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Topic: Depressed due to isolation and civil liberty restrictions

  1. Bananie1234
    Bananie1234 avatar
    67 posts
    4 February 2021

    Hi Lunastone, Tangney, moonstruck, golden82 and everybody

    sorry, @lunastone, i was in really bad place all of last week with my personal relationship falling apart so I haven't been able to check or do anything. Thanks for letting me know about the travel bubble, i literally stopped watching the news so I have no interests in what happens whatsoever anymore. i didn't think the NZ/AUS bubble would open up anytime soon as both countries go hysterical over one case. I'm too afraid to cross the state, or do anything too far away from home even though i'm in QLD ( not because i'm afraid of the virus) but the fact that i'm afraid things could change in the last minute and it'll ruin plans. pretty sure every state is going to declare melbourne a hot spot now there's 1 case. i really hope you're doing better and i'm really really sorry about your job but i saw you've applied for new jobs and that's awesome. I hope your personal life gets better too. I understand the feeling of having people around you yet you don't feel validated or cared for which makes you feel extra lonely and frustrated. we are all here for you to give you support. i hope you're doing okay with the 5 day lockdown too, when i heard about the news, i immediately thought of you.

    and yes, i believe it might be me who spoke about the comparisons in the other thread. I just don't think it's right to be comparing ourselves to uk or usa.

    @moonstruck i'm the same, i just watched a musical at full capacity too, although i thought it was funny how we are all packed in the theatre for 2 hours but are told to social distance and stand apart in the elevator. I think i need to learn to think of the positive and try and drill it in my head that i am lucky to be in QLD. As much as i miss my family and hate being isolated away from home i guess enjoy as much as QLD as i can is the only thing i can do. although it did frustrate me when we we had a lockdown over 1 case. "touch wood, i hope it doesn't happen again.

  2. Moonstruck
    Moonstruck avatar
    3722 posts
    4 February 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    Hi Bananie.....yes, good point about the "mingling" after/before the show. We were quickly herded into our seats so couldn't really stand around and chat with any other audience members or have a drink with them...likewise after the show we weren't allowed to meet, socialise or mingle with anyone in the foyer...had to be out on the footpath.

    It's the "inconsistency" of all these "restrictions" that have been put in place, then put half in place, then cancelled, then fines issued, then people let off lightly, then sitting closely side by side in a theatre, but having to "sign in" if you drop in (alone) to a bar or coffee shop and sit near no one at all......the inconsistency has been so offputting to everyone since the beginning....

    I know an elderly lady very dear to me, or simply stopped going out..what a shame. She doesn't know how to "sign in" with her phone, hates bothering the staff or someone to "help her" so confused, this simple pleasure of having a coffee and rest before going home after a day in town is now denied her......I know many will point out it is not "denied her" she is allowed to...but think about it. I.T. is very difficult to navigate when you are in your 80s.....she's never, ever, been afraid of catching Covid...no one that I know, not one person where I am.. is!!!

    But the restrictions have ruined whatever life she has left to her anyway......Bring your rules in if you must, but try to be consistent.

  3. HamSolo01
    HamSolo01 avatar
    820 posts
    4 February 2021 in reply to lunastone
    Hi all. Like many here I am glad this thread exists. Its a break from the colloquial bs.

    I think one problem coronavirus has brought upon us is the insistence of "we are all in this together" when we evidently aren't. Different states have different laws around lockdowns and the response is remarkably different in one state to the next.

    Everyone is so toxic online in comments and forums. I think its also run havoc throughout workplaces. Those who had a job where they loved actually going to a physical location were deprived of it. Those who couldn't work from home like me were told to carry on as if nothing happened. We were told to keep going to work. We did.

    I've also realised how savage people can be. The footage of the people in the supermarket shocked me. Fighting over bog roll. Its pathetic.

    Lately at work I've been the subject of rumours and I think I am at my wits end after 2020. A novel coronavirus was enough to shed light on the true intentions and thought patterns of those near us and close to us in the workplace.

    It was a reminder that we have an animal nature within us still. I daresay that this nature is good and bad.

    I look forward to two things this year - the day the vaccines are rolled out and we can resume normal life. Also the day I leave my current job for something better.

    Maybe when we all look back over this time we can laugh at how insane it was.

