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Anxious about posting? Drop in here to say hi, we'd like to get to know you. In here you'll find lots of newbies, info about how the forums work, and you can give us suggestions on how to make things better around here.

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by HassanK
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Supporting family and friends with a mental health condition (carers)

Space for sharing tips on supporting a partner, family member or friend with a mental health condition, and seeking support for your own wellbeing with other carers.

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by Learn to Fly
4 days ago
Relationship and family issues

Anything to do with managing relationships and family, including parenting, separation, loneliness, divorce, family, and friendships.

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Space for discussion of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, and eating disorders.

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by Sophie_M
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Space for discussion of major depression, bipolar disorder, cyclothymic and dysthymic disorders, and BPD (borderline personality disorder).

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Young people

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by Jstar49
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Grief and loss

Support following the bereavement of a family member, partner, spouse or someone close to you.

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by Bexie
1 day and 22 hours ago

Topic: Worried

  1. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    18 August 2021 in reply to Rainshaddow
    Kitty , Look for Kitty/Rainshaddow on the BB social zone ,
  2. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    19 August 2021
    Good luck today Kitty , hope all goes well 👍😉
  3. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    20 August 2021
    I dislike this anxiety depression cycle , it's awful , why some people get it and not others is perplexing
  4. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    23 August 2021
    I hate my life and I hate the way I am , I am so fed up being this way , just can't take the medication as it messes up my stomach , so thourghly sick and tired of this crap life , its not enjoyable , it's not easy , I hate waking up in the mornings , another day of worry and stress to get through , pretending around people that I am happy , it's so exhausting ,
  5. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    23 August 2021
    I see all these happy people all over the place , how are they happy , why are they happy , I just don't understand it , I can't remember the last time I was genuinely happy , I have no interest in anything anymore , I'm exhausted and I am over this crap existence , it's not a life at all
  6. Sophie_M
    Sophie_M avatar
    5688 posts
    23 August 2021 in reply to Rainshaddow
    Hi Rainshaddow,
    We’re sorry to hear that you are hating things at the moment, and things haven’t felt good for a long while. We're glad you could share your thoughts with us, we think a lot of people may be able to understand where you are at today.  
    If you need support, please know that you can call Beyond Blue to talk things through at any time, they can help you to figure out how to get some help through this incredibly difficult period. They’re always available on 1300 22 4636, or you can use webchat or email.  They may be able to provide you with some space to explore and vent about what you have been feeling today.
    Have you been able to talk to your GP about the side effects of your medication? There maybe some alternatives which could work for you.  A lot of medication can have dangerous side-effects if discontinued suddenly, we would strongly recommend that you speak to your doctor before discontinuing.
  7. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    23 August 2021 in reply to Sophie_M
    Thanks for your kind words but it doesn't help , been on this rollercoaster for so long I just know nothing has worked and probably never will , I'm so angry and yet so sad at the same time , I can't even explain myself anymore , it's so frustratingly infuriating , it's in my head but I can't get it out , is that normal , what is normal , each day is a torture to me
  8. Sophie_M
    Sophie_M avatar
    5688 posts
    23 August 2021 in reply to Rainshaddow
    Hi Rainshaddow,

    We understand that this is a very difficult time. We appreciate you sharing this with us, we've reached out to you via email to offer you additional support as we are concerned about you. Please know that the offer is there should you wish. 
  9. Kitty1991
    Kitty1991 avatar
    41 posts
    23 August 2021 in reply to Rainshaddow

    Hi Rainshaddow,

    I am really sorry I haven’t checked in on you the last couple of days. It sounds like your going through a really tough time atm. I saw your post about the medication making you feel sick. My medication made me sick for the first four days, (upset stomach). Do you think you will feel better soon if you keep taking the medication or will you stop?

    I haven’t known you for to long Rainshaddow but I have learnt that you sometimes walk along the water at night, have scones in town at a cafe and smash out a crossword, spend time at the library. Do any of these things still bring you joy?

