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by Sophie_M
10 minutes ago
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by randomx
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by Isabella_
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by Christina S
1 day and 1 hour ago

Topic: Depressed due to isolation and civil liberty restrictions

  1. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    22 August 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    Your words totally resonant with me! I like our little thread here. I got the same vibe that i would get attacked on the main thread by saying how i feel. Even for words that i thought might sound empathy could be interpreted in a wrong way there.

    I do think vaccination is a choice. Atm, I am not happy that there is a set of % target and people, who are complacent (no rush to get it because we are safe in WA), don't help us moving forward to open up sooner. Who don't want it will never get it so move on. Thus, i want the incentive as i am sick of the lockdown. I think the majority of people still don't understand that the virus isn't going away and elimination strategy is not going to work in a long run. I have too many arguments with people who thinks this is the best strategy ever. Yes, you are right. This year has been worse than last year as the rules are stricter not loosen. Seeing oversea friends traveling for holiday with some restrictions and we are waiting anxiously about lockdown any day to happen. It is such a different world. Guess what? They focus on hospitalisation rate and not case number! When hospitalisation rate is up at capacity, then they would just stay at home for a while. You don't want to vax? No problem. Negative test before getting into a venue or something. Life moves on. Every kid gets tested before school. Every household in the UK gets test kit, you test before you go out. Positive, go and get PCR test until negative. I don't understand why we can't adopt anything but draconian rule. And totally agree with you on the protest. A lot of people aren't anti vax or believing in conspiracy theory etc. These ppl probably have lost their jobs etc.

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  2. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    22 August 2021
    @moon: ya, I don't know what it is in these politicians mind. Listen to the experts. Experts have been talking on 7:30. Covid is here to stay. Elimination is not possible. Same here in WA. Our premier has said that
    even at 70-80% vax rate, he is still in charge of the border policy. Zero is preferred. So why do we get vaccinated then if we are still being locked up and if there is no virus circulating as zero is the goal?! Well, we can't even travel interstate freely atm, can we? It is so refreshing to watch oversea public news media. Delta is here, we
    should be caution but not alarm. Very different attitude. I lost my job and now my partner might be losing his too. Stop telling me that there are plenty of jobs in WA. Not everyone has the specialty to fill those mining jobs. My friend who was so envy of us a year ago now telling me that we are the prisoner of our own country (more like state to me!). I am over it........there is no balance atm. None.
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  3. Sleepy21
    Valued Contributor
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    Sleepy21 avatar
    4156 posts
    22 August 2021 in reply to lunastone


    Locked down into eternity, booked to be vaccinated, and somehow implied that I want people to die if I say I'd like to take a walk after 9pm. Difficult times

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  4. Sleepy21
    Valued Contributor
    • A special award for members who go above and beyond to support others here on the forums
    Sleepy21 avatar
    4156 posts
    22 August 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    Hi all, ironically I'm considered a person at high risk of coved, as that has enabled me to access the Vax earlier. I'm at risk because I have a debilitating mental health condition. Yet I can't sit in the park for a few hours, due to lockdoens. That's what

    I'd really like and want. Not to visit people for a party, or go to a bar, but to be outside for more than 2 hours. Does anyone else have a relaxing activity they wish they could do now?

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  5. SD0102
    SD0102 avatar
    197 posts
    22 August 2021

    I feel like I have about faced a bit over the last few months. Last year was the first time I had ever experienced anxiety and it all boiled down to the fear of Covid.

    Our family has a small business in rural NSW and dealing with all of this has been very stressful.

    I realise now that my fear was not of the actual virus but the constant threat of being locked down. Feeling financially responsible for family we employ and the 4 staff we employ.

    At times feeling like your walking on egg shells just waiting on announcements, who’s locking down now & for how long.

    I feel that so many people are now so fatigued by the whole situation, mentally drained and just over it all.

    I have so many questions that I don’t know the answers to.

    Yes I got vaccinated, why, because I thought that the would be in the best interests of me wanting to be able to hopefully get back to a normal lifestyle and be able to keep my business open.
    Is this selfish, maybe. Do I worry about people who are compromised by other health issues, of course I do. But what I’ve come to realise, is if they choose not to get vaccinated that’s their choice and if they choose to go out when the risks are heightened or there is localised outbreaks, then that’s their choice.

