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Topic: faking things

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. fred2018
    fred2018 avatar
    72 posts
    7 July 2020
    Whos taken the fake it to you make it approach with depression? I have probably had an episode since 2018, tried a treatment in hospital last December didn't work, found out it could be because my depression has bipolar elements and people like myself don't respond aswell to it. So I am in a limbo sort of state, I sort of know that I am not right, but going the route of getting back into working , despite this, which I find kinda funny as I feel semi functional. I am lucky to have another treatment on the horizon if need be, and that proves to be helpful to many people. I have friends, family but things like making dinner sometimes seem like a bigger chore then they need to be (thats just one example at times like this). I took medication the other night to quell the irritability and I didn't crack it at my family when I felt I might, thank you medication. Anyways cheers
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  2. Just Sara
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    7 July 2020 in reply to fred2018

    Hey Fred!

    It's great you can articulate what's happening in your world atm. And; being self aware and eager to help yourself are major biggies for recovery so well done!

    Sorry diagnosis and treatment hasn't been fruitful and daily tasks are proving somewhat difficult. You can always vent your feelings and woes here if you feel stuck.

    I like how you avoided confrontation with family as I know how difficult it can be. My siblings and I often talk about how hard it is to cope with our mother who can be a minefield of sarcasm and hurtful comments.

    When I was experiencing the worst of my breakdown, I couldn't even speak in front of her. As time passed though and I learned how to communicate differently and speak 'my truth' without yelling or getting too upset. It took a while for her to understand, but she came around eventually.

    Anyway, I hope writing helped you clear the cobwebs. I check in each day for replies so if you want to vent or just shoot the breeze, I'll keep an eye out for you.

    Kind thoughts;


  3. Emmen
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    265 posts
    7 July 2020 in reply to fred2018

    Hello Fred,

    I agree with Sez, it's great that you can articulate what's happening with you right now. I always find that the hardest part is making sense of your own mental state, especially how it's affecting your emotions and your body. You seem to be very clear on how your illness is affecting you, and that's always a good sign.

    Fake it till you make it sounds like a good plan for now - as long as you remain self-aware and seek medical help when you feel things are getting out of hand.

    All the best, Fred!

    - M

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