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Topic: Depression is ruining my life

6 posts, 0 answered
  1. Jettsett88
    Jettsett88 avatar
    1 posts
    30 June 2020

    Hey I am new here,

    My depression is really winning right now. I am feeling numb and unmotivated. I got a major asssement due tomorrow and I've already had 4 extensions on it. Yet I still cannot do it.

    I am comfort eating and being lazy more than ever and it shows.

    Right now, I literally hate who I am physically and mentally.

    I am so tired of being a burden to my friends which is why I am here. If I didn't have kids who knows where I'd be...

  2. Guest_4593
    Guest_4593 avatar
    109 posts
    30 June 2020 in reply to Jettsett88

    Hi jettsett88,

    Im new here too so i know how u are feeling, just trying to reach out for someone to talk to. And its definitely easier with people you dont know, but know what your going through. I hope you can talk more about what your feeling so we can understand more about you . I don't have kids so i cant relate to that matter but im glad that you find your kids as a tether to your life .. is there something particular thats on your mind thats stopping you from completing this assessment of yours

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  3. Leisa68
    Leisa68 avatar
    96 posts
    1 July 2020 in reply to Jettsett88

    Hi Jettsett 88

    I can totally relate to how you feel. I am a mum and at university. When I have to do an assessment it's a major undertaking and exhausting. It is particularly hard when you are depressed and cannot engage with the content. Do you think you might need some time off from university so you can help yourself with your increasing depression? Maybe they can give you some time off and you can re-engage if and when you are feeling better.

    Do you have supports? They might be able to write you a letter. I hope you have a great GP who can monitor your depression, like mine or one who can refer you on to a psychologist or psychiatrist if you need one. I can understand how hard it is when you are depressed and you have kids, you are busy and have to show a brave face. You turn to something which can make you feel better somewhat, and like you mine is comfort food.

    I hope this helps somewhat. I hope you can find support and guidance during this time. Please don't be too hard on yourself. You are having a stressful time and doing the best that you can. You are not alone. If you do not have supports I hope you can find some through this website or your GP.

    Kind Regards


  4. Gambit87
    Gambit87 avatar
    512 posts
    1 July 2020

    Hi Jettsett88,

    Welcome to the forums and thankyou for reaching out.

    I know how you feel, depression is brutal - but... You are not alone here!

    Don't be hard on yourself, it sounds like you're going through some really stressful times right now and you are doing the best you can.

    I encourage you to reach out to a GP who can give you some advice and help.

    These forums are also a great place to talk aswell!

    Again, you are not alone.

  5. Rocky.P.
    Rocky.P. avatar
    5 posts
    1 July 2020 in reply to Jettsett88

    Hi Jetsett88,

    Thanks for reaching out, the forums are a great place to be able to chat with other people that have shared similar experiences with you. I have been where you are, and depression can really make dealing with deadlines and other daily tasks really difficult. Its hard to find the motivation to do anything when your mood is really low.

    What worked for me was having a great GP who listened and worked with me on what I needed. I was able to get on some medication (which doesn't work for everyone) that stabilised my moods and helped me sleep better. That helped me focus during the day and I was able to get back on track. But more importantly, at the same time I was able to link in to some therapy that helped me sort out my underlying thought patterns and feelings of inadequacy. Over time I was able to slowly come of the medications and learn other techniques to deal with the hard days, which luckily I don't have many of these days.

    I would recommend seeking help from a GP and maybe getting a referral to a therapist who you can work through some of the issues with. Talking her on the forums is great and we are always willing to help you anyway we can, but often talking to a professional support network will really get you on the right path.

    Beyond blue has some great resources you should check out about depression, and they are available for a chat if you need either by calling any time on 1300 22 4636 or through Webchat 3pm-12am AEST at: www.beyondblue.org.au/getsupport.

    Hopefully you make use of these resources, or getting in touch with your GP, but even if you do, drop back in here on the forums and let us know how you are doing, you aren't alone and we are here for you when you need someone to chat to.

    Good luck


  6. Libs
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    Libs avatar
    6 posts
    2 July 2020 in reply to Jettsett88

    Hi there

    I had one of my first episodes of depression at uni. My son was 1 and it was a really difficult time.

    I know now that anything can be managed with an excellent GP. Some GPS have a special interest in mental health, or they can link you in to a team of professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists, depending on what you need.

    Often starting with the basics like eating, sleeping, exercise helps but you might need to be prescribed medications. These often help with mood and sleep.

    It’s important to be open with your GP and friends about your depression.

    Maybe you can think of ways they can help you at the moment?

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