caityyyxx

    Hi there Caityyyxx,

    I am sorry you are having these symptoms, but no, you are not alone..I get those symptoms as well, along with other symptoms including confusion/brain fog, feeling like in a dream, forgetting things (basic things), numbness in face, hands and feet etc, feeling like I am going to pass out and many many more things.

    I am a bit older than you (37 yo) and have had these sorts of symptoms for around 7 yrs. Which coincides with when my anorexia got really bad and also insomnia and anxiety and depression starting to creep in (although I didn't know I had anxiety and depression at the time). So I and my Dr put it down to a starved body and brain. Which is part of the problem/cause for me...but I totally think more of it is from the mental stress and that this doesn't get enough attention from some Drs.

    You seem very aware of your own health which is great. Definitely get a blood test to check everything. I have mine regularly tested and have lots of low levels such as iron and ferritin which mean that I have iron deficiency anaemia and this causes some of these symptoms which you have described - and/or can make those symptoms worse. This is fixed with iron replacement. But the mental stress and as you say trauma can cause all this too. I also have complex PTSD so believe getting some professional help for that will help us also. I haven't started this yet but plan to soon as Covid eases a bit.

    It sounds like you are doing the right things to get some answers and hopefully knowing others experience this also can reassure you somewhat. I think a big part of it is having some self soothing ideas to try calm mind in the time of panic and try think less about feeling like going to pass out. Good luck with finding some answers and getting some help to feel better :)

  5. Seeta
    Seeta  avatar
    24 posts
    13 June 2020 in reply to caityyyxx

    Hi Catiyx,

    I am also new on this forum and I am 24. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 7-8 years ago for which I took medication for nearly 4 years and it worked really well as I stopped it until 3 months ago. I started getting the same symptoms such as depersonalisation, dizziness, headaches, weak leg and arms and lip numbness. I also did a number of tests and everything turned out to be completely fine physically so it was severe anxiety causing them. They have put me on medication again and I am seeing my psychologist again and yes it has helped me since and am gradually getting better.

    I can’t suggest anything at all but wanted to say I have experienced almost exactly the same symptoms and I still do but have gotten better.

    wish you all the best

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