    I think it is becoming more realistic that we will need to live with Covid, and that lockdowns are maybe not the answer, not only on a financial level but mentally as well. I don’t think people can continue to live with the constant threats of lockdowns for much longer. We need to be able to support each other face to face and the impact on people’s mental health is something that is a growing concern.

    My 24 year old son said today, Mum this is just crippling our country. He just wants to get on with life.

    Take care everyone.

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  6. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
    • A special award for members who go above and beyond to support others here on the forums
    ecomama avatar
    4561 posts
    22 August 2021 in reply to Sleepy21

    Dear Sleepy

    Taking any one's thoughts of what they'd like to do right now and thinking you mean for others to die is kinda extreme craziness don't you think?

    We can ALL wish for beautiful experiences we'd been able to enjoy pre-Covid.
    Does it mean we wish death on others? NEVER.

    I don't mention this to my young teens who are slowly and surely turning 18yo - Thank God...
    I don't mention all the amazing Rock Concerts I've been to! They don't even have a concept of.

    I listen to them if they're down about anything.
    They used to have up to 17 kids sleeping over here lol and we ALL LOVED it!
    They miss their sleepovers.

    I miss the niceness of neighbours, now peaky and spiky, scared and all not so nice.

    I'd like to visit the beach. It's outside my 5km so not on.

    But with all my children and myself, after validating their feelings for as long as it takes... we all come back to what we CAN do. Enjoy a meal together if we're all not working crazy hours at the same time.

    Do the thing we've been putting off, then do another thing we've put off too.

    Garden, hug our pets. Love each other.

    I saw the FULL moon tonight and watched it in wonder.
    Wondering how many ppl have looked UP to see the magnificence of the sky tonight, all of us under the many threats we face due to this pandemic.

    But choosing to live as well as we can anyway.

    Love EM

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  7. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    24 August 2021 in reply to Sleepy21

    I totally feel you. I also feel like the need of a walk whenever i need to 'vent' it out of the system. There is no more common sense with all these rules anymore. I don't think you are bothering anyone by sitting outside alone at 9pm. I had an argument with a friend last year over the outdoor exercise. She has a valid point -- monkey see, monkeys do. But i was not doing anything illegal for having an hr exercise time outside. She said stay at home meant stay at home. We aren't even living on top of each other so plenty of outdoor space. Move to a different open space if it gets crowded. It was like everyone no longer has common sense. Anyway, I later realised that this friend is all about govt tells her what to do so she doesn't have to think. No more common sense anymore.

    I am not sure about relax activities. I am constantly stress as now my partner is about to lose his job and me jobless. I do a lot more exercise now, though. Put my anger and sadness into it. I read endorphins being released from exercises help to relax and help with stress. I also play a lot of video game -- something i have never gotten to do when i had a job.

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  8. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    1 September 2021

    @Benanie: replying your post in the main thread. Aus donated the ventilators to india or/and indonesia a while back. Those countries really need them. On the other hand, we seem to have taken a more "relax" approach thinking we could escape this virus forever. We did have local mask making facilities but also closed down not so long ago from what i remember on the news. Short sighted? I simply don't know what we are doing. The whole lockdown thingy has become politicised. Us vs them. How about now? The fact that Vic also has to abandon the covid zero pipe dream. And yet people are still saying it is NSW fault for not locking it down faster. It clearly doesn't work for Vic or NZ for that matter (they might be lucky this time). Experts have said that we can't eradicate this virus. We have to manage it. There is no freedom day so i accept it. Protect the vulnerable. Get jab if worries, or just stay at home. Please just let those who wants to move on, move on. But the WA fortress certainly doesn't provide any hope for me. Why are we jabbing then if there is no plan for re-opening? What's the cost for mental health? What's the cost for people losing jobs and on contract stress? Why aren't our politicians listening to the experts? Our hospital isn't coping without covid, what have been done?! Nothing. At least i heard that NSW did prepare extra ICU beds since last year. I would beg to see the light at the end of the tunnel.......and the upset over the predicted death number if we 're-open' under restrictions when we hit the % vax target. People don't understand that it is nearly the same number as what we have every yr from heart disease etc. Why is that acceptable then?

