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by Briwnie
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by Christina S
1 day ago

Topic: Depressed due to isolation and civil liberty restrictions

  1. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    1 August 2021 in reply to Hanna3

    Hi, Hanna,

    i value your input. You have valid points and rant away. I understand that it is not the time for protest. I think most of the mental illness people won't be in that category as a lot of us are too anxious to even get out the house and/or too depressed to get out the bed. When being a keyboard warrior isn't/wasn't even allowed and got arrested and censored (reported last year by the media), then you wonder where these people could put their anger into. People are just angry after such a prolong restrictions when they saw other countries opening up (yes, there would be consequences of that).......

    I feel sorry for your local folks who haven't been vaccinated. It again down to the failed vaccine roll out. But i thought the elderly has given the chance by now? I know some elderly here in WA, Vic and in NSW personally refused to take the AZ over the blood clot concern. With outbreak in NSW, i'm more concerned of them getting covid and have a higher chance of dying from that than blood clot. My oversea friend told me that it is ourselves to blame as AZ is certainly a hot commordity in third world countries and clearly has protected a lot of the elderly in the UK. Young people are a different story because of the ATAGI advices.....Of course, I don't know your local area and individual situation to say all these. They are people who genuinely can't take the vaccine.

    Anything we do in life has a risk. My personal take would be getting vaccinated, practice good hygiene, mask if needs be, exercise common sense during outbreak, and get on with my life to whatever comfort level i could tolerate to this virus world. That's the best I could do and i trust science. In fact, i'm more worried about my child who can't be vaccinated and seems to suffer with every respiratory illness. If we are going to worry about long covid etc, we would have to hide under the doona forever. I think there are a large group of people who also argue that no one seems to know the long term side effects of the vaccine too. Can't win. Each of its own. I forever do the right thing but honestly feel like being penalised.....

    While we fear of long covid, have we thought about the impact of plastic waste that generated from the pandemic on people mental/physical health in the long term? It certainly has an impact on the environment and we know that bad environment also results in bad health in a long term. Media only obsesses the covid atm.....

    Take care!

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  2. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    1 August 2021 in reply to golden82

    Hi, Moon and golden,

    thanks for popping back on this thread. The main thread is a bit overwhelming to me. Look....ppl keep saying be positive. And you know. I tried but the bad news keeps finding me. I wanted to join the gym or excersise classes to divert my mental energy there. Then, the worries of being at the wrong place, wrong time, a covid positive pops up, being told to isolate along with others of my close contact as a collateral damage is too much for me. I forked out a payment plan for an exercise machine so i could put my emotion into it. Yes, i even had tears from time to time when the negative thought hit me during the workout. :(

    Well, my old work only replaces 1 person out of the 3 people they lost. Two of them have moved onto other jobs. Naturally, I would have been the "obvious" choice. They would be under paying me for my qualitification for the job they advertised. That's why i wasn't keen but I have no other choice. It would also a shame to end my career that i spent 12 yrs building up + whatever education and training i pursued to get there. So i wasn't ready to let it go. I don't know who they have offered it to. i suspect that someone less experience than me so they dont' have to pay them as much. Consolation prize? My name was on some of the recent reports that I contributed even though it isn't going to help much for my next career.

    You two are right. All experts have pointed out that the eradicated strategy is not realistic (unless the rest of the world join in). I don't think states have other choice than lockdown to prevent the health system being overwhelmed given the low vaccination rate. WA hospitals are certainly not coping without the covid atm. My guess is that NSW would rather not going down to zero but surpressing it at this point in time. However, they are in big pressure of doing the zero or forced to be shut out from the rest of the country. I have a feeling that NSW is using the high vaccination rate as a back up plan to decrease the transmission -- everyone is being encouraged to consider AZ. I wish such progressive thinking was there earlier on rather than during an outbreak. But no one seems to learn the lesson.....you know, i didn't want the vaccine 8 months ago. It is a community effort, i trust science and did my part. I have two friends, one moved to the US, the other Europe in 2019. They envied us last year. Now, not so much as they all got vaccinated and moved on with caution. Hope we get there soon.....

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  3. Hanna3
    Hanna3 avatar
    3215 posts
    1 August 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Hi there

    I've had one astra zeneca shot but its a wait until the second and it appears from overseas evidence that we'll all need regular booster shots anyway.

    I'm in the regions and all surrounding towns have been in lock down due to covid from Sydney coming here but our vaccines have been diverted to Sydney so none are available here now! My general prsctioner can't even get a jab.

    What a complete mess up the vaccine roll-out has been!


  4. Hanna3
    Hanna3 avatar
    3215 posts
    1 August 2021 in reply to lunastone

    I'm not elderly lunastone and I'm not particularly concerned about the virus for myself except I'd rather not suffocate to death it's a nasty way to die.

    My concern is for the disabled people here and folk with other conditions that make them vulnerable.

