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Topic: Coping with new Bipolar

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  1. Steambeaneriza
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    2 posts
    3 July 2020
    Hi so I've been depressed for about half my life but. Recent I've been experiencing what I thought could be Mani or hypomania in between periods of depression. But I didn't stress too much over it BC I just thought maybe I was starting to feel better and was having some good days.

    But the a week ago I all of the sudden felt like I'd taken cocaine, I was so hyper and not thinking before talking and would get obsessed with any task I was doing or couldn't keep my mind on anything at all. I tried some slightly harder drugs for the first time (which I'm usually very against) and almost booked a holiday (and would have if my boyfriend was available to check dates with) I spent $700 over 2 days (which for me is huge) and after all that stuff I kinda realised what was going on and while I was still in an insanely good mood and super hyper, I was able to talk myself out of SOME of my impulsive behaviours.

    Anyway so I've still been feeling this way for a week and haven't slept in over 48 hours and have still been doing usme kinda weird stuff.

    So yeah idk this is a first for me.... And while it's been so much fun, I'm scared of the danger I'm putting myself in and the stigma that surround bipolar disorder (if that is what this is). Soooooo yeah can anyone who has been through this give me any tips or anything .... Or just a friend to vent to. (Btw I am going to see my go and psychologist about this next week)
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  2. Libs
    blueVoices member
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    6 posts
    3 July 2020 in reply to Steambeaneriza

    Hi Steambeaneriza

    I’m sorry about what you are going through at the moment. It sounds like you are on the right track by checking in with a gp and psychologist though.

    I have bipolar I and have experienced those things you’re going to - it’s scary but there are ways to manage it well.

    Some methods of controlling spending is by putting your credit card in the freezer, handing it to a trusted family member or close friend for safe keeping until your mood is normal again.

    Avoiding shops all together is also effective.

    Informing your gp of your symptoms will be a great start. Once you see your psychiatrist and psychologist they will help you work out your triggers. Sleeping less is often the most obvious first sign before a manic episode. This is your reminder to see your psychiatrist ASAP.

    Talking to a friend is helpful and you’ll need some close connections during this challenging time.

    Stigma is about those people’s discomfort with mental health. I’m just at the point now that I feel comfortable telling the right people that I have bipolar disorder. Most are fine. And those that aren’t I either educate them or don’t spend time with them.

    Look after yourself ATM. Doing non stimulating activities help a lot.

    Take care

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  3. Leisa68
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    96 posts
    3 July 2020 in reply to Steambeaneriza

    Hi Steambeneriza,

    I went through something very similar to this recently. I was diagnosed with BiPolar disorder by my psychiatrist 6 weeks ago.

    I have been with my previous psychiatrist for 17 years but now have a new one. My previous psych diagnosed me with Severe Chronic PTSD and chronic depression. And that's all I felt I had. Then one day at my job (after a particularly stressful few weeks) I got the idea that I could do all these incredible things, almost superhuman things and was quite happy to do so. I also got the idea I could float in the air. Any money or shopping: I could do that until there was no money left. I would then look for more.

    I visited my new psych and he gave me my BiPolar diagnosis. Many things slipped into place for me, I understood all my behaviour in previous years. I felt angry too, would things have been different if I knew this before? But I am now over that. I have trouble sleeping too and can stay awake for 14 hours or more.

    The first thing you need to do is try to work out how to get some sleep as soon as you can. 48 hours is too long. Your mania (if that is what this is) will intensify to levels you may not be able to control.

    You may need to see your psych sooner rather than later. You may be in danger of causing some damage (financial, personal) to yourself. See if they can see you sooner. Then you need to do whatever they need you to do. If you cannot see your psychologist, is there a hospital nearby? Another helpful thing is to look at the information on this website on BiPolar and Depression and see if any information can help you. There is always the helpline as well.

    Last, of all, be kind to yourself. I wasn't in the beginning, but I am now. I take medication to help myself and this and my Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is helping my mania to become under control. Life is beginning to look good for me now after many years. I hope this will happen to you too.

    Kind Regards


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