    @SD : yes, i don't envy teenagers right now. Their life pretty much being put on hold. Thinking about what i had gone through as teen - went oversea for education, traveling, had a long distance relationship etc. None of these would be possible in this covid time. I would have a different life right now if it happened back then. Sigh...career is literally ended now. I am still grieving. It hasn't been good in the last few days thinking about it.....

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  9. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
    • A special award for members who go above and beyond to support others here on the forums
    ecomama avatar
    4561 posts
    1 September 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Hey luna

    Huge hugs and commiserations at the loss of your job / career and your Hs job too. Hard times indeed. I'm thinking of you both.

    IDK what Govts are actually doing either, it's getting creepy tbh.

    Some ppl even think this virus will disappear, how could anyone think that?
    Remember how much mocking of Trump was done last year when he tinkled his fingers and said it will just disappear?

    It's like that thinking.

    It can't.

    That's the reality of the situation on a WORLD stage and locally also.

    My Fiance lives in the U.S. and he asks me so many questions I have no idea of the answers at all.
    That's nothing new lol.

    I know it's a serious virus, I'd never deny that. I'd also never victim blame, that's horrid.
    I'm too afraid to really ask anyone or even do any research, if it would be possible anyway, but I feel a pressing need to know if the govt is just saying this person passed from Covid because they had it when they passed.

    HOW can they tell if it was Covid they actually passed from?

    I'm only thinking this way bec my mother was a nurse for generations lol. DECADES. She was a matron. She then worked as a DON in Nursing homes.
    Every year of my life, as Winter approached, she would dread how many people would pass from anything brought in from outside by anyone.

    Yet BF is saying to me that the research he's read is that Covid is more dormant in Winter.
    THEIR Winters maybe... our lock downs are over Winter (with peaks in Covid detection) but we haven't had enough longitudinal studies to know much yet.
    My surmising is that we opened up almost entirely over the warmer months.
    Then we've been locked down during the colder months.
    It was clearly here anyway. Now we see new strains and probably always will.

    he's cranky they want everyone to have "booster" vaxes which he says proves it's not a true vax - IDK.

    I don't pretend to have answers but sure have a billion questions.

    About Job Prospects; with the current and future forecasts IMO, clearly anyone with training in Health Care, fast food networks and, soon, Financial Sectors will have some more employment opportunities.
    Education and so many other areas are clearly under the pump for restructuring.
    Psychology standards are holding strong, they're under the pump too.

    My own children (young adults and teens) are smart enough to work out that they'll be paying for this for the rest of their lives. We all will be.


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  10. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    2 September 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Thanks EM. It must be so hard to do the long distance relationship right now. I did that 15+ yrs ago and that was already hard enough. Stay strong.

    Ya, the job situation is kinda mess up. I mentioned it here. Got made redundant. When they had an opening, asked to apply, got interview with everyone i know (kinda awkward) but then I didn't get the offer. I asked why...they were better candidates this time even though my application was very good. Bad luck. The fact that i worked there for 12 yrs literally means nothing to them. NOTHING. Heart broken. I got a call early this week. They told me to hold onto it as negotiation with the 2nd person might not work out so i am next in line. I was like?!?! Am i some sort of spare tire? Who deserve to be treated like this? I have been in a terrible mood since that phone call. They are messing with my head......gosh. i wish i could get on a flight right now to visit my family oversea for some period of time. I need to get away from this sad place and clear my head somewhere.

    Sadly, i am in one of the sectors that has been impacted badly.......as long as our international border remains close, several sectors will continue to suffer. It would take decades to rebuild.....

    There are too many information overloaded on the internet. I tend to brush over if it isn't coming from experts. As for the virus being dormant in winter.....I don't think so. It seems to be all seasons. Flu is more common in winter because ppl are spending more time indoor and close contact. It is true that our immunity wanes over time so a booster is needed. Just like the flu vaccine if you get one every yr. the scientist actually tailors the flu vaccine to combat whatever strain that might be around in winter time. It isn't a silver bullet either. It is hard to produce a vaccine that eradicates the virus it keeps mutating. Delta seems to be impossible to get rid of. The goal now is to not make one super sick and needs hospitalisation. A yr ago, we don't even have a vaccine......