    I've done enough dangerous things in life to be well aware that life is dangerous.

    I simply object to the protesters endangering the health of others.

  5. Bananie1234
    Bananie1234 avatar
    67 posts
    5 August 2021

    Hi everyone,

    vic is in lockdown AGAIN after only being opened for like 1 week. and my flight back to qld is cancelled for the SECOND time.

    They even start at 8pm instead of 12am (I’m thinking to stop being from gathering just before lockdown) and it’s only announced this afternoon. It’s ridiculous. We can’t be going in and out of lockdown like this. It’s just not a long term solution! we literally just came out of lockdown a week ago!! They really do think people’s lives and mental health are not as important as this virus. They are willing to sacrifice other people just to have less people catching the virus. As if those who do not directly catch the virus but are greatly impacted by it are not considered casualties/victims!!!

    Once again i never disagreed with the seriousness of this virus and I dont think the public protests are appropriate. but I think it should be a balance. Is it really worth it to let other people suffer for the sake of this virus? I’m sure there are more people suffering as a result of lockdown than people actually catching the disease.

    i really feel for the businesses, to expect them to comply within hours. This is starting to become a joke. What’s the difference between having a big lockdown and multiple snap lockdowns one after the other?

    it will take a while for 50% of the population to have both doses, whether we have enough vaccines or not are we really going to be like this until then?

    thats my rant for tonight.

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  6. golden82
    golden82 avatar
    372 posts
    5 August 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    hi Bananie (and Luna, Moon)

    I know!! I am in SA - but just reading Vic in another snap lockdown makes my cPTSD flip out. I live in fear of the lockdowns. It is so cruel what they are putting us through. The mental anguish and uncertainty is tough for everyone - let alone those of us already struggling with living life on eggshells. The body reacts as if it is in lockdown. I am still in lockdown from SA's latest snap lockdown - because I get agoraphobia - which takes time to fight all over again. As the drs have said resilience keeps getting lower and lower until you can't keep picking yourself up. Then as you say as well financially for all the businesses. And the school kids. And on and on. They really don't care about anything but Covid. I had a look at the stats and charts on the deaths across Australia and it is mainly 80s, 90s, and this is normal that ppl in this age range pass away. It is how the world has always been. I agree, I believe there is a virus etc - but how do we know these ppl did not pass away with the virus, and were at the end stage of life anyway. And numbers are far less than years of regular flu. If it wasn't for the 18months of media fear campaigns with numbers daily being skewed to suit the fear spin, and ppl seeing masks everywhere.. I believe we would all be going about our daily lives unaware. Just like we always did with influenza. The govts and CHOs have made ppl terrified into submission. & then throw in some army, helicopters and other things just to frighten ppl even more. What a waste of resources.

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  7. Bananie1234
    Bananie1234 avatar
    67 posts
    5 August 2021 in reply to golden82

    Hey Golden82,

    unfortunately, it’s that endless cycle aye? You bring the figures out, people will smack you with the figures are low because of lockdowns, no lockdown, we’ll be like Melbourne last year and the rest of the world. You mention low death rates, they say i hope it’s not your family that dies. I have a family member with an autoimmune disease, she doesn’t need covid to kill her, just a simple pneumonia with a much lower death rate is enough to kill her. If she were to die from influenza after catching it from someone, does that make her death less sad because it’s not covid?

    Instead of rooting for lockdowns, how about we learn about hygiene again. Honestly, people’s lack of hygiene even after a pandemic is still appalling. I think people want lockdowns so that when we have zero cases, they can go back to not having to comply with hygiene rules.

    honestly, I’m happy with restrictions, you can measure my temperature (i have to do them at work anyway), make me sanitise my hands and check-in before i enter a store, make sure I wear facemasks. I’m okay with all of this as long as you don’t restrict my movement!

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  8. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    5 August 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    Hi, benanie,

    i feel for ya! I just sent a txt to my melbourne friend today and (joked) asked her how many days have they been out of lockdown?! There was a rumor about a lockdown. Bam....she was like i just cursed it. Totally beyond a joke at the moment. I understand that it is a quick and fast approach and don't end up like NSW. And then the 'heart attack' news we got from WA yesterday of a weak positive. So everyone was waiting the press conference today like a hawk. They migth well just let the entire country goes into lockdown and govt just hands us out the money. So yes, I would rather be that way than the constant uncertainty and disruption of life. I am going out to have a dinner tomorrow with a friend since March last year without the kid. They better be not ruined my plan. Like you said, i don't deny that this virus is dangerous. But come on, the case 0 has not been to anywhere near where i want to go. People check the exposure sites, do the right thing and isolate. End of story. They can't keep punishing people who do the right thing. It sounds like a first world problem but isn't that the whole purpose the govt put us through so we could live a 'normal' life within our bubble?

