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Topic: Bipolar symptoms confusion

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. Alannah57
    Alannah57 avatar
    11 posts
    12 July 2020

    Hi, I’ve been experiencing dramatic mood swings and anxious/bizarre behaviour for years alongside severe depression, and I’m seeing a psychiatrist soon.l

    I’m just looking to ask if anyone here has bipolar 2 disorder? Do you know if changed sleep and increased activity are prerequisites for the disorder?
    I’ve had some sleep changes in the past, with struggling to fall asleep. But, I don’t have hugely increased energy, and definitely can’t stay up all night.

    I think that I match a lot of symptoms of bipolar hypomania: I definitely get extremely restless and move from activity to activity without trying to concentrate/talk to myself out loud excessively; I reach out to people/post more in social media; I jump from feelings of interest and excitement to deep depression over the space of a few hours. I had a delusional period when I was 14. I even once woke up really early in the morning (3am!) and picked up litter in the streets a while back over a week, while talking to myself incessantly. Like, you can see why I’d feel like I may match some of the symptoms of hypomania?
    I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts, and I’m also wishing you all a lovely day 💕

    I also wanted to add that my depression is all over the place: I’ll have days and weeks of classic depression; then I’ll have weeks of my moods shifting over hours from extreme lows to being giddy and excited. I never seem to be able to just feel neutral: I’m always mildly depressed, or struggling to concentrate and feeling excited.

  2. missep123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    missep123 avatar
    358 posts
    12 July 2020 in reply to Alannah57

    Hi Alannah57,

    I don't have bipolar 2 or symptoms of bipolar 2 but I wanted to jump on here and say that I'm here for you and it sounds like you are going through a really challenging time.

    I'm really glad you are seeing a psychiatrist, when are you seeing them? It can feel like a lot of pressure to diagnose ourselves and research conditions, do you think it will give you some relief/comfort going to a professional?

    May I ask, how long have you been having these symptoms? Have you seen a mental health professional before?

    I'm here for you! Always happy to chat about what you are going through :)

  3. Leisa68
    Leisa68 avatar
    96 posts
    12 July 2020 in reply to Alannah57

    Hi Allanah57,

    I have BiPolar 2 and was diagnosed by my new psych this year. I had a psych for 17 years previous, but he disappeared to Tasmania before COVID-19. The new diagnosed shocked me and I am still grappling with the outcome. I have found that my sleep has changed this year, along with my ability to increase any activity. I am also glad that you are seeing a psych, and would suggest (if you think) to describe to them, exactly what you have done here on the forum.

    I wish you all the very best in the coming weeks. I have found that by following my psychiatrist's suggestions have helped me enormously. I wish that you receive the same care too.

    Lots of luck


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