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  11. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    2 September 2021
    @moon : hope you are well. It looks like QLD and WA can have our own covid 0 bubble. The scare campaign keeps going on and am losing hope. No matter what. It just seems to have a zillion reasons to keep us locked up in our own state. 70-80% + some sort of preventive measurement, not enough as we want covid zero. Wait....children haven't been vaxed....we are going in circle. Having friends oversea really give me a completely different perspective than wha'ts going on here.
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  12. Sleepy21
    Valued Contributor
    • A special award for members who go above and beyond to support others here on the forums
    Sleepy21 avatar
    4156 posts
    2 September 2021 in reply to lunastone

    hi lunastone, sorry to read about ur job situation, really hard to have limits put on work and basically feel like u have to wait to get back to work, sending hugs.

    i know what u mean that it's a circle

    its hitting me hard today. sending big hugs to all.

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  13. Hanna3
    Hanna3 avatar
    3215 posts
    2 September 2021 in reply to Sleepy21

    For some of us this is really tough because the virus has a good chance of killing us. I would certainly most likely die (underlying health condition) if I catch this before I am fully vaccinated (another two weeks) and a couple of weeks after that for full effect, but even then we still catch the virus, just hopefully don't need hospitalization and ventilator.

    So some of us are facing the terrible risks to ourselves and people we care about. I don't want friends to get terribly sick with this, or people in my family.

    For other people the lock downs are really isolating and we cope with being lonely and frightened.

    We do need to help ensure hospitals and paramedics are not overwhelmed so that everyone can get proper care (including people who have heart conditions, serious accidents, and not just covid) and exhaust our nursing and medical staff.

    We all need to try and stay as strong as we can during this and help and support each other. Lock downs are tough for people with mh problems, or just anyone - and some of us are facing severe illness.

    Support for all of us here! This is not easy for anyone. Lock downs are isolating, financially people are suffering, other are sick/dying and friends/family worried/grieving.

    I think it's a real help to watch great movies, listen to great music, read good books, exercise, pat your dog/cat, do whatever helps to distract you from all this stuff. We all need to be kind with ourselves and nurture ourselves. Indulge yourselves in something nice and soothing.

    Truly wish everyone support here.

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  14. Moonstruck
    Moonstruck avatar
    3722 posts
    2 September 2021 in reply to lunastone
    Hi Luna...just letting folk in other states know..our Q Premier is becoming more and more power hungry..she is verging on the ridiculous and many many of us..including those who voted for her are beginning to laugh at her latest announcements which would be funny...except for the huge damage mentally they inflict...we may not be in lockdown literally but having fear rammed down our throats with no let-up.
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  15. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    2 September 2021 in reply to Moonstruck
    @moon: I watched the highlight of the press conference of QLD today. It is getting ridiculous each day. It is the same here in WA. Policians are giving people false hope that we could stay covid 0 forever. Even the experts have called out that covid 0 is not possible with delta. Why don't they listen? Stop the scare campaign and be a bit more positive? I really need to get off the abc news outlet on social media. It is doing my head in to know so many WA people are living in the covid 0 fantasy land. Don't they miss their family? Don't they see that it is doing a lot of damage for people mental health?
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  16. Croix
    Community Champion
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    • Awarded by beyondblue for providing outstanding peer support to the online community over a period of 3+ years.
    Croix avatar
    10362 posts
    2 September 2021 in reply to Moonstruck

    Dear Moon plus all~

    You said "but having fear rammed down our throats with no let-up." and you are absolutely right.

    Every news program on the TV or radio spends so much time on charts, views, details of restrictions and no credible mention when things will improve.

    I do not watch the news, a world of hurt I can't fix, and a heap of threats I can do little to avoid.

    For me it simply builds up fear, stress and frustration without an out.

    So I take a leaf out of Hanna3's book and concentrate on more pleasant things. (Yes I know, I'm probably turning from a walrus to an ostrich with my head in the sand) but it leaves me calmer, which in turn reduce my symptoms.