    @golden: actually the delta has more effect on the younger cohort now, especially children who weren't being affected as much with earlier strains. They do have death on the young ones in the UK. But they think it is correlatd to the unvaccinated group. Who knows....i like science so I would like to see more data. I guess i mostly influenced by my friends oversea. And see how they are doing and trust the vaccine based on evidences. I must admit that i wasn't keen 8 months ago. My US friends have been our guinea pigs all along.....Anyway, the experts are saying that NSW is unlikely to go down to zero. They should just keep it suppressed to lower the dead and infection rate until more vaccine arrives in Sept and Oct.

  9. Moonstruck
    Moonstruck avatar
    3722 posts
    5 August 2021 in reply to lunastone


    Hey Luna.....I posted on the other thread..you will see from that, I cannot stand this any longer. Watching both my sons losing work, money, and hope is horrible and there's nothing, absolutely nothing I can do or say to them to give them hope...a word our pollies and Health "experts" at press conferences have never heard of.

    we are living in a police state here in Q with a Doctor who was not elected by us....speak to us as if we are 5 years old...and a Health Minister who hasn't a clue and parrots what she has been told to say. Our Health Officer is becoming tongue tied and using stupid ineloquent phrases and words....both of these remind us it is "US" the people,who are responsible for how we progress through this...whether we come out of lockdown on Sunday or not...."It's up to you" they say.....whaaat?? Hang on a minute.....we didn't sign on for this responsibility..YOU did....and by the way, you have lost not one cent of your salary and you can't possibly share or understand our PAIN........the people who elected you are in PAIN.....we are relying on YOU to save us...not the other way round!!

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  10. Moonstruck
    Moonstruck avatar
    3722 posts
    5 August 2021 in reply to Hanna3

    Dear Hanna.....if you are fully vaccinated, the chance of your "suffocating to death from Covid" as you fear is less than being struck by lightning.....in fact if I were to give you a lift in my car and go for a drive {oops. that's right, not allowed out) you would have much more chance of dying than from Covid......I haven't noticed any plans to lockdown our cars and highways lately...have you? Why not?......love Moon S

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  11. golden82
    golden82 avatar
    372 posts
    6 August 2021 in reply to Moonstruck

    I find it 'funny' how some ppls 'concern' is only for the wellbeing of some. It is that selective empathy that I mentioned on the other thread. True empathy does not discriminate. Many of us are going through drawn out 'suffering to death from Covid' response with the loneliness, isolation, confusion, no hope etc etc. But Covid and the last 18mo have really shown me a lot about ppl and it is not good. Hope you are 'free' on Sunday Moon. Thinking of you :) And hope you get to your outing Luna.

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  12. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    7 August 2021 in reply to golden82

    Hi golden,

    Ah...empathy. So many times i see comment from people who shame those with empathy brainless. I have no family here and no friends being stuck oversea. But i truly feel for those being affected. I was worried that it would be me one day who have to make the tough decision of leaving due to emergency (if i even allow) and could not come back to my family. It just gotta show how selfish people have become and the humanity has lost to fight covid in this country. The common line i heard is that it is for the greater community. Flights shouldn't be coming in. Well, i think every citizen has the right to come back! It isn't as simple as staying put. People lose job, visa issue etc. So brainless? No. If we have the proper quarantine set up, we wouldn't be in this mess. Citizens are paying for the price of it. As time goes by, people have to accept that the virus is here to stay. As we are seeing it now that it makes its way in. Just get on with it with the vaccination (get it or not), some restrictions etc. Not locking everyone in an island. You know, not that i would go and visit my family oversea now in a covid hotspot but so many migrants i know personally are shifting the thinking about this close border "forever" idea. Over time, i feel like aus is going backward and making it stricter! Yes, i know about the 4 phases but that's a hard sell until we are actually doing it and it is going at a snail pace with the vaccine roll out. It is kinda even sad that we cant have the domestic movement freely and it is getting worse by days.

    Yes, i was glad that my night out wasn't ruined by another lockdown. My friend has invited me to another dinner next month and an event. I've declined. I said it many times.....i am just feeling anxious going to crowded places. Not afraid of covid (fully vaccinated) but the risk of at an exposure site by chance. Then, 14 days quarantine, lengthy wait for test -- miss out job interview, disrupt my partner and kid's life etc. It is mental.

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  13. Bananie1234
    Bananie1234 avatar
    67 posts
    8 August 2021 in reply to lunastone

    What happened to flattening the curve? It’s all about the Zero case approach now. Having snap lockdowns one after the other is just as bad as having one big lockdown.

    people are so used to lockdowns in Melbourne it doesn’t stop them from going out. Plenty of people are out and about during lockdown in Melbourne. Everyone is meeting at a park “exercising” together. People are meeting up at shopping centres and just walking around even though shops are closed. Snap lockdowns are losing it’s purpose if people are still out and about. It’s like what dan said, people are visiting each other at homes when they shouldn’t. Which apparently caused the 6th lockdown. It’s not cos they don’t care, they are exhausted! they can’t keep up with it anymore. it’s inevitable we will be having several mini outbreaks so i can already see ourselves in snap lockdowns one after the other. Just let people get on with their lives with restrictions or change your strategy. There are countries out there who manage outbreaks a without restricting people’s movements.

