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Topic: what physical feelings of anxiety do you get?

  1. missep123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    missep123 avatar
    1100 posts
    21 February 2022 in reply to est72

    @est72 - you mentioned a very important point with breathing! My breathing also gets shallower, I didn't realise until kind of recently that I don't tend to take deep breathes! It's definitely something I've been working on.

  2. randomx
    randomx avatar
    3349 posts
    23 February 2022

    l'm feeling sick to the stomach and l don't know if it's best l just push through it, or cancel the whole trip.

    l'm suppose to go up to Sydney next wk to see my gf. l't a huge celebration bc she has gotten through her court cases, after 3yrs and everything for her now is fixed. She went through so much.

    Thing is , her nervous system is shot too and right now it' s just too much for her to come down to mine, which she's been doing for 3yrs and l can't believe it now that l'm going up there now just this once yet look at me.

    My ex w and l traveled all over the country yrs back and l still drive all over the state sometimes interstate for work. l normally love it. But it's wearing very thin now and l don't feel l can do or cope with any more of those trips these days and this last few yrs with Carona l'd onlt done a couple and pretty close. So now this trip .

    l've been homebody so long now l only go out locally more and more and l try to only do what l can cope with. But it's the strangest thing. Few yrs ago l'd have been up all night with excitement but these days l feel like l can't even do it and sick. l'm not sure why is just bc l've been so homebody.

    Just don't understand why l'm like this now. My ex's parents are 80s and just come back from a drive trip to qld. My dad was still driving intestate well into his later 70s .


  3. randomx
    randomx avatar
    3349 posts
    24 February 2022 in reply to randomx

    And then there's one of my brothers. He's only a yr younger than me lives in qld but travels all over Asia , China. Drives down to Melbourne every yr and spends a mth going all over Vic seeing friends and family, then he goes over to Tassie to go riding with friends, he's into motor bikes.

    He was down a mth ago and he's coming down again in 2wks and also Tassie. Then when he get's back he's going over to Taiwan for 3mths.

    l'm suppose to go up to his near Brissy when he gets back. l use to love the qld drive, now lm feeling sick at the though of just Sydney.

    Just not sure why l've become like this , or whether it's wise to push through it, maybe that's what you need, push through and it all comes back. l'm not my old self at all , ldk.


  4. WorrierMum
    WorrierMum avatar
    3 posts
    24 February 2022 in reply to annabay

    If it's a severe bout of anxiety - heart racing, upset stomach and jittery.
    If it's mild anxiety day to day - tension headaches, shoulder and neck pain and just a general uneasy feeling.

  5. randomx
    randomx avatar
    3349 posts
    25 February 2022

    l suppose what has me scratching my head is that you'd think it'd get better with age. Bc with age you start realizing so much of the stupid things you use to sweat over , don't even matter. And with age you also start to realize most of the people crap you use to sweat over , don't even matter either and you start to feel a real freedom in just not giving toss what people think anymore.

    Well , for me in many ways all those things have worked out that way , but there's others that haven't or seem to be getting worse.

    As my gf says, never peace.


    1 person found this helpful
  6. Jagz
    Jagz  avatar
    2 posts
    25 February 2022

    I was diagnosed with GAD quite young and bounce around like a pinball machine between all the different types of anxieties...one thing thats constant are my physical feelings.

    Tingling in my arms and legs, hairs on the back of my arms raising as if I am sensing danger.
    Then the heart starts racing. Manageable so far.

    Then comes what I call my doom brain...it is a volcanic eruptions of negative and terrifying scenarios. When it’s really bad my steps to minimise go out the window.

    Thats when the vomiting starts. My body wants to purge not just my stomachs contents but it feels like my anxiety as well.

    Not sure if others get this one, but for me the feeling of fear becomes so great I can’t stop crying as if I am in mourning.

    It’s a lot right! The good thing I can say is that by seeing a really good psychologist I am now managing to stop them from happening 9 out of 10 times. And frankly that 1 time, is enough.

  7. bluemoonbluesky
    bluemoonbluesky avatar
    30 posts
    1 March 2022

    I've been pretty good for a week now. Have been quite occupied, barely had time to think about my anxiety. That is indeed one trick I have learnt - occupy and engage, and one's anxiety can magically fade into the background (for a while, at least!).

    Recently posted about IBS-like symptoms persisting after food poisoning, and the good news is that all is almost back to normal down there. One of the biggest reliefs? I can now have the simple pleasure of a latte with real milk, as I was lactose intolerant for at least 2 months.