    Some people might find the following post by Coach Craig helpful


    If not all of it suits then maybe just some parts could be of value, it is pretty sensible.

    “Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.”


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  17. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    ecomama avatar
    4561 posts
    3 September 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Dear Luna

    Thanks for your reply.

    I haven't had a vax for anything since 1990, except for the repeated vaxes that also didn't work on my system after birthing. (That's why they kept repeating them but they never "took").
    Never had the flu vax - did my own longitudinal studies there of many colleagues and decided against such, but vaxes don't work in my system. Haven't had the flu since 1988.

    But my case is rare and I'm not trying to push anyone any way. Just my personal physiology and sitch.

    Tbh I don't believe "experts" either lol! Who on earth COULD be an expert on Covid when there's no where near enough time passed to see... my 2c.

    I always check who PAID for "Research" to be done... it's all about the buck.
    In my 3rd Degree we were taught how to critique "Research" papers, always interesting.
    My daughter's doing her Psych Honors atm & is learning just how others manipulate studies to show what they want, happens all the time.

    Even schools teach children from a very young age about coercion in the media and advertisements - it's in Curricula.

    TMI and too little TRUTH.

    So yeah I don't watch the "News" either. Load of repeated hogwash designed to instill terror in ppl and keep ppl addicted to it.

    Youngest daughter's work friend ended up contracting Covid (he was a close contact of a close contact). He's having mild symptoms and quite well thank goodness, so is his close contact which is a family member he lives with.

    In response to this, all our family's tests returned Negative this week. Myself and all my children (adults and teens) are essential workers still out at work a lot throughout this extended lock down.

    Indeed not seeing my Fiance is difficult. He's my strength in my worst of times. By far the most rational minded of us both lol. I'm grateful we're "sticking together", thousands of miles apart, but there it is.

    I hope you can all have moments of peace in your days and nights.

    Take care,
    Love EMxxxx

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  18. Sleepy21
    Valued Contributor
    • A special award for members who go above and beyond to support others here on the forums
    Sleepy21 avatar
    4156 posts
    4 September 2021 in reply to ecomama

    hi lovely ppl,

    ive been speaking to friends in healthcare or who work in busy areas still as some kind of essential worker, tbh, it sounds to me like having this excemption, being able to travel to diffrent parts of the state etc to provide care of support, and not to have to worry about eg the curfew or the 5k rule, has helped them feel like things are ok.

    It seems like being forced to stay in ur suburb and limited in movement hurts ppl a lot on some emotional level... and for so long.

    Im really bored and my self esteem is shattered feeling like i have not a lot to offer as i cant move around and do and see different locations, for basically 1 year now.

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  19. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    ecomama avatar
    4561 posts
    4 September 2021 in reply to Sleepy21

    Dearest Sleepy

    Sounds like a person in solitary confinement speaking.
    I'm glad you went out for a walk and grabbed a coffee yesterday.

    I don't think there's anyone UNaffected by this pandemic, no matter what they're still able to do.

    Yesterday, while we were in the park, we ran into a girl we'd known for 20y but she kept REALLY distant from us, even though she looked so happy to see us at first.
    Then I could see her anxiety creeping in. She's a nurse and their practice is being hammered. She works Mon - Fri and couldn't remember what day it was yesterday either.

    Being "out and about" for work can cause a lot of anxiety in ppl. I won't go into details of what my kids have said dealing with the public via their work.
    Their work has now changed things to protect workers more from the public, but they still work with each other.
    Yvette gave most of her shifts away this week.

    Yesterday we had another 'don't come to work, get tested and isolate' thing. By early afternoon the close contact's test returned negative.

    Alot of my work now is calling families and I'm beginning to get anxiety over doing this every day.
    I also have to do daily Zooms with groups.
    I can see things falling apart. Parents crying to me. It's really hard to be a person they can lean on all the time. I have to pretend I'm ok when I'm not.
    I manage to BE ok when we're on the phone, sometimes I have a cry afterwards though.

    SO another inside day!
    It's raining and I'm so grateful for the rain!