    Instead of just ordering people what to do, educate them! I really don’t like the way they relay information sometimes, not sure if it was the government actually saying this or is twisted by the media. I read about qld lockdown and it mentioned “if qlders want to end lockdown on sunday, come forward and get tested, the testing number isn’t high enough” i understand why they want people to get tested but the way they said it sounds almost threatening! half the country thinks the government is controlling/dictating them. What makes them think people will come forward to get tested if they word it like that???

    but in the end, it seems that the majority of the country roots for lockdown even on this forum (not this thread of course) I really feel like I’m the minority in this whole covid fiasco.

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  14. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    8 August 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    @benanie: Well said. Yes, i feel like we are still the minority within the general population. However, the tide is really changing at my old work place where majority of the employees are migrant -- talented pool that got recruited here more than a decade ago when the organisation started up! I was one of them! It is the locals who need convincing -- they are also the one with vaccine complacency and hesistancy here in WA. People forget that Australia is built on migrants. My other friend who also joined in the dinner the other night was thinking about leaving Aus for good either. I was a bit surprised. She is unhappy about her job and they couldn't get the family in europe to come over to help with the newborn. Her husband doesn't see the future with the job here too. I consider to leave because not much future jobs for me either other than mining in WA -- and my highly specialised skill doesn't help. Yes, i did try changing career and no one seems to treat my transferable skill seriously. And i feel so trapped........feel like a wasted 2 yrs of my life so far with covid. I am dmiring my friend backpacking through the National parks in the US (not bothering anyone with covid!). Heck...i don't even think we are allowed to go to remote area in WA atm.

    Yes, experts have said that the lockdown would become less effective over if it is used too often and when ppl are tired of it. My US friend has been talking to me...........loved our paradise. Not so much now. Wondering how we can get out of the zero and wonder how long we could take of these lockdowns until we rebel.....i do enjoy maskless but i think it is unrealistic expectation in a long term. I have accepted that mask and some restrictions are here to stay.

  15. Bananie1234
    Bananie1234 avatar
    67 posts
    8 August 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Hey lunastone,

    I’m surprised people in WA are feeling this way. They’re known to have the toughest restrictions but I thought people in WA loved it. Honestly, it’s like what i heard from people regarding WA. i was told It’s a mining state so WA (beautiful state btw) could afford to just shut the state as it pleases because their mining industry is not as affected by covid. Without mining, they won’t be in as much of a good position as they appear to be now.

    since going overseas is hard, have you ever considered going interstate first? I believe there’s much more to offer in VIC, NSW and even QLD. But obviously NSW would be out of the grid now.

    this is what i fear, I think this 6th lockdown has upset a lot of Melbournians. I fear it’ll just end up being a viscous cycle. We’ll go into our 7th lockdown ,more people are fighting back and the government will just put in more force which angers people even more. It’ll never be peaceful again.

    Sometimes I don’t even know what is right or wrong. I disagree with lockdowns but I also disagree with public protest. I also don’t think all protesters are anti-covid or anti-vaxx. I’m all for vaccination but I also believe its a choice unless they make it mandatory. I’m fully vaxxed but I’m not going to deny i was terrified after all the fear mongering and I won’t blame others for being hesitant.

    I think the biggest downside about the way the government handled the vaccination was the inconsistency of information and not educating people enough. I think the government shouldve stopped all the fear mongering from the media and use the media to promote public health. How I felt about the vaccination roll out was pretty much “the vaccinations are here, everyone go and get vaxxed. If you don’t get vaxxed, we won’t open up” how is that convincing?

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  16. HamSolo01
    HamSolo01 avatar
    820 posts
    8 August 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    howdy all

    I must say that this thread is refreshing

    I am finding lockdown hard. Everything done from home and such has made me go slightly loopy I think

    All I can say is that i agree with everything that has been said here.

    I guess I wanted to share some thoughts about it here too

    1) Lockdowns, while helping flatten the curve, come at a cost. I guess governments are put in the perilous position of weighing that cost of lockdown against a spike in cases. I do not envy decision makers.

    2) Vaccine hesitancy is an issue as some here have pointed out. I really do not like how so many people just all of a sudden want pfizer. It's like the media have brainwashed people i dunno. There are always going to be risks in anything. People are so risk averse, too much I think. I got my first AZ jab 2 weeks ago. Apart from feeling quite yucky afterwards - having to lie prone for most of the day - i was fine after that initial period. I haven't had issues since. This hesitancy issue is more common than people think. I can't understand it, even last week on a skype call with friends some were saying they are happy to wait for pfizer. I was really disappointed to hear this.

