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Topic: Bipolar 2, coping with it

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    22 June 2020

    Everyone is an individual, but here is the challenges that I undertook post correct diagnosis. Here below is references to help you cope with bipolar 2. (Topics in bold you can put in the search bar to read- just read the first posts)

    • Acceptance- some of us get all emotional when it dawns on us that we will take meds for the rest of our lives. It’s not that bad. Acceptance- is this our biggest challenge?
    • Part of YOU- bipolar is a part of you as are your limbs and your character.
      Motivation- it plays a big part because others will over criticise you. Feeding your brain
    • Guilt- You won’t ever get rid of it but like everything with bipolar, reducing it helps. Guilt the tormentor
    • Relaxation- Another way of caring for yourself. Meditation- words of wisdom- he helped me for 25 years
    • Sensitivity- You won’t get rid of this either but you can improve it. Also don’t feel guilty about it. Again it’s part of YOU. Words are stick and stones
    • Expectations- We crave support. It’s normal to want it. However giving it to an invisible illness challenges our loved ones. This forum fills a void.. “Normal” people will not understand
    • Non professional interference. Seems everyone around us is an expert. Yet it takes one to be a GP then many extra years of study to be a psychiatrist. You’ll need to counter these people. Defend yourself! Wit/ the only answer for torment and Fortress of survival (plus part 2) and Vulnerable- be ready to defend
    • Support. You can get it here on this forum, support groups and reading/research This bipolar life
    • Suicidal thoughts. They might come around. Remember, tomorrow they may not be there. They arrive like an unwanted visitor. Avoiding suicidal thoughts or intent and Suicidal thought and choices and Saving yourself from doom
    • Rejection- you’ll lose friends, even family. You’ll close ranks and turmoil is something you’ll have to cope with. Disowned by family members- how to survive it
    • Anger. You might find you can be explosive. Introducing ways to quell it is beneficial. Anger- can you own it?
      I hope these guidelines on coping with bipolar help you. Please feel free to discuss them or add to them
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