    I'm going off to find my crochet and knitting needles lol, I found a great YT channel doing fanceee crochet stitches, they're so pretty!
    Might have to "Yarn Bomb" my whole garden to feel better lol.

    Love EMxxxx

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  20. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    10 September 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi, EM,

    glad to hear that the test came back negative for everyone in the family. hope you are hanging in there with the world spinning around us. At least we have tecnology. But still, it must be tough having the fiance on the other side of the planet. I did long distance relationship before and it was tough enough without all these no travel rule.

    Ha. ya. The experts seem to have different opinions sometime. I trust the experts as they have been studying various viruses, modeling etc for years. But i agree, they probably can't predict what would happen next as covid is only around for like 2 yrs. As for the research, I truly don't think it is all about the "money". They certainly don't just fudge out results to what they want to see. I know this because i have scientist friends and I had involvement with some experiments. They explained to me a lot of things when i became their guinea pig. The results need to be peer-reviewed. "Peer" doesn't mean you get your colleagues to read it over and approves it. They usually end up getting the competitors to review their results, assigned by the journal editor (aka moderator). So not all scientific work make it to the publication. If i understand correctly, WHO etc only approves vaccines based on the peer-reviewed published data.

  21. lunastone
    lunastone avatar
    128 posts
    10 September 2021 in reply to golden82

    Hi moon and golden,

    yet another yr passing with the R u ok day. Hope everyone is OK. I know....I am not OK most of the time these days!

    Just had a chat with a friend in WA. At this rate, i think we all would crack with the forever no hope in WA border re-opening. My friend was planning a road trip to visit family in Melbourne over xmas. It has been 2 years. I thought only those with family oversea like me would be most affected. It is madness to think about this is happening within australia given that our covid cases aren't as high as some countries that have state border control, especially our vaccination rate is gaining pace (sadly not WA). I think a lot of us who are vaxed (or don't want it), just want to move on. Stop calling us selfish. What more could we do? Covid is here to stay. My friend's family is vaxed. Her family is vaxed. They know the risk. Why prevent them from seeing each other? It is just heartless....... surprisingly, so many comments on social media seem to suggest that! If they are worried even with the vax, they could choose not to see their family. Stay at home. We are responsible for our own action. So pls stop dictating our life and have a bit compassion! I also find it a lousy excuse for keeping us locked in forever now that we have the vaccine. Booming economy blah blah blah. Thanks to iron ore...... Such a disgrace for having such a big surplus while our WA hospital can't even cope without covid and many sectors especially the universities suffered without govt support. They should have used that money to get the hospital ready, quarantine facilities....20 months. Nothing. Depressing.......In the meantime, my friends in the US are going about their life with caution.

    And you know.....my friend also has that "guilt" that we commonly have. Why am i complaining when other ppl have it worse? I just don't know what to say as I have that guilt too........

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  22. HamSolo01
    HamSolo01 avatar
    820 posts
    18 September 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Hi all

    Been a while since I was here

    a few reflections on this ever lasting situation we find ourselves in

    - Lockdowns are costly in so many ways. Financially, socially, emotionally and even physically. I miss going about my business in life. Stuck in the house has done my head in

    - the virus will take much longer to completely disappear than what is suggested. The vaccine will help build up herd imunity. But its contingent on people taking the vaccine of course.

    - the international community will sweep what caused the outbreak under the carpet due to politics and international relations between rival states. I doubt we will ever know in our life. Maybe in the future with more access to information.

    - the spring back from when lockdowns end and we all go back to relative normality will require and adjustment. We need to be wise with the choices we make.

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  23. Bananie1234
    Bananie1234 avatar
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    19 September 2021 in reply to HamSolo01

    Hi 👋

    so the roadmap for Melbourne had been announced. Still at least another whole month before we are out of lockdown. But I don’t understand the restrictions. It doesn’t make sense….

    it says by 5th November, which is when everything should be back to “normal” which is great but there’s still limits on gathering and that’s fine but they are limiting the number of gatherings on people who are fully vaccinated??? What’s the point of getting vaxxed if they are still limiting it? If we are all fully vaxxed, why does it matter how many of us are together? So we won’t pass to those that are not vaxxed? since they never really mentioned what happens to those who didn’t get vaccinated, I’m assuming those who are unvaxxed needs to stay at home forever? They may as well make the vaccine mandatory for the whole if australia.
    We don’t need to treat those people who don’t wanna get vaxxed like prisoners nor do we need to try and protect them from the virus. They know the risks and it’s their choice if they want to take that risk? And since those who are unvaccinated will be the minority, us who are vaccinated shouldnt be worrying about being in the same room as someone who is unvaxxed right? I’m so confused… or is it to protect children as they won’t get vaxxed? So what happens to children who are not getting the vaccination?