    3) I honestly have no interest in how this virus originated. But that said, I would like to know if it came from a lab or not. the WHO hasn't even figured that out and when you have an authoritarian super power than centralises control of the narrative... you probably won't get the truth. Who remember what happened with Chernobyl?

    4) the federal government stuffed up with vaccines. I don't blame the government for the AZ blood clot issue because at the time AZ was the only one available and there was no known issue with the blood clot. I guess in the end the issue was overblown by media and pfizer (who have an "interesting" history) were quick to jump on that. I was reading yesterday that 1 million pfizer doses are about to expire in the US... the company has a lot to answer for there. but then I guess the US had a much bigger problem because of so many caes and good old trumpee not doing his job. Look where things are at there now though - much better...

    5) The health advice over AZ and the blood clot issue - my gp told me - was that at the time, there were next to no cases of covid19 in Australia. This was the logic behind holding AZ off for those under 40. Then the delta strain came and changed that. I am no doctor, but i think this was naive of the vaccine policy makers.

    Peace all

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  17. Moonstruck
    Moonstruck avatar
    3722 posts
    9 August 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    Dear Bananie, Luna, Golden and Tangney where have you gone? hope you are OK. Like you Bananie, I feel in the minority too and have stopped speaking my true feelings...yes we are living under a dictatorship, lost our liberty and freedom our brave soldiers fought in two World Wars for.

    I am in Central Q but have family both in SEQ and Sydney so what happens there affects me too...I am so worried, anxious and depressed about the difficulties place on my loved ones I cannot bear it.

    Our politicians issue orders and threats. They give no "hope" whatsoever during press conferences...just more warnings and threats. Oh God I wish some mental health professionals would advise them "how to talk to those suffering..from anxiety, depression etc"....they say all the wrong things to vulnerable people..I am one of them.

    I have a grandchild in the first year of high school in a SE region with no cases. they have come out of lockdown but the kids have to wear masks at school. My grandchild is timid and shy and already reluctant to speak up or initiate conversations with others...otherwise a happy over achieving kid...... since this "order" about masks, the child has announced they will simply not talk to the teacher or others....

    said it is so hard to hear anyone anyway with a mask on. If they cannot understand what the teacher is explaining ie. teaching...they will not ask any questions..as they are afraid to raise their voice. I am so worried...these are children for God's sake and there are NO, I repeat NO cases in schools in that area.

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  18. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    9 August 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    @benanie: sadly, no. The majority of WA people don't think that way. The tide is changing at my former work place because my ex-colleagues are mostly migrants and our sector has been hit very hard without job keeper etc from the govt. When i talked to the locals, the thinking is a bit less progressive. They still love their lockdown 18 months later. They still want the borders (domestic and international) close to keep us covid free. Some don't want the vaccine. Some are willing to wait. The majority of them are working in the mine sites or their company has contract with the mining or retired with plenty of money so they aren't affected. The idea of this virus is here to stay hasn't sinked in. They think fast lockdown is the way to go....living in the the lala land of covid zero. I think i have opened up more than i should to some of these local friends as i want to encourage them to get the vaccine ASAP. It is a community effort after all.

    Exactly, without mining, WA won't be in such a good position financially. I have looked and applied jobs interstate despite am still feeling very sad about changing career due to the lack of opportunities for what i do here in Australia. One of my friends has just moved to NSW a few weeks ago because his wife has a hard time getting a job here in WA. He told me that companies are very reluctant to relocate people these days so they decided to move over to NSW -- they save enough to survive and are confident to be able to find jobs. My thinking...If i get an offer, i could always move east first and fly in fly out for a while to visit my kid and partner. With the strict interstate border and quarantine requirement etc, this isn't going to work out. I feel like it might be 'easier' to just get the permission to leave Australia for good with the family without having to deal with the G2G pass etc. Something to consider later this year if i still have no luck with a job. My partner work place is also firing ppl left and right. Like my old work place, he has been asked to re-apply a position and has to go through the entire interview etc. The stress might not even worth it in the long run for us. Now, you know why I feel so depressed with the feeling of "trapped" by these draconian rules. It isn't like i can just go into the bush or anywhere in australia for a few weeks to clear my head if you know what i mean. Mental health is a real crisis.

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  19. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    9 August 2021 in reply to HamSolo01

    Hi, Ham,

    wanted to reply you earlier but didn't get a chance. Do you not interact with anyone at work while working from home? I was the opposite. I quite liked working from home as I was escaping the work place. The atmosphere gotweird before they made me redundant.

    About your point 2, it is interesting, isn't it? I think media has played a big role in manipulating people mind. I know my neighbour only wants one type of vaccine. She complains about no freedom of vaccine choice here. She would rather no vax. First world problem hey. My family oversea (third world country) are all getting just one type, young and old. They get whatever was in stock at the vax centre at the time, no choice. No one cares what they got as covid cases are sky rocketing there and hospital is at breaking point. One of those countries that did very well with covid 0 early on too....virus eventually makes its way and lockdown isn't economical viable anymore.

