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Topic: Work issues giving me anxiety. Advice appreciated!

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  1. HC4000
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    21 August 2020

    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem where i have recently changed jobs in the last 12 months- I have a technical background and part of my past experience has been that i was in a scenario where i had depression ( due to a work issue) and hence i was unable to display my knowledge in my field. After that, I got better and decided to go back to my previous role ( which wasn't very technical) and have done so- unfortunately rumours of my lack of knowledge have spread to my new workplace ( which is a company in a related field) and my fellow workmates are giving me trouble at work by menacing me, speaking ill of me and other subtle ways to show their anger.

    Can someone advise me as to what I should do ? I have passed my probation and the job market right now is terrible - I don't really want to change my job, but dealing with this stress is killing me slowly.


  2. white knight
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    21 August 2020 in reply to HC4000

    Hi, welcome

    Bullying is unacceptable so no wonder you’ve written in for support.

    Sometimes we don’t realise why we attract bullying, being vulnerable and appearing weak can attract them so, although it isn’t your fault learning avoidance skills must be considered.

    Ive got a couple of threads you can read, just the first post if each. Put one at a time in the search bar at the top of the page


    fortress of survival (workplace)

    reply anytime


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