    I am hear to talk Rainshaddow, about anything. Please let me know how you are going.



  10. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    24 August 2021 in reply to Kitty1991
    Hi Kitty , how are you going , no need for apologies at all , it's all good, I'm a bit better today , i got really overwhelmed last day or two and had a bit of an anxiety/depression thing happening , it was bad ( ish ) , I get negative about things and then can't think straight , it was a rant for sure , the truth of how I feel but still a rant . Yes I have ceased medication and booked dr . Ummm those things don't really bring joy as such , I find that elludes me , they are just filling in time , I so want a job , that will help a lot I think , a purpose , an income , an outlet of sorts , seen a fella this morning about a truck job , see what happens , 🤞thanks for being there Kitty , I truly appreciate it and your time .
  11. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    24 August 2021 in reply to Kitty1991
    Kitty I was just reading up on what AME's and LAME's are and do for a job , you keep us safe in aircraft while we all fly around the place , holidays , jobs etc , it's quite a responsibility , how cool 😎 I like it 👍yes mulberries are great , a family member of mine had a mullbery bush/tree at their house , taste great but stain fingers and mouth , yes I like them too ,
  12. Kitty1991
    Kitty1991 avatar
    41 posts
    26 August 2021 in reply to Rainshaddow

    Hey Rainshaddow how are you travelling? Have you been able to see a doctor yet about your meds? I hope you get something to help you soon. I have just been super lazy the last 3 days, I wake up have a cuppa and go back to bed until I have to leave for work. Finding it really hard to have an motivation to do anything. It funny I spend most of my time in bed and yet I am exhausted 😴.

    Any luck with the job hunt?

  13. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    26 August 2021 in reply to Kitty1991

    Hi Kitty , I'm doing ok , better today , must be on the upward climb of the rollercoaster , booked in with dr , not sure what to do as yet with this medication thing ,

    Applied for more jobs today in mining , also chance of 2 local town jobs , and on track for a job with CBH for harvest time , bumper crop in WA this year ,

    How come you have no motivation ? Winter time thing ?

    How are things going with your man ?

    How is work ?

    Have you heard of kefir ? Milky yoghurty type drink , great for our gut and also mental health , can buy it or grow it , I'm trying it ,

    Cold and raining , 🌧️ here tonight , thunder and lightning ⚡ too , brrrr ,

    I have Indian flute music on , it's so relaxing , 👍

  14. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    27 August 2021 in reply to Kitty1991
    Bit of news , start driving tanker truck Monday , just casual but it's a job ,
  15. Kitty1991
    Kitty1991 avatar
    41 posts
    27 August 2021 in reply to Rainshaddow
    Hey Rainshaddow congratulations on the job 😀, even if it is casual it is better than nothing. You must be really happy to have gotten something. Do you feel alright about the job, keen or anxious?
    I don’t know why I have no motivation, I think I am just tired especially with the night shifts. Can easily sleep all day.
    Things are much better with my man, his working and enjoying it so far which is good.
    I like kefir, didn’t know it was good for mental health might start drinking it again.

  16. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    29 August 2021 in reply to Kitty1991
    Hi Kitty , I would rather it was a full time permanent job but yes it's better than nothing and it's a start , easier to find a job when you have a job right , I feel ok about the job , bit nervous but to be expected I guess , always nervous to be honest , anxiety is like that eh . Oh yes of course , the night shift would sap your energy levels totally , glad your man has found a job so fast , that's excellent news , fingers crossed he continues to enjoy working and contributing to the household . Yes kefir does have an effect on our moods as we have brain type material in our stomachs and our brains and stomachs communicate via the Vegas nerve , if our gut is not healthy then our mental health can suffer , I watched a doco called trust me I'm a doctor with Michael Mosley , it was on SBS , cold and raining here today , started 30 seconds after I hung my washing out to dry 🌧️🤔
  17. Kitty1991
    Kitty1991 avatar
    41 posts
    1 September 2021 in reply to Rainshaddow

    Hey Rainshaddow, don’t you hate when you hang your washing out and it’s starts raining 🌧😀. I will watch that documentary, it sounds interesting.