    Do we have it better than the rest of the world? Yes for some, but not so much for some who feel losing 2 yrs of their life -- certainly my feeling and feel so hopeless. The only thing i appreciate is seeing how naive my son is who can't understand what's going on in the covid world. But certainly take the heat of my stress and sadness from time to time, which i feel unfair to him.

    You take care!

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  20. ecomama
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    ecomama avatar
    4561 posts
    9 August 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Hey everyone, Tangney hope it's ok that I join in...

    Golden eluded to this Thread on another one.
    I had a read & don't fit in I think but that's the norm for me I guess.

    Not sure if it's even helpful for me to share anything, certainly not what I REALLY think. I'll share some, not all...

    Firstly I don't envy the Govt's jobs at Federal, State or even locally. Our local govt is shot to pieces anyway (our rates have almost doubled bec of their incompetence - great during a pandemic & ruined businesses hey?)
    I'd hate to make these decisions at any Govt level.

    We have been in lock down since July.
    My kids are happier learning from home, there are issues with all of it tho.

    An email from my boss was sent late last night. I woke at 2am & read it, gave me FAR too much food for thought. Basically prepare for this "phase" to last 2 more months to the whole year. The whole year.....

    I have main concerns for the general public.
    One being thinking that the vaxes are a silver bullet.
    Obviously they're not.
    People are HAPPY thinking they're "free" to go and do whatever because they are vaxed. Clearly vaxed ppl are still able to contract the virus, still able to pass it on...

    Basically the lines for testing SHOULD be twice as long.
    Those who are vaxed need to be tested regularly too. I feel for the vaxed nurses who "did the right thing", after unknowingly contracting the virus, passed it on to patients in hospitals causing death. Horrible. Those sweet nurses.

    I haven't watched the news since about March last year. C-PTSD was out of the universe so I stopped.
    I HEAR it tho... just what's passed on. Rhetoric. Vilification. Hatred. Ppl doing exactly what the govt wants > hating each OTHER and not them. An Age old strategy! And "we" fall for it again!

    I see 3 sectors are majorly effected causing death, some overlapping. 1 those who do pass away from the virus. 2 those who suicide from being at the end of their MH tether - rates rising SO high it's unbelievable. 3 those who've died from the vax - my own family member.

    Now the 4th - at the edge. I'm working at this edge. It's very scary. Families who are starving, becoming homeless, being cold :-( , parents unable to get help. Crying to me. God I wish I could help them all.
    My family is supporting ONE family financially, 7 if you count all families.
    Thousands emotionally, referring them to nowhere else but our Church for food.

    THIS makes me very angry.

    I have no answers. None.


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  21. golden82
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    372 posts
    10 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi everyone,

    Welcome EM it is great to have you share your thoughts and feelings here too. Sorry you feel like you don't fit - I think most of us feel that way too. The ppl on this thread are lovely and not 'judgy' at all, so it is a safe space. Really very sorry to read you have lost a family member to the vaccine. That is so tragic. I hope you are able to deal with the grief in some way. It is as if the world keeps throwing us so much, and then some more. Kind thoughts to you lovely EM x

    To our friend Tangney - we miss you and hope you are doing okay. If you are still reading I hope you see the help this space you created has given a few of us.

    It is hard to keep up with all the posts - but to say I agree with a lot of what is being said - not all, I have some differences on some things - but most I agree and appreciate the intellectual discussion very much. Something that seems lacking in the world now. With 18mo of daily press conferences, prattling off the same things, only to be asked soft Qs that go along with the fear agenda. Ppl soaking it up like a sponge and being afraid. And by now just too exhausted to start to think. It is as though our country is brainwashed and compliant to every order no Qs asked and fearful of their life. But this is not life/living - being holed away for nearly 2yrs. That is 2 yrs none of us can get back. ..

    Whether young ppl at school - and Moon I am sorry to read of your grandchild. I do worry about the kids and how they view the world now - with so much fear and worry. Or whether middle aged like myself. I am 38yo and I guess young-middle aged. Personally this was a time for life to go one of 2 ways - to become a mother (hopeful, but it was a very small chance); and if not, travel the world a bit. Well, thanks to Covid and Aus response - my dreams are gone. 2 years of time critical fertility treatment is gone. I will be 40 next yr. Single. And not allowed between states off/on let alone o/seas. I know this may sound selfish to some. But after a lifetime of trauma and abuse - and life not being what I had hoped - this was for me to make the most of. Now gone. And having to just sit at home alone with trauma flashbacks - and reality of what will never be now for me. Meaningless life for me. It is sad. And I know there are many other similar singles and couples whose fertility dreams have been ruined because of this. This is more than a virus. This is the trajectory of our lives, dreams, family plans. So many affected.

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  22. golden82
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    372 posts
    10 August 2021 in reply to HamSolo01

    hi Ham,

    Great and informative post. 