    I’m pro vaccine but I’m also pro choice. Not everyone who doesn’t want the vaccine is an anti-vaxx. Why can’t we be more understanding towards each other?

    also how is this going to work? So i now have to prove that I’ve got the vaccine wherever i go just to be able to eat at a restaurant?

    this isn’t learning to live with the virus.

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  24. Sleepy21
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    19 September 2021 in reply to Bananie1234

    It weirder me out that the recent restrictions lifted included having real estate inspections and some updated about hairdressers soon

    So weird what they prioritise

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  25. ecomama
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    19 September 2021 in reply to Sleepy21

    Hey peeps

    Yeah it's all very interesting and pretty concerning.

    It's all really duplicitous, that's clear.

    I saw a joke posted on another thread by a member here which is funny / not funny at the same time.
    Sure I laughed and have shared this joke IRL but the undertones are serious, this seriousness hasn't been lost in sharing.

    Same as this one one of my adult children shared with me last week...
    'At this point I would feel safer if coronavirus held a press conference telling us how it's going to save us from the government.'

    Before proceeding I'll always say that I wouldn't know what to do if I was making these decisions either but now I also say, it's not my job to know, it's theirs.

    Our Govt is being controlling, like abusers who only want control.
    They are gaslighting us, saying things are clear when they're being as clear as mud if you try to read govt websites and the rest...

    Every time I'm on the phone with my American Fiance and a siren blasts loudly.... either he or I say, there goes another up to $22 000 for the govt! Who knows of course, it's an "in joke". This happens multiple times every time we speak.
    What's the worst thing a person could do to another person already under severe financial pressure?
    Add MUCH more financial pressure.

    Sure people shouldn't be doing "the wrong thing" but from personal accounts being told to me, these interactions are abusive. People are already scared. This kind of abuse just makes things worse for everyone.
    It's written in ONE section of a govt website who can travel and why, but other parts override these.

    So then there's the other stuff, govt saying you need to do this and that to do this and that and yet the systems aren't able to cope, so when we attempt to DO "the right thing" and govt systems fail us, WE are under the spotlight. Scared.

    Media overseas is describing our govt similar to one in WWII.
    One we were fighting against.

    Hope you can find some lovely things to do today. Hope you can find moments of peace and calm.

    Love EMxxxx

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  26. lunastone
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    22 September 2021 in reply to HamSolo01

    Hi, all,

    @ham: Yes, it has been a while. Hope you are well. It is so draining, isn't it?

    @benanie: yes, Vic's restrictions are still fairly conservative even at 70% vax rate by comparison to the rest of the world. My european friend has just gotten back from a holiday in Denmark few weeks ago. Believe it or not. She was telling me that Europe is probably the best place to be right now in the covid world. I couldn't agree more (or is it grass always looking greener on the other side?). Most of them are fairly relax with reasonable restrictions (no freedom day). From my understanding, they also have about 70% vax rate for the whole country. Mask only indoor. To dine in a restaurant, you do need to prove vaccination status (have a choice of testing if you want). If no vax, no problem, just need a rapid antigen testing or one could just sit outside. But their society is built on trust, which i find less so here in australia. Coincidentally, 7:30 brought up Denmark as a country for comparison too! I think the rest of the world with high vax rate has moved on to not focus on the case number anymore but the hospitalisation rate and spot control if necessary.

