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Topic: Work An

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. Belle002
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    1 posts
    24 September 2021

    Hi everyone,

    Recently I started a new job at a local cafe in my town, and the business is only new and recently opened up. I’ve worked a lot of cafe jobs before, but never had so much anxiety working. The boss works with us and doesn’t tell me what she would like me to do or hasn’t outlined any expectations, so I go to work clueless on how the business operates. I was on till yesterday and was blamed for every wrong order when no one took time to stand their with me and show me :(

    Just needing some advice on how to tackle my next shift.


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  2. Banksy92
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    107 posts
    24 September 2021 in reply to Belle002

    Hey Belle,

    Sorry to hear you've had such a stressful time at work - starting a new job can be tough and this sounds less than ideal that you haven't been given instructions!

    Is it possible to call your boss/manager or meet them a little earlier and ask to sit down and have chat about how you're feeling? To explain you'd like some training on processes and expectations. Even sending a text if you're really anxious about the conversation might be helpful.

    If you're feeling super anxious about going in or having the conversation it might also be helpful to do some slow deep breathing before your shift to help ground yourself, I find this a good step when I'm anxious about work.

    Hope this helps.

  3. The Bro
    Valued Contributor
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    181 posts
    24 September 2021 in reply to Belle002

    Hi there Belle002 and welcome to the forum!

    Thanks for reaching our about this difficult situation. It is an unfortunate fact that so many managers and small business owners in particular, are not at all trained in how to be people managers.

    I worked for many years for an excellent large retail group and was promoted over the years to an area manager, dealing with store managers and their targets, plus staff training. I would have been hopeless at it if it wasn't for the training the company gave me.

    Here's my suggestion - tell your manager very clearly that you like working there, like her as a person, but would like to make a much greater contribution to her business. But there are some things you need to know for this to happen. Can she please put ten minutes aside to answer some questions you have to clear some things up about your role and on what aspects of your performance you are being judged?

    This approach should remove any defensive replies she might otherwise come up with as you are asking for her advice on how you can help her business! Even if you don't like the work or her doesn't matter as its important to set up the discussion positively.

    Even if you start by saying something like "Hi (Manager), can I have a chat with you as soon as convenient please? I really like working here and having you as a boss but want to do a better job and help the business more. I would really appreciate having a few things clarified please. Is that OK?"

    That approach is non threatening to the manager and implies the meeting you are requesting will be positive and help her business. So there is a great chance she will respond positively. When you have the chat, ensure you ask questions about anything you don't understand, and thank her often for what she tells you.

    Keep it positive! You could also try something like "I am a little bit lost so can you tell me exactly what you are expecting of me every day so I can make sure I don't let you down?"

    This approach should help clear things up straight away. Then make sure you ask her regularly how you are going and it there is anything she has noticed that you can do better?

    So take a deep breath and go for it Belle002 - I am very happy to discuss further and help you along the path with this manager.

    All the very best, The Bro

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  4. missep123
    Community Champion
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    845 posts
    24 September 2021 in reply to Belle002

    Hi Belle002,

    I'm really sorry to hear that this has happened. That's really stressful! Honestly, that is not your fault. Any job should have proper training. From my past experience I have learnt that communication is so important with your boss.

    Would it be possible to maybe have a sit down with them and explain how you're feeling and what's happening?

    Please keep us updated, I really hope it get's better for you!

    You are not alone though! You definitely have us here on the forums.

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