    Mainstream media is having a field day. Protestors are getting squashed and police and army called in. It is a scary world out there. Where only one narrative is given a platform. The fear one. I thought it couldn't get worse than March 2020 with all the toilet paper hoarding, but at least back then ppl thought a bit more. And not so spent. Now it seems ppl just been so conditioned and weary and now used to wearing masks and being locked away. It seems whatever we are told to do - we do without Q, without asking why? or thinking a bit. What about virus not spreading out in the fresh air much, and the lack of vitamin D. Since Covid lockdowns I have been diagnosed with osteomalacia (softening of my bones) - due to severe lack of vit D. I already have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis from long eating disorder. And the children locked from the sun are prone to rickets and obviously MH issues etc. It is all madness. Our immune systems get weaker through all this - not to mention from the stress, lack of sleep etc.

    When you look deeper than the press conference and look at the breakdown of stats it is for eg 3 ppl over 80 yrs in hospital that pass away from/with Covid. But 8 ppl or more from suicide - and usually these are young ppl who are otherwise 'healthy' and would have many decades of life left to live. And then if you compare to previous years and we are lower - much lower than from flu etc. The o/seas media are mocking us - and rightly so. They cannot understand how for eg in one day in NSW there were 82,000 tests for 111 positive cases and none in ICU, and one death a person in 90s. But entire Sydney and NSW millions of ppl locked away in homes. No other news is reported - such as car crash killed 2 ppl, all Covid saga.

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  23. blondguy
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    10 August 2021 in reply to golden82

    Hey Golden82 EM lunastone Moon and everyone!

    Hey EM....did you have a family member pass away from the vaccine? Can you let me know if I have read your post correctly?

    Just a note....Canada & the US have re-opened their border to people that have been vaccinated..Nice1 :-)

    my kind thoughts...Paul

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  24. lunastone
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    128 posts
    10 August 2021 in reply to golden82

    @EM: so sorry to hear that you have family who passed from the vaccine. It must be such a terrible feeling. xx

    @paul: thanks for popping in and update on the US and Cananda re-opening. :) Except we can't get out of this island. Well, not even WA. :( I would be happy if we even can go to covid zero zone (aka canberra) without quarantine and potential fail G2G pass coming back to WA at this point in time. Actually, traveling for fun isn't my priority right now. I just hope that we get to see fully vaccinated family oversea soon. I know that other people have it tougher.....

    @golden: you thought resonant with me. About the fertility treatment......Elective surgeries are being cancelled here and there during lockdown/restrictions. I don't even know how people could go about with the treatment. This is the exact reason that we signed a piece of paper (you could guess what) late last yr with our treatment clinic in the east. Because going through a treatment interstate is just not going to happen. It was hard work enough before covid and certainly not another good time of my life to through that. The clinic called me a couple weeks ago to double confirm our decision and i was rather emotion. A few tears.....

    It is also a time for evaluation when i finally have a break from my career. I want to travel around the world as it was something i didn't get to do when younger. Dreaming....as i know in reality, i couldn't as I have a child to take care of. Now, i have the time but no chance. I guess without covid, i would certainly still have a job.

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  25. Bananie1234
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    67 posts
    11 August 2021

    Lockdown extended for another 7 days for Melbourne!
    over 5 cases (20 total-15 linked)!!!
    the worst part is, many people actually think 5 cases is bad as it can easily turn into hundreds!
    but just a food for thought. Yes it can easily turn into hundreds but isn’t this the EXACT reason why we social distance, we wear facemasks and sanitise our hands? What is the point of hygiene practice if we are going to lockdown over a few cased? I don’t understand people’s logic! If we all follow the restrictions, we shouldn’t be scared about catching it right? If more people are following hygiene rules then the curve should stay flat right?

    They may as well just say we keep you locked in until 80% of the population get vaxxed. Cos clearly they don’t trust that we can maintain at a few cases. They want to see zero cases in the community. They want all cases to be detected in isolation.
    what have we learnt in the last 19 months? Nothing, just tougher and tougher lockdowns. They don’t even wait and see anymore. Just sends everybody straight to home confinement.

    yes we don’t want to be like sydney. But to be fair, up until now, Sydney actually did really well with no harsh restrictions. How are we so sure that we are going to turn into Sydney in the present? they really don’t trust civilians at all do they?

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  26. lunastone
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    128 posts
    12 August 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    @Tangney: we miss you. If you are still reading this thread, i want to let you know that this thread is much appreciated.

    @benanie: poor melbournians! Y'all are in lockdown more than being out of it at the moment! They might well just lock everyone up and hand us the money. People could at least plan that kind of life than the yoyo life. Yes, you are right. They are still aiming the zero until the vax rate is up. But i am afraid that people are so risk adverse now that they would call on lockdown all the time. NSW was doing pretty well until Delta comes in. I could tell that they have switched strategy to surpress and then get on with vaccination. At this rate, if people are willing, they are going to hit the target before the year end. In the meantime, the rest of the states are just taking their own sweet time. WA in particular. I'm losing my patience to say the least......we need to move forward. It gets my upset/depressed whenever people think quick lockdown is good. Then the awkward silent when i asked how long we are going to do this?