    Also luna stone i an sorry to hear about work and the response of those around you. I feel for you - I really do
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  4. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    5 February 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    Hi, everyone,

    Bananie, i am so sorry to hear about your relationship. Mine isn't going well either. We had a rocky patch for a few yrs and things finally improved in 2019 and we had a good year. I was anticipated a good yr in 2020 with all the work travel planned and even anticipated a promotion then covid hit. Now, i am being made redundant as a result of no international trade. Seeing now how aussies couldn't get back, the idea of getting trainee to come here (quarantine first) is unthinkable. They would have boosted the local economy and I would still have a job. I'm sorry that your family is so close and yet so far. I simply don't know when i get to see my family again and when would my child get to spend time with the grandparents and cousins. We have no family here.

    moonstruck: yes, i totally miss the business meetings oversea. i.e. the interaction with people. I have been doing way too many virtual meetings. The upper management has been talking about such virtual model for a long time as a cost cutting measure. And covid is a wish comes true. I'm afraid that the entire work industry would prefer such new model and social interaction will be forgotten in the future. It will hurt the hospitality business too.

    hamsolo: well said. I feel like every state is competing with each other on the covid response. Good press for the election. And yes, I also cant wait for the day that i start a new job. Sadly, it is unlikely to be in a new country and place....i have long been thinking about leaving Australia because it just isn't enough innovation, high tech stuff going on in this country. Lack of opportunities for people like me who have the specialised skill. I hope you find a new job soon. I'm still grieving for ending my dream career........ but i am getting there.

    I wish there is a day when we can live free again..... xx

  5. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    9 February 2021

    Hi, tangney, moon, benanie, ham and golden (sorry if i forget you),

    sorry...is me again. My heart just feels heavy this morning. I should have known better by now that not to engage in any covid conversation with any friend. It only gets under each other nerve. Only y'all can understand me. When i say over the top rules, i am being branded as ignorant and as in i haven't known anyone who dies of covid. In fact, I did and also known a few closer friends and my extended family members who got it. They don't seem to willing to listen to my reasoning. I'm not at all oppose the rules but it needs to be sensible, which is not at several occassions. I try to explain it from a mental illness (+anxiety now) point of view but no one seems to care. An angry shut up kind of response got me this morning. And it is right. It seems that I need to surpress my depression at all aspect in life to fit in.

    @hamsolo: thank you. I read your other thread. Yes, new year, new change. Ignoring covid. I just hope getting a new job and worry about the disagreement on moving with my other half later on.

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  6. Amanda2000
    Amanda2000 avatar
    135 posts
    9 February 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Hi there,

    I find this whole covid-situation to be very unsettling! I agree - the "inconsistency" of all these "restrictions".

    I'm a homebody and don't like to go out usually. But doing everything at home 24/7 is driving me crazy. The routine of physically going into the office, interacting with people, and finishing work when I left gave me a sense of being normal. Working from home has its advantages but I've found it increasingly difficult to switch-on and switch-off mentally. Often I wake up in the morning feeling confused as to what day it is. Then the next morning it's like "here we go again!"

    The internet has definitely magnified (if not created) the panic.

    Will life ever return to pre-covid normal again?!

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  7. quirkywords
    Community Champion
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    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    quirkywords avatar
    12370 posts
    10 February 2021 in reply to Amanda2000

    Hello everyone,

    hello Amanda, yes the the internet can intensify the panic but sometimes exolskn things.

    I agree with everyone about inconsistencies. My Maine one that when people were limited to people at funerals and weddings a cricket match was allowed with a reduced number of spectators but well over a 1000 people. Also footballers were allowed interstate wen others were not. I understand different states have different rules but inconsistent rules are confusing .
    I know as a parent we were told consistency was important.

    I suppose that the information changes so the rules do and it is a balancing act to keep up date with the changes.

    I am glad people feel able to express themselves on this thread.

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  8. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    10 February 2021 in reply to Amanda2000

    Hi, Amanda,

    thanks for coming onto this thread. I have no objections with the rules if they make sense. The inconsistency and insensible approaches are just..... (speechless). the mask wearing rule in WA this and last week magnifies these a lot too.

    I am a very social person. Covid has changed that. I actually prefer working from home now because i don't like my colleagues at work. I would rather hiding at home than interacting with them. After all, small meetings are still online even though everyone was on the same office floor. That's due to the meeting room size. The 2x2 sqm restriction was not lifted even without a community case for 10 months in WA (until last week). So I see it being pointless to be in the office. I must say....most cafes that i went to weren't followed the 2x2sqm rule after some time. Not that i would report them as the business would really suffer with such a rule and we have no community transmission to worry about. Now, with a case, the rule becomes 4x4 sqm. I wonder how long this would last for small cafes.