    How are you going with the new job Rainshaddow? Are you liking it? How’s your anxiety going?

    It has been pretty quiet for me since we last spoke which is good 😃

  18. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    3 September 2021 in reply to Kitty1991

    Hi Kitty how are you going? I'm ok ish I guess , today was an ok day , new job is a bit chaotic learning wise , a bit all over the place as they are not organised at all , which really rattles me , my anxiety levels rise and then I find it really hard to learn and retain new information , damn anxiety ! I'm up n day day in day out . Still trying for the mines , still a chance to get back to the mine I used to work at 🤞

    Thats great news that things are quiet for you , your anxiety levels must be lower , how's your medication , partner , Job , going ?

  19. Kitty1991
    Kitty1991 avatar
    41 posts
    3 September 2021 in reply to Rainshaddow

    Hey Rainshaddow 😀. It would be really hard with your anxiety if they aren’t organised. Lack of organisation makes me panic sometimes. I am really struggling at work atm. Majority of the people I work with are anti-vax’s, anti-lockdown and really negative to work with. So every time I go to work I just want to go home, I find it really hard to work with such negativity and constant conspiracy theories. It makes me really unmotivated and drained I guess. Which in turn makes me feel really lazy, but I just can not be bothered to show any interest. I feel like I should take some leave, but i would be returning to the same situation when I come back to work.

    My partner is enjoying his new work, which is great. It is strange though, I needed him to get a job and contribute to the relationship, but now that he is working during the day and I work at night, I really miss him and I am miserable at home when he is not there. I think I will get use to it though.
    How are you going with the tablet from the library? Enjoying it?

    Talk soon

  20. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    5 September 2021 in reply to Kitty1991

    Hi Kitty , your workplace sounds like a difficult environment to work in kitty , it's hard enough without the negativity and conspiracy theories and being anti Vax and anti lockdown , iny option the vaccination is the only way to move forward for us all , they sound a little childish , gossip , conspiracy theories in a workplace can be very destructive to other employees , I really hope things improve there for you kitty , I wish I had an answer to it all , I can understand how it can be draining to the point of not showing any interest , it's understandable kitty , I hope things improve soon for you at work , please know that you can tell me about this stuff anytime you need to vent . Yes I can understand how you would be missing your partner now he is working , Such a hard thing to do , one on nights and one on days , but you can look forward to your days off together which will make it a bit more exciting , what's that saying , absence makes the heart grow fonder , it may also be that you are missing his presence and emotional support ? I am sure things will adjust and fall into place 🤞 Glad he is enjoying his work and he is now contributing to the household and in turn the relationship , it may help improve a lot of things , and always best to have 2 incomes coming in , life ain't cheap .

    I took the tablet back to the library early , I wasn't really using it and it kept doing things I couldn't understand , it was ok but I don't think I will buy one . Talk soon kitty 😁

  21. Kitty1991
    Kitty1991 avatar
    41 posts
    14 September 2021 in reply to Rainshaddow
    Hi Rainshaddow, how have you been? How is work going? How is volunteering going? I have trying to catch up on university work. Getting there slowly.
  22. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    17 September 2021 in reply to Kitty1991
    Hi Kitty 😁 how are you ? I'm going not bad actually , I quit my casual job in town today , I have a job back up on the mines , I fly out this Tuesday , at last ! Back to the red dirt . How are your uni studies going ? Are they for your job ? How is your partners job ? Most importantly , how are you and things going ?
  23. Rainshaddow
    Rainshaddow avatar
    74 posts
    23 September 2021 in reply to Kitty1991
    Hi Kitty , how are things going ? Are you still out there ?

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