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  8. Dakota_C
    Dakota_C avatar
    4 posts
    7 March 2022

    Ive very recently just been experiencing symptoms

    Had my first panic attack some months ago where I would be feeling my heart palpitate and some shortness of breath, my entire body basically went numb from the gut down while driving but luckily I was right outside a hospital

    Went in and everything checked ok, bloods, ecg, chest xray, so it was deemed an anxiety attack

    Was ok for a good few months, I felt myself having the symptoms in the same location weirdly while driving home from work, was able to put some music on and calm myself down luckily

    However the whole last week has been on a whole new level, tingly/burning/light feeling in my left arm from the elbow up mainly to my pinky finger, lots of lightheadedness, unable to focus / disassociate, slightly blurry vision, can feel my heart pounding quite heavily
    have been in the hospital twice in the last week thinking its heart issues but everytime ive been checked ive returned normal on blood, ecg, and xrays, usually while im laying down being tested I dont feel any of the sensations

    The last few days I can just be sitting at my desk and I would feel a real sudden cold sensation around my chest and my heart, almost like ice water was running through it, and then usually associated with a pain along the rib or the back of my neck, does anyone else experience random sudden "cold" water feelings inside?

    3 people found this helpful
  9. Beeee
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    Beeee avatar
    68 posts
    8 March 2022 in reply to Dakota_C

    Hi Dakota_C,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Anxiety feels different for everyone, but I know how scary anxiety symptoms can sometimes feel. I have also experienced heart palpitations and shortness of breath and it really does feel like something's wrong.

    You mentioned that turning on music helped calm you. I have found that having a few methods to calm myself is really helpful. Whether it's music, meditation or deep breathing. Sometimes I like to use a guided meditation app, it helps my mind focus on someone's else voice rather than my own thoughts. I wonder if music had the same effect for you?

    Hope you find some relief soon and wishing you all the best.

  10. missep123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    missep123 avatar
    1100 posts
    14 March 2022 in reply to Dakota_C

    Hi Dakota_C,

    I'm sorry to hear you have been having these feelings. Someone once told me that when we have anxiety it can stem from our thoughts (which can be very stressful) which then makes our bodies believe we are stressed/can feel the impact of our thoughts.

    It can take a lot of practice but it might be worth trying to re-frame anxiety provoking thoughts into more positive ones or even realise what kind of automatic thoughts we are having and how our bodies are responding.

    Sometimes it can look like this:

    Negative automatic thoughts (anxiety-related thoughts) -> body response (i.e tingling, headaches) -> behaviour (being scared of these symptoms, ruminating about them). It can turn into a cycle sometimes.

  11. MainlyG
    MainlyG avatar
    18 posts
    21 March 2022 in reply to missep123

    Only feel I'm new to anxiety.

    I'm 39 and used to be the easy going, whatever happens guy.

    I have done a 180.


    sore abdominals

    Tight hips

    Tingly feeling in hands and feet


    That's about it.

    Have only had 1 panic attack in shower about 6 months ago.

    Interested in the tight hips one which seems to be the worst at the moment.

    The 2 glasses of red each night is a real help for me lately.

    Almost no symptoms when I'm enjoying that 3 hours.

  12. Heidi17
    Heidi17 avatar
    2 posts
    23 March 2022 in reply to Moonchild 11:11
    Started having panic attacks a few weeks ago. Just out of the blue. I am 45 years old, and positive it is the result of my body starting to go through the perimenopause stage. My symptoms are waking in the night trembling, increased heart rate and super fidgety, and just can't relax. I have had stomach issues. Grumbling, bloating and pain. My thoughts are that there actually is something wrong physically in my gut, but so far doctors haven't followed up on these physical symptoms but relate it to anxiety. My question, from reading others posts, are the digestive issues commonly related to anxiety. Am going to do further tests to look into the stomach issues.
  13. Sophie_M
    Sophie_M avatar
    6824 posts
    23 March 2022 in reply to Heidi17
    Dear Heidi17,

      Firstly, welcome to the forums we are so glad that you found your way to this supportive and welcoming community. We hope that you find ideas, options and support from the shared experiences and knowledge of all our members. This is a safe space to share and express your own feelings, struggles and experiences without judgement.


    Sophie M
  14. missep123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    missep123 avatar
    1100 posts
    24 March 2022 in reply to MainlyG

    Hi MainlyG,

    I'm really sorry to hear that you have been going through this.