    I have no issue In the past, i was always on the go with my job. I was hardly ever in the office. It is life changing and you know why i am depressed. It doesn't matter anyway as i am now made redundant. I'm still grieving about it -- not because i don't like the job but more to do of how i am being treated in the end.

    I feel much better today. After sending the last round of messages to an oversea friend who i had an argument with about the restrictions and covid responses here, i just completely ignored the incoming messages. Then, a random conversation online with my WA friend got into talking about the restrictions this week. I was unsure which side he was on so was very mindful what i said. For the first time, i was like 'wow, someone local finally questions all these and agrees with me".

    Anyway, i doubt life is going back to pre-covid any time soon (sadly). We are constantly being reminded that covid is still a BIG threat in WA.....we are not progressing.

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  9. HamSolo01
    HamSolo01 avatar
    820 posts
    12 February 2021 in reply to lunastone
    G'day all. I am finding this thread to be a healthy exchange of ideas. Thanks for this!

    I am thinking that there is a lot more push for easing restrictions. I think this is good. The initial surge of the virus was understandable- the first national measures. That made sense. But I sometimes think a macabre sense of solidarity hit Australia when everyone was locked down. I was unaffected by lockdown. I kept going to work. I also grew socially distant from people. Then again I think we all suffered that.

    This weird sense of solidarity brought us together and could unite us in the face of a problem. But I think such a position is now out of date. The way in which governments respond I think comes from this attitude. This attitude of solidarity i think is still hanging around. Its why governments over react. Its a narrative they are still trying to push. Go against that and you're a threat. Such an attitude isn't conducive to good mental health and healthy attitudes in a society. I mean really.... 1 case and a lockdown all over the city? Just isolate. Why the over reaction? But I guess that sense of solidarity that was relied upon last year hasn't gone anywhere. Its weird to think it takes a virus to instil solidarity. Creepy really.

    We are doing so well compared to so much of the world. Social media applies our situation and makes it sound bad. The situation can be serious but its not automatically terrible. Those two things are very different.

    My gp told me that they reckon November will be the point st which the majority of Australia is vaccinated. That's when I think things will truly resume their normal place. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I just wish we were allowed to remind ourselves of this.
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  10. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    13 February 2021 in reply to HamSolo01

    Hi, Hamsolo,

    thank you for your perspective. There are more restrictions being put up over time. From interstate border control, small scale and then to large scale contact tracing. Then, bam.... With all those measures, 10 months later, we still had to come to a lockdown for 5 days and then inconsistency restrictions for another week over 1 case. Maybe 2 days to track and isolate every close contact? Localise approach? Say you are only allowed to go to school, work within X km? I feel like we are going backward. Victoria seems to be copying WA model atm. It is like a competition between states. They should learn from taiwan if they are going with this elimination strategy. They don't have the full lockdown even once when the diamond princess passengers (many covid positive) disembarked in taiwan. Sure, privacy wasn't on the table but we aren't having one atm with the contact tracing.The open and shut of interstate borders cannot restore confident of businesses. WA is so isolated.....we can't even trade within australia. Being on the job market, it is rather depressing to see how limit the options are here aside mining.

    i'm completely disappointed that some of my oversea friends have no sympathy for mental illness ppl like me. There are a few times i emphasized that they also need to think about those with depression etc. We aren't wearing tin foil hat just because They just ignored the topic and shoved me with the question if i know anyone who has died of covid even though i pointed out that no one cares about my life. Truely sad. A nice word suggesting me to get help would have been helpful. I guess breaking another friendship there. And am now branded as a nut person.........

  11. Bananie1234
    Bananie1234 avatar
    67 posts
    6 March 2021

    hi everyone, it's been a while, just wanting to check up on everybody :)

  12. Unbeliever
    Unbeliever avatar
    268 posts
    7 March 2021 in reply to Tangney

    I'm in an unusual position in this regard.

    You see, I personally don't feel any fear of this virus. I rarely have ever gotten sick in my life or even caught a cold (at least the symptoms of one), my immune system is abnormally strong.