    Our strict border has its consequences. Like missing out skilled migrants and people over east to fill the work force. WA is short of hospital staff etc....the hospitals can't even cope without covid. Then, the incentives now to get oversea healthcare workers to WA. It causes a bit outrages as interstate people can't enter WA easily. People have to understand that the close economy just doesn't work. Sigh.........where is the light at the end of the tunnel. This is so depressing.......

  27. Bananie1234
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    67 posts
    21 August 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Hi everyone,

    i feel like this thread is the only safe space for me now. I feel the main thread is a little bit scary. I find that those who are disagreeing with lockdowns are getting attacked and labelled as anti vax, anti covid and selfish. I’m sad to see people getting accused of wanting people to die because they disagree with lockdowns which is not true. i actually got into an argument with my best friend over this too in which she said to me, “ would you rather go into hospital and die?” it really triggered me.

    Government gets slammed for lockdowns but also gets slammed for delaying lockdowns. The country is so divided. I understand sydney will need it but I don’t believe Melbourne needs it.

    I’m also tired of their threatening tone- if we don’t act now, we will turn into sydney next week. If you don’t want to follow rules, we can end lockdown until 80% vaxx rate. Cases are not lowering because of people’s “poor choices”.

    I believe public protests are wrong but i dont believe everyone who protests are anti vaxers or anti covid. I believe a lot of them are probably ppl who lost everything.

    im all for the vax. But I’m so tired of ppl fixating on number of cases. we should all know by now case numbers won’t drop because of vax the whole point is to reduce hospitalisation and deaths. I also don’t believe everyone who’s hesitant about vax is an antivax. They just need more reassurance and that’s okay, stop attacking them.

    In terms of vax passport, idk if I agree, i guess it’s to what extent. I heard it’s like no shot, no dining in which is a little overboard… If 80% of the population is vaxxed, why should we worry. Sure we want to protect the immunocompromised, but if you can give flu shots to them, i think in the future they will be looking at giving them covid shots too. My reason being, both flu and covid shots are not live vaccines. in terms of overseas, that’s to be expected. But i see it the same as going to south america, you can’t travel there without getting yellow fever shot but noone complains about that.

    I dont know what’s right or wrong i just feel this year is more chaotic than last year.

    i wish people can be more understanding and stop being so black and white but hey, Maybe I’m also black and white who refuses to understand those who supports endless lockdowns.

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  28. BeADodo
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    11 posts
    21 August 2021 in reply to Bananie1234


    Same here.

    I’m going to get the vaccination in September. But I am utterly fatigued.
    I have banned free to air TV in my house and blocked every news outlet on social media. I cannot hear the doom and gloom voices of news voice over people or news hosts or politicians. I actually am so fatigued I would prefer to leave the country and live in a place that isn’t so pedantic about ‘case numbers’ or deaths, without any context on other deaths.

    If the government also announced total deaths for each day in the state, alongside the number dead from COVID, it wouldn’t seem so bad to most people probably. Once we’re vaccinated I hope they stop reporting cases and just start reporting on hospitalizations… over 4000 people died from the flu in 2019 and we didn’t do anything about that did we?

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  29. Bananie1234
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    67 posts
    21 August 2021 in reply to BeADodo

    Hi BeADodo,

    Im the same. Im so tired. I’m so scared to even talk to my parents overseas now (i used to call everyday) as all we talk about is covid and it makes me sound aggressive because my view on lockdown is different. This pandemic has definitely changed me, i thought it was for the better but maybe not. i now have a really strained relationship with my family. i also don’t know i have a little PTSD from last year. even though I’m in a much better place now i still tend to respond to things (covid or not) in a passive aggressive/snappy way which then angers my parents and we end up fighting.

    Maybe once i see my parents all the strain would go away, but idk when i can see them. It’s been 20months and still counting…

    I just wish people can stop fixating so much on figures but put the figures into context and look at the bigger picture here.

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  30. Moonstruck
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    3722 posts
    21 August 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    Our politicians have obviously never heard the old but wise and correct saying.

    "we have nothing to fear but fear itself"....that is ALL we in Q have been hearing from our "leaders" since Day One...and the Vic Premier seems to have made an obsession of spreading fear into the people he clearly delights in being in control of!

    even if we in Q get to 70 to 80% vaccinations, our Premier refuses to utter a word of "Hope, or Peace, or Freedom" for our future. even then, she said, she will go into a lockdown if we get even One case!!

    I give up. I am done. You have defeated me..I surrender. I have a son living as a prisoner in NSW since June...career ruined, income gone, money lost.. and as a mother, there is nothing I can do.

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