    You mentioned that you are new to anxiety, did anything happen that may have triggered these feelings and physical symptoms?

    One thing I try to remind myself as well is that I am not anxiety, I am a person who happens to deal with/used to deal with anxiety symptoms. I think it is very important to not let it take control of our identity, as you mentioned that you used to be an easy-going guy - I truly believe that you are still you. Sometimes we have some obstacles to go through before we find our balance again.

    Please continue to reach out on these forums! We care about you!

  15. missep123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    missep123 avatar
    1100 posts
    24 March 2022 in reply to Heidi17

    Hi Heidi17,

    From my own experience when I had anxiety or really anxious thoughts it impacted my digestive system where I had to keep running to the toilet if you get what I mean! Sorry if it is TMI (too much information) but my friends also told me when they got extra nervous it impacted them in this way too

    I'm really glad that you are taking your wellbeing and health seriously and that you will be doing extra tests just in case!

    I truly hope that you feel some relief from what you have been experiencing, we are definitely here for you!

  16. blondguy
    Life Member
    • Awarded by beyondblue for providing outstanding peer support to the online community over a period of 3+ years.
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    blondguy avatar
    11398 posts
    25 March 2022 in reply to Heidi17

    Hello Heidi17 and a wave to SophieM and misssp123

    I understand what you are experiencing and yes its awful. I used to have chronic anxiety since 1983

    Our digestive system is the most sympathetic (vulnerable) to even low levels of anxiety feelings/symptoms and yes its extremely common

    As SophieM mentioned the forums are a rock solid safe and non judgmental place for you to post. You are always welcome to start your own thread as you will have more replies that are related to your own situation

    you are not alone at all

    my kind thoughts


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  17. daisybaby888
    daisybaby888 avatar
    4 posts
    27 March 2022
    When I was younger I use get extremely faint and the whole room would spin. I'd tense up so bad I'd pull muscles in my neck and upper back and couldn't move for days on end. Then I started to get extreme panic attacks arounds age 11. I've been having multiple a day since; I'm 19 now. Recently I've been loosing my appetite and constantly feeling nauseous, this has strange. I've always had weird little things as well: I use to cough when I got anxious, sometimes I'd punch or bite myself, recently I've been doing a lot of rocking and pulling out hair. I also feel like I have pots and pans smashing in my head, it's exhausting I cant sleep. It's also really affecting my relationship and I'm scared I'm going to lose the love of my life to my anxiety. He's been so patient with me but with it being my birthday recently my emotions were heightened and I lashed put pretty bad. I was upset for a valid reason, but I hate the way I addressed it.
  18. Haylz23
    Haylz23 avatar
    1 posts
    10 April 2022 in reply to Dakota_C

    Hi I’m sort of in the same boat , I had heart palpitations, shortness of breath , shallow breathing , chest pain , rib pain ( like a stitch ) pins and needles in hands and feet . The first time this happened was just over a month ago and I went to the hospital as I didnt Know what was happening ,

    they checked my bloods and done a ECG but all was fine , In the next 2 weeks I was in and out of emergency doing the Same thing , the 5th time in there I was admitted to do full checked of my heart and lungs and was in the hospital for 4 days , everything came back clear .. so now we have put it down to anxiety, yet to see someone about it , but Other symptoms I’m having now are hair loss ( more than usual ) , burning pain in the chest or upper stomach , back pain in between my shoulder blades , headaches , which then makes me unable to focus or i literally just wanna lay down all the time in worry . Unfortunately my stresses are my home life as my partner has a back injury and it’s changed our lives as it’s caused him depression and a 5 year old daughter that is on the go all the time . I feel like i start to get the symptoms as soon as I’m a big frustrated and talking to either my daughter ( when she’s doing the wrong thing ) , or hearing negative things from my partner or any little arguments . This makes it hard as it’s not something I can just avoid doing . In saying that I always feel discomfort in the chest daily now and half of the time there isn’t a trigger , it just comes on ( as I guess my home life isn’t changing any time soon ) . It makes me sad to feel that it’s home stresses that is causing it . It’s putting a stop to my life atm and there are days where I just wanna cry because I’m over feeling like this already . Everyday is not like it use to be . My next step is to book in to see a psychiatrist but the wait times are weeks-months atm .

  19. Emma Mil
    Emma Mil avatar
    3 posts
    12 April 2022

    Hi ! I suffer from Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorder.