    However, I'm currently taking care of my mother who has ALWAYS caught everything every flu season all my life and always has symptoms that are extremely exaggerated compared to what they should be (more intense, lasting for far longer than it should before she recovers etc). And that was when she was young and healthy. Now she is old, and not physically very healthy anyway, plus she smokes... this combination pretty much guarantees that if she catches Covid-19 she's going to die. There really is no chance that she wont. It WILL kill her. There's no doubt.

    And since even when/if I catch a virus I usually have no perceivable symptoms... the chances of me giving it to her if I'm exposed is unacceptably high. Because I simply wont know until it is already far too late.

    Now, I was on the edge a few years ago. At the point that I couldn't be anywhere near a road without fantasising about walking into traffic. Then my mums partner left and I had to take care of her because she was not in the position to take care of herself. Which is basically meant that "leaving" is no longer an option because I wont leave her in that position.

    But if she dies? Well, I have no responsibilities to anyone anymore. So... back to "traffic" I guess.

    Regardless, I've been obsessed for the last year about not bringing home the virus to her. Masks, constantly washing hands, minimal interactions in public or with friends. Isolation to an impressive degree... even for me (which pre-Covid was in utter "anti-social b******" territory anyway). I refuse to get my mum sick. She is all I have left and she deserves better than to go out like that.

    So no fear for myself, complete fear for my mum. This describes my situation.

    On another note. I knew that modern generations were much more fragile than previous generations. But even I am surprised that a mere year has provoked such extreme difficulty for so many people. I've read a lot about significant events in history and 1 year is seriously nothing compared to what entire generations of our ancestors dealt with.

    I mean 13 year old Anne Frank was stuck in an attic for 761 days straight and managed to keep it together. You know?

    But people with only "restricted freedoms" and internet can't hack it. Seems weird.

  13. blondguy
    Life Member
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    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    blondguy avatar
    11219 posts
    7 March 2021 in reply to Unbeliever

    I am also caring for my elderly mum and her welfare is paramount to me like yourself :-) We have spoken before when you were online UB. Its good to see you again

    You mentioned ' I am surprised that a mere year has provoked such extreme difficulty for so many people' Its been 103 years since the last pandemic which has resulted in extreme difficulty for people globally

    my kind thoughts for your mum UB....I hope you are doing okay too


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  14. Unbeliever
    Unbeliever avatar
    268 posts
    7 March 2021 in reply to blondguy

    Hey Paul,

    Nice to know you're still around too.

    But I wasn't referring to a pandemic situation. I mean I mentioned Anne Frank above, pretty sure she didn't hide in an attic for over 2 years because of a virus.

    What I meant is that people being massively restricted about what they can do and where they can go for an extended period of time with limited to no freedom. Which is kind of commonplace... and certainly not limited to 103 years ago.

    I mean how long were there children stuck in that Christmas island detention center? Was it 3 years or something? When was that? 2 years ago? Then there is the Latvian refugees and the ones in Libya. And that's just off the top of my head.

    Exactly how many examples over the last 103 years do you think I could pull up with some minimum online effort? 100? 1000?

    The pandemic might be a rare event. Restricted movement and severe isolation for longer than a year? Not so much.

  15. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    7 March 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    I was just about to check in on everyone and wave yesterday but decided to hold off. Thanks for checking in Benanie.

    I had my bad days. Last Saturday being one. I was angry and sad -- triggered by comments related to the vaccine, the uncertainty of my future and the endless in sight of the border closure (mind you, i don't call interstate border free for all atm). I just want OUT. I was messanging my best friend in the States...he talked me through and it was a great help. Depression in general is so tiring. I slept the whole sunday.

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  16. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    7 March 2021

    Hi, UB thanks for coming on here and share your perspective. I have a similar thought process but under a different circumstance. There are too many bad thought in the last few months, the 'traffic' etc. I cannot put myself down that path just yet because i have the responsibility (ie. my child). Also, my parents are trying hard to avoid getting covid atm -- their country is having an outbreak. It would be hard broken if something happens to me (thinking from a parent perspective). I promise to admit myself to the hospital when it gets to that......

    It is hard for me to gain on perspective of our ancestors because of different life experiences. I guess lifestyle has changed dramatically since then. e.g. my late grandmother had never left the country because she always felt unsafe with the outside world. She went through WW2 and had the PTSD with the drill alarm. People are more connected than before. So when that is taken away from me all of the sudden for so long and no end in sight, it depresses me. Besides, some friends i know who left their country because of not liking specific politic agenda. they don't particular enjoy the restrictions here at the moment either. Same as me, they were all OK with the restrictions but are getting a bit tired of them by now. Worse is that the majority think that it is OK to be locked in another few yrs until the virus disappears (yes, disappear...the word i heard lately from local old people). Everything is relative too. Kids in poor nation won't care about internet or travel but food and clean water.