    You know....kinda sad truth, my ex-colleagues said that the only way to get WA ppl having the reality check to move forward with the unvoidable, ie. living with covid, is to have an outbreak. We are the lowest vax rate in the country and there are plenty who don't want it. And the forever no plan to open up from our premier is just depressing. Well, it was 80--90% 12+ age vax rate, the last i heard. Unrealistic. Tell me that's any inspiring?! We are in the prison of our own state and we have family oversea and interstate friends to see. I think this triggers even more that one of my close family oversea was in hospital and more to come and i couldn't be there. Sigh.

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  27. Moonstruck
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    23 September 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Hi lunastone....wondered if you'd "given up" like I have I guess. so its good to see you here. I wonder how Tangney is...

    We in Qld have given up that our State at least will stop playing politics but that day will never come. With Zero cases...our Anna P just will not let go of the control strings...she will play this through to the end.

    Imagine the poor business owners, shops, cafes, restaurants etc just on the Qld/NSW border...after being closed completely, then Anna allowed a "bubble" for this border city of Coolangatta/Tweed so the shops were so excited, getting things ready, ...school holidays remember?...so they could begin to welcome customers again....then bam!! A case found somewhere just over the border in northern NSW somewhere...I forget...and slam, shut, wham, close your cafe doors owners.....sorry...border closed again!!

    I believe we are becoming a laughing stock for the rest of the world....with Anna locking the doors at the slightest whim to her precious state of Qld.....I've never seen anyone so power and control hungry...some names from history come readily to mind, but I won't go there.....I will be shouted down by the meek and the terrified.

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  28. lunastone
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    24 September 2021 in reply to Moonstruck

    Wave Moonstruck. Yes, i wonder where our old pals Tangney and golden are too.

    I didn't finish up typing my last post because my mind was scatter all over the place. I just want to vomit everytime i read comments on the abc perth FB page. It makes me wonder if people are really that selfish, stupid and delusion (i think they would call us that). My former colleagues seem to resonant so well with us the minority. They are all migrants and have seen what their families are going through with the new normal -- living with covid + some restrictions (fairly relax ones as compared to Vic or NSW's plan!). Covid 0 is just the curse for us to delay the inevitable. It is getting stricter every day. More and more control. The WA premier just announced that WA will shut Vic for good. It was devasting for my friend who hasn't seen her family for over 2 yrs and xmas plan is certainly off the table. I was totally shocked to hear your deputy premier said at the press conference today that QLD people don't want covid as xmas present. What about those who dont' have family locally? They dont' matter?

    As i said, some of us are now wishing covid to come here so we can start moving forward. But then, we will be all locked up. I am vaxed and NOT scare of the virus but the lockdown. Strange, isn't it? I would like to see a new poll from WA and QLD. How many people are still wanting covid 0? If so, ask if the close border policy is sustainable and for how long! I asked the exact same question to one local. She was speechless. It did get her thinking.....especially there is only a hand wavy plan about re-opening at 80-90% vax rate 12+. Good luck with that! It would like WA ppl to prove me wrong. Also, they should release the figure of mental illness impact for those covid 0 states. I can guarantee you that it is not all sunshine either. I totally feel for the teenagers who now have to put their life on hold. The mental illness effect will be seen in yrs to come. A bit like the WWII, soldiers who came home without a soul.

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  29. blondguy
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    24 September 2021 in reply to lunastone

    Hey Lunastone

    well said on the WA premier closing Victoria off ....I think that Mark M wants Western Australia to be a separate country than a state of Oz

    you mentioned 'I am vaxed and NOT scare of the virus but the lockdown'

    you have mentioned before that you are not scared of the virus and fair enough as everyone has their own point of view...no worries at all!

    Just for myself....I am scared of this 'Delta' strain as I have no desire to be on a ventilator in an ICU ward

    I hope you have a good weekend :-)


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  30. Hanna3
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    24 September 2021 in reply to blondguy

    Paul yes indeed, for many people who are vulnerable such as a young woman I heard of who is studying to be a doctor but who has very brittle diabetes, the delta virus is very frightening.

    For people like her, opening up will mean their life is even more perilous and difficult.

    I think the states holding back opening up are trying to get as many people as possible fully vaccinated both to save them and to protect their hospitals.

    Many people who have any kind of disability or health issue such as diabetes are going to find their lives are even more restricted - and their lives are already difficult.

    It's worth remembering the impact of the virus on these people.

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