    When I'm anxious I usually have shortness of breath, involuntary movements in particular of the upper body and tightness in the shoulders, neck and jaw. When I'm in panic then it's totally different - feels like you're dying and can vary. I've had drooping eye, headaches, heart palpitations, pain in the shoulders and back, tingling and numbness in the arms, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, derealisation. Afterwards I get really tired and have a headache.

    I find the physical symptoms of anxiety to be much worse than racing or negative thoughts. I tend to be able to rationalise and talk myself away from thoughts but the way anxiety shows up for me physically is the part that can be tough to deal with.

    I just recently made a change to my medication and am hoping this will help. So far it's a week in and it has not been fun but fingers crossed it's just the initial uptake of the meds.

    1 person found this helpful
  20. MainlyG
    MainlyG avatar
    18 posts
    12 April 2022 in reply to missep123

    Thanks for reply.

    Yes I'm knew to anxiety and it's unusual symptoms.

    Yes-i used to be easy going, loved kids, liked strange people even if they were rude ,I used to like 99% of humans really.

    A year on, kids stress me out, I dislike strange people and only like "normal polite people" and I haven't re ally been socialising with humans as now I find most rude.

    I have since given up alcohol a month ago even though my 2 or 3 beers or glasses of beer a night was when I was at my most relaxed

    2 people found this helpful
  21. Frogs
    Frogs avatar
    6 posts
    12 April 2022
    I tend to get flu-like symptoms. High temperature, sometimes my face is hot but body is cold and it upsets my skin, usually a rash or acne. I also have bad sinusitis from allergies and already live with a blocked nose but it gets worse when I'm stressed and I tend to get a dry nose and throat so it's blocked and dry at the same time. I also have a bad neck so it can affect that too. I'm 32 and my anxiety use to be worse when I was younger but I don't remember it affecting me too much physically. Takes its toll over time I guess
  22. Captainwhiskers
    Captainwhiskers avatar
    1 posts
    12 April 2022

    My symptoms are random pains in my upper or lower abdomen, particularly under my ribs (either side), nausea and an itching/burning sensation in my arms and chest (sometimes also my legs and neck).

    This has gone on for months now - some symptoms will go away for a while and return, but there is always one of the symptoms present.

    I have always lived with anxiety, however, the physical symptoms are new and stem from stress about my work, marriage, children and my health. I convinced myself i had a life threatening illness, despite all tests showing me to be very healthy.

    I am hoping to find some strategies to deal with my anxiety. I have started to see a psychologist, but i am not on medication.

  23. Eri123
    Eri123 avatar
    1 posts
    12 April 2022
    I’ve been struggling with anxiety for about 4 years now. Stemming from stress and many different childhood traumas and experiences I believe. I was pretty happy throughout school until university when my anxiety began to become noticeable. In 2020 I had my first panic attack and struggled very bad with my anxiety. Have been doing okay, getting through each day the past year and a bit but recently within the past week I can feel my anxiety starting to take over again, and feelings of being very overwhelmed. The physical symptoms I get are nausea, lightheaded, shortness of breath, uncontrollable shaking, headaches, and sometimes pain in my stomach. I am considering reaching out for help again as I don’t want it to get out of control again. I can feel myself starting to avoid responsibilities and isolating from those closest to me.
  24. Kat_Em
    Kat_Em avatar
    7 posts
    13 April 2022

    I am suffering from Anxiety to the point that I cannot even go to the supermarket without having a panic attack.

    I have a constant feeling like I have been drinking, like I am slightly tipsy. I get a dull aching pain in my arm and other days in my opposite leg. I have had full bloods. Nothing. I have been seeing a physio. Nothing. I have seen a chiropractor. Nothing. People are now telling me that it is the anxiety that makes me feel like this.

    Can ANXIETY be in that much control of my body?

  25. bluemoonbluesky
    bluemoonbluesky avatar
    30 posts
    14 April 2022 in reply to Kat_Em

    Hi Kat_Em. Definitely. You wouldn't believe what anxiety can do to you. I certainly didn't, and it took me more than 18 months to come to terms with the utter fear that was gripping me.

    I don't post as much as I used to here as I kind of stopped caring about all of the physical symptoms that were happening. Some of them lasted for months and were quite debilitating, such as dizziness, lightheadedness, fatigue, overactive bowels and bladders, fast heartrates, random pains, and a plethora of other things. Like you, to go to the supermarket was an achievement and sometimes I'd have to stop my shop because I could barely walk further.