    We all need to stay strong. xx

  17. Unbeliever
    Unbeliever avatar
    268 posts
    7 March 2021 in reply to lunastone

    I guess in my case back in March 2020 when the whole thing started, I read up on everything I could about what was going on.

    The characteristics of the virus, what happened specifically during the last several major pandemic outbreaks in human history and what they did right and what they did wrong during those times. What it takes to develop a vaccine from scratch in modern times when dealing with an unknown virus. I was obsessively consuming everything I could in the earliest days of this whole thing.

    And I worked out several things. If left uncontrolled the outbreaks come in waves, the first one targeting the weak and immune compromised, the second wave targeting the healthy and immune strong. That it would take about a year to develop a vaccine (if they rushed some aspects of testing and development and cut a few corners). That this virus was perfectly designed to kill my mother. And that regardless of what happens this virus would interfere with normal life for about 2 years.

    So in my case I was prepared for what has happened. Prepared for 2 years worth of interference and restrictions on my life. Prepared to take the necessary measures required to ensure my mother doesn't come in contact with the virus.

    I guess if I didn't do that, and thought that "life was getting back to normal soon" constantly over the last year I might feel frustrated. And if I didn't understand the concept that "when people in authority take proper precautions and actually do their job well for once, and then "nothing happens" as a result because they did what they were actually supposed to do... that the general population might mistakenly think that those precautions were entirely unnecessary because "nothing happened and everything is fine".

    Which is an understandable but painfully predictable response.

    Why predictable? Because I read about the times that exact same thing happened in the past. Authorities did the right thing, protected their people... and then the people got angry at them because "nothing happened" and therefore the authorities actions were a waste of time and money.

    Ugh... I really wish there was a way that we could somehow learn from the mistakes of our ancestors. By doing something crazy like... I don't know. Reading a history book perhaps?

  18. Moonstruck
    Moonstruck avatar
    3722 posts
    10 March 2021 in reply to Unbeliever

    Just wondered how all my old pals are...Tangney, Luna, Golden etc....have you all survived or still struggling where you live?

    Hoping life is being a bit kinder to you after all this time...love Moonstruck...

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  19. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    11 June 2021 in reply to Moonstruck

    Hi, moonstruck,

    Hope you are all well. I have been lurking in the background. I wanted to reply when i saw your post but couldn't put my thought into words. I wish there is somewhere in the world where we all like minded people could connect. I went into the deep dark place. Luckily one of my friends took on the burden to be my listener even though he didn't necessary understand my feeling. I pulled myself back up. Cried through every single job application. Yet, I got job rejection one after another, faster i could write them. I still don't understand the whole statement about unemployment rate is lower than before.

    moonstruck As for your questions on the coping during covid outbreak thread, you are right on the "incentives" that some people would like to see. Atm, people aren't feeling the rush as we choose the eradication strategy every single time. Some european countries certainly have given more freedom for those with the jab. Guess what? I was actually waiting on the announcement of when the international border would re-open and time it right to get my vaccine. After all, the immunity might only last 6 months or so -- the experts say. Needless to say, i feel hopeless and upset with the announcement. It is getting even more depressing to see all my American friends are now having a normal life and we are still where we were more than 1 yr ago. Open and shut and lockdown. I congratulate them as they are a cautious bunch and certainly home bound for the entire time. I was also skeptical about the vaccine 6 months ago but now seeing it as the only way out of the pandemic. The roll out is at snail pace......in any case, i haven't felt so happy for a long time when WA finally opens up for younger cohort to get vaccinated. I just want to get on with my life at this point and get back on interstate travel to start. So i try really hard to be positive and hope that I get the incentive for doing this for the community. i.e. more freedom.

    I thank Tangney for creating this thread.

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  20. Moonstruck
    Moonstruck avatar
    3722 posts
    11 June 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Nice to hear from you again lunastone. Take care of yourself if you can...it's hard though when nothing much has seemed to improve a great deal since last year and I speak specifically of the media, politicians and their "health advisers" still painting such a dire picture for viewers...For so long, the miraculous "vaccine" was held in front of us like a carrot..to work towards, to endure lockdowns for, to lose businesses, to be separated from loved ones, to be forbidden to see newborn babies in another state, to miss relative's funerals and on and on and on.

    The mental health of this once beautiful country's population has been shattered...suicides have risen, domestic violence has increased with unhappy couples thrust together with kids also at home and forbidden to attend school for their valuable education . People went thru all that...for the promise of the "vaccine" as the carrot. Well, we have the carrot and still we are enduring lockdowns, dramatic announcements of newsreaders.e.g. in Qld last night, a TV reader said grim faced that we were on "red alert"....because 2 people from Melbourne had sneaked across the border....as if we suddenly had death sentences hanging over us all....oh puhleeze.....

    and long lines of people being"tested" are heralded as wonderful...I have to wonder why instead of getting tested...why aren't they all getting the jab?....That would be something much more beneficial to celebrate wouldn't it?

    I have more chance of dying each time I get into my car...much much more chance than getting the jab. I didn't get it because I'm scared of Covid. I have never been scared since Day One. I am in a region of Qld where there have been ZERO cases since Day One....I got the vaccine to be one more number to be counted....just to be added to the list!

    Our Premier waiting until a few days ago to get hers wasn't exactly setting a good example was it? The so called experts at the helm of our precious lives keep stuffing up and stuffing up....they haven't a clue! We are still pawns and playthings while they play Politics....It's all political. What one party says, the other automatically says the opposite..no faith in them at all.

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  21. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    14 June 2021 in reply to Moonstruck

    Hi, moonstruck,

    i won't repeat what other expat journalists have written. It resonances so much how i feel but we are probably still the minority in this country. We cannot close the international border forever and let the world sorts itself out. This kinda get me so sad and depressed. Zero plan. And you are right, the politicians dont' set up good example. They can fly in and out without any restrictions while still so many aussies are yet to come home. We have 1.5 yr to prepare for it. Nothing. We haven't even taken the advantage of living in a covid free country as interstate travel comes with a risk. You guess it, not health related. I wish there are more focus on moving forward now. Tired of listening about the covid number. Let's talk about vaccine plan, quarantine, no lockdown if we get certain number of vaccination etc. We also need more focus on people wellbeing. The whole situation has destroyed my relationship, my mental health and my career.........

    If it isn't because i've a child who needs my care, i would have gotten an one way ticket to flee the country and stay with my parents for as long as Australia stays shut. Mid 2022 seems so far away. Ah...maybe it doesn't work as we have to ask permission to leave. I personally do not care if i have to live in country with covid going rampage. At least i get to spend time with them even home bound. Finding a job elsewhere in the world does come to mind and it might happen eventually when nothing pans out here. Australia is going to lose a lot of talented people over this and i have already known two families left for good for this reason. I find myself much happier last month without having the pressure of applying for jobs. So i think i'll take a break from it for another month. But brace for more rejections in the meantime. I really want to see hope. You take care, moonstruck!

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  22. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    28 June 2021 in reply to Moonstruck

    Hi, Moonstruck,

    I actually have a debate with my american friend earlier today. I was complaining about the situation here we have in Australia. He is on the other side of the fence now but still thinks australia would have made it a very successful story for the pandemic control for the world if we haven't screwed up the vaccine roll out big time. I agree on this. I guess my main issue is the no forward planning. And you know what? I have just planned my first interstate trip over 1.5 yr. I am so looking forward to it. And now with all these cases popping up, there is a high chance that it would be cancelled with all states shut to each other now and 14 days quarantine on returning even I would be fully vaccinated by then. Who is going to get the jab when they keep telling us that we are subject to the same rule of those who aren't vaccinated even X% of population has been vaccinated. Sigh.

    TBH, i'm a bit surprised about the WA restrictions. It is the most relax one we have seen over the 1.5 yrs. It also makes more sense to me and only steps up if it gets worse. Lockdown should never be the first resort. I understand that everyone is angry at NSW atm to spread it. But that's the first lockdown they have over 18 months? Anyway, the debate with my friend is about re-surging of covid cases in isreal. His argument is that we are going to see lockdown over and over again even with the vaccine due to variants. I asked him the same questions. What's the hospitalisation rate and ICU number? It wasn't reported on the news. If it is 100% no hospitalisation rate for those who were vaccinated, then that's no reason to alarm. In the heat of the argument, I just said that lockdown would never happen in the US so it was easier for him to say it than those who have to live through it. I switched the topic afterward..... in the last few months, i have switched off news just to focus on job applications. Now, i kinda feel like getting off social media so that i don't feel sad seeing everyone is going about their life in the US and Europe. Anyway, i don't mind the mask. I wore it every now and then in the public when it was crowded and when i was sick. I got a few stares but it was OK. Yes, flu also kills the old so i am protecting them. My choice. No need someone to tell me that.