    I'm pleased to say I am much better now, and you will be too.

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  26. daftestpunk
    daftestpunk avatar
    11 posts
    16 April 2022

    I usually get shortness of breath, tremors/shaking hands, palpitations, fast heart rate, random sharp pains lasting 1-2 seconds and loss of appetite.

    Anxiety, particularly health anxiety, is an on and off problem for me. I had an episode about 4-5 years ago, which I got over and I thought I was clear. However about 3 weeks ago I had a huge anxiety/panic attack that ended up with me going to the ER, and it's shook me ever since. I'm having a bunch of tests done at the moment, but I have to try really hard to put my mind at ease. It's not even easy writing all this out, but I just want to put this out there so maybe other people can relate and it can make them feel better.

    Just today, I went for a walk/jog after having caffeine jitters from a really strong iced coffee (possibly a mixed up order since I wouldn't have ordered such a strong coffee.) I reckon my heart was racing for like 5 hours after the exercise, was seriously worried and I called about 3 different hotlines before deciding to calm myself down. Medication, hot tea, calming reiki music and a nice shower all seemed to have worked. I'm looking to book a psychologist soon, hopefully one will be available soon. I can imagine it's busy like literally everything else these days.

    Sorry for the rant.

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  27. bluemoonbluesky
    bluemoonbluesky avatar
    30 posts
    17 April 2022 in reply to daftestpunk

    Thanks daftestpunk, can totally relate. My worst was truly frightening - shaking, fast heartrate, calling the few people that would talk to me, trying to calm my breathing.

    There was a time in my early days of anxiety/panic where I did have to give up morning coffees because they were ruining me. I'd come in and sit at my work computer and sit there in absolute terror, so the coffee went for a while. But now I'm fine with it. I've also had times where eating certain kinds of foods would make my heart pound and I would have to lay down. I'm still kind of sensitive to things depending on my mood. I've declined meals with friends over the years because I knew I would be very jittery afterwards.

    I gave up any sort of rigorous exercise for almost 3 years, the fear of an increased heartrate and pains utterly paralysed me until I just stopped caring.

    There is comfort in the ritual of things for me when things get overwhelming. Usually I lay down on my bed, get a hot cup of herbal tea. Find a good Spotify playlist with relaxing music or meditation. I'll listen to my favourite radio show live or the podcast version. That's my happy place during the worst times.

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  28. missep123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    missep123 avatar
    1100 posts
    18 April 2022 in reply to bluemoonbluesky
    Anxiety can have such a strong hold on our lives. Self-care also really helps to comfort me and like @bluemoonbluesky wrote - is my happy place during the worst times. The more I establish my self-care routine or the things that help me feel better I am noticing that my spirals are shorter than before or that I am able to pull out of them otherwise it can be very difficult not to just stay frozen for hours. We are not alone in our anxiety, when I read everyone's stories here my heart really goes out to everyone.
  29. Nav09
    Nav09 avatar
    2 posts
    18 April 2022


    this Is my first time on here and I’m hoping I may be able to get some clarity.

    this has been on going ever since I got off bc and has been driving me absolute bonkers. I seem to have these brain waves, tightness in the face (which I have been told sinus however I’ve had this for the last 5 weeks) and a fair bit of pressure in my head all around my head. Not pain as such tho (except when I press on my temple or close to my eyes near the bridge of my nose.)

    I recently have had issues with chest tightness and pain on the left side which I’ve had multiple blood tests and echos which all came back normal then all of a sudden I’ve had all this pressure in my head. Which I know it could just be anxiety as I have absolutely no family history of anything with brain problems.

    ive been to the gp about this pressure and weird sensations however he just prescribed a nasal spray which I stopped after 6 days as it was causing more pressure then relieving. And told me to come back in a months time if my pressure is still persisting.

    I guess where I’m getting at here is if anyone else has been experiencing these symptoms or if I should be demanding for more tests cause I’m at a lost on what I should be doing next.

  30. Gg22
    Gg22 avatar
    8 posts
    23 April 2022 in reply to Nav09
    I came here to post the same thing! I've been experiencing a pressure feeling in my head also. Mainly at the back and top, I also get a feeling of squeezing like my head could pop! Like you, was told it is sinus related and have taken nasal sprays and rinse with no relief. Very difficult to stop the what if thoughts and brain tumour scenario. You aren't alone.

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