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  23. blondguy
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    28 June 2021 in reply to Moonstruck

    Hey Moon

    Ive read some bits & pieces from different posters here and everyone has their own take on Covid which is fine

    • Im happy to be in Australia as we are doing a lot better than many other countries
    • Even though the vaccine is a personal choice...we are very lucky to have it..whatever brand is available
    • We have nothing to complain about...we are doing okay ✔
    • I do feel for the children and pregnant mums passing away with Covid in Brazil as we speak :-(
    • Covid couldnt care less about civil liberties

    Covid aside Moon...Its always great to see you..wherever you post.....Paul :-)

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  24. HamSolo01
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    11 July 2021 in reply to blondguy

    Hi everyone

    Its been a while since I posted on this thread.

    Things are crazy now i think it's fair to say

    A few points I want to make

    - I think we are relatively okay. Our major issue is vaccine and lockdowns. Our vaccine rollout has been bad. I don't know if anyone can reasonably make the case for it having worked out fine. I get that our caseload was small relative to the world but thats like saying you were winning a footy match right up until the last moment where you concede so many tries and goals and the opposition win.

    - I hate lockdown. I hate work from home. I understand why we do it. I'm not saying I hate it for that reason. I hate it because it degrades our social life. There is reason why we have confinement as a punishment in the legal code.

    - I feel for peolle who are alone. I really do.

    - I hope we get the vaccine sooner than expected. That is our key to unlocking the cage we are in

    - I have taken to keeping my newsreel clean of covid news beyond updates I need. The media make me lose faith in our country. They are the truly powerful

    - I am grateful for forums like this to communicate

    - when lockdown ends I will challenge myself to be a better person to everyone I meet.

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  25. lunastone
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    26 July 2021 in reply to HamSolo01

    Hi, Ham,

    i am not sure where you are. If you are in lockdown, i hope you are coping well. For your points...

    Yes, we are doing better than the rest of the world. I am not trying to deny it despite concerning about the civil liberty on this thread. It is also a burden for the medical system down the track if we ignore the mental illness and the backlog of treatments for other diseases due to lockdown and reduce number of appointments. Yes, i understand that covid doesn't care about the young, old and race. But there needs a balance.....as our experts have all said that eridication strategy has clearly shown not a long term solution and the politicians need to acknowledge it.

    Vaccine roll out....we all know that it is what fails us to move on. At the moment, it seems like it is something out of our control. The fight among states on supply just gotta show how divided this country has become. I was for once happy to hear our premier making some plans to let people access the vaccines more easily. I wish he could convince those ppl with vaccine complacency go and get it sooner than later. Interestingly, a lot of my local friends who are a big fan of our premier and are also not in a rush to go and get the vaccine. Their reason is that there is no date of opening up the border so we might wait until then. We have lockdown so it is safe. I feel sad that they don't want to get out of this delusion safe bubble. I am not a fan of our premier because I am not a fan of 'blanket' lockdown -- I am not spreading the virus to go bush walking for my mental health. In fact, I was one of the first to jump on the queue for the vaccine. I don't really care about ppl who don't want it. I just want to be able to get control of my own life. I lost so much in the last year....it is different kind of loss.

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  26. golden82
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    26 July 2021 in reply to lunastone

    hi Luna - and all reading.

    Luna - Moon and I have popped into the other thread too. Hope you are doing as best as you can. Warm wishes to you over there in the west. It has been a horrible week for me in Adelaide strict lockdowns. From Golden.

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  27. lunastone
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    28 July 2021 in reply to golden82

    Hi Golden,

    This thread has gone quiet for a while. When i saw you and moon posted there, i decided to pop in there. This thread gives me the comfort zone.

    Well, i got bad news one after another. I mentioned on the main thread about my job application. The result is out. My old work place has offered the job to someone else. My heart is broken and i cried alone (didn't want my partner to know). Yes, you hear me. It is a job i don't even want because i don't really want to work there anymore. They made me feel so low with my self esteem in the end. Given that i have no luck switching the career with ton of job applications i put in the last 7 months, I pulled myself up and applied anyway. Went through the interview and yet didn't get it. 12 yrs....yes....it means nothing to them. I also got another bad news. I can't say it here in public. Like the old saying, when it rains, it pours. Perhaps i can finally convince my partner to leave australia. Thanks covid -- you have destroyed the life of many.

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  28. Moonstruck
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    28 July 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Lunastone....I am so sorry this happened to you. It's horrible and I wish there was something I could do to help...I am up here in Q so we must seem like living in paradise to some, but believe me we are just as interested and involved in keeping up to date with what is happening in Sydney and Victoria..as a lot of us have loved ones down there whose lives have been ruined. Not exaggerating folks who think we are "doing so much better than other countries"...{tell that to someone who is on the verge of suicide) .so many here are watching their lives crumble to dust in front of their eyes.....all with the determined attitude of some politicians to "eradicate" Covid completely.

    Last time I read the latest information from scientists etc was that eradication is impossible...so why, someone tell me why some leaders persist in trying to achieve ZERO numbers of cases? why? Zero is impossible. Lockdown in Sydney is not working. Hello?...have I missed something up herein Q? Is it working? If not why are they continuing to do it? Simple enough question I thought.

    There was nothing I could do or say to a loved one on the phone in Sydney except assure him I loved him and was always here for him. On the other end of the phone my heart was bleeding for his losses that he will never recover. He will never be the same positive hopeful human he once was. He's not in a "hot spot"but his "life"has been stripped away....all so the Govt can continue with their farce of getting to ZERO...

    .Please explain how you intend to restore and help all those people who are mental and emotional wrecks...if ever...this horror is over...how are you going to help them put their lives back together?

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  29. golden82
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    28 July 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Hi Luna,

    Hugs to you from me. I am so sorry to read of everything you have gone through and continue to go through due to Covid/govts response to Covid. It is not fair. It is cruel and heartbreaking. We feel for you here on this thread. Feel free to post in our safe little space whenever you need. We are here for each other :)

    It is demoralizing to lose your job of 12 years. But because it is not a Covid case in the way the govt and media report - it doesn't matter hey? But it is a Covid case. You lost your work due to Covid... So yes, it is. I relate to you wanting to leave Australia. I never imagined I would want to leave. I was born here in 1982. My family from way back was born here and fought for this country. I do not feel I am represented in this country anymore or that my views are respected or count. Because I critically think and speak up standing true to my views and values, I get shot down and silenced. I am exhausted. As you (all of us are).

    I hope you keep your head up high - you should as you are a wonderful Australian who has suffered at the hands of this madness. It is not you, or your fault that you lost your job and not got back etc. Try to keep strong. Try to take care of yourself :)

    I also hope Tangney is okay in Sydney - we miss you and you are in our messages and thoughts if u are checking in. I hope you are staying strong too.

    And hi to Moon. we were 'freed' here today in Adelaide and the comments everywhere of ppl being so grateful of the govt for keeping us safe. What the? keeping us imprisoned more like it. The response of our population has made me feel very isolated in my way of thinking. It is still lockdown-like with almost all the same rules. And the inconsistencies. eg protests last year in a lockdown were encouraged - not fined. Then this year due to a different cause - protesters for our freedom were fined and insulted by the Police minister. I understand ppl for last years and for this years. Whether right or wrong to do so. But what makes me sick is the stark contrast - the inconsistencies. As per your premier off to Tokyo when ppl not permitted to be with dying family. Rules for one - not the other. Seems to be the 'new normal' now.

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  30. Hanna3
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    29 July 2021 in reply to golden82

    I understand people suffering during lock downs but I am angry at the crowd of protesters who have an utter disregard for other people. The protesters don't have the right to harm others and they do this when they spread the virus.

    Viruses like the Spanish Flu caused encephalitis and later Parkinsons Disease in some people in later life. They are seeing brain changes already in young people who get long covid. We don't yet know the long term impact this virus will have on people.

    There are many young disabled people in the community where i live and these lovely young people have not been vaccinated. Nor have many other vulnerable people and the elderly.

    I wish people would understand the implications of their behaviour on vulnerable people.

    I'm fine with people venting their frustration and loneliness and it's dreadful how badly some are suffering financially.

    It's not OK to disregard the implications of this virus on other people's physical health. The people in those protesting crowds were selfish and ignorant.

    That's my rant for today.

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