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Topic: Feeling Really Depressed Again

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  1. AirJordanFan93
    AirJordanFan93 avatar
    28 posts
    29 June 2020

    Hi everyone this is my first post on here in a long time.

    Im really struggling with my depression at the moment. I have been dealing with it on/off for years now but I am currently having my worst bout since the start of 2016. I think it might be everything that is going on in the world at the moment just hitting me all at once as well as my personal issues. I am very much in a position where I am just really struggling with day to day life and see no purpose in it anymore. I broke down in the toilets at work today its the first time its happened in the near 6 years I have been at my current job but even that I can't deal with anymore. Honestly all I want to do is sleep since its basically the only thing that gives me any sort of joy at the moment and everything else is just a huge chore. Even after I got home from work this evening I went into my room and cried my eyes out again 2nd time that has happened in the space of a week. I should note I have had a change in duties recently and I am really struggling to deal with it and really don't know how to address it at work but I think its a massive reason that kick started my depression this past week. I find it really hard to open up to people in person but find it much easier to open up on forums and threads like this. Sorry if this got a little too personal I just needed somewhere to vent since I even struggle to open up to my parents with whom I still live with and if I do I would probably just break down in tears again.

  2. Sophie_M
    Sophie_M avatar
    3679 posts
    29 June 2020 in reply to AirJordanFan93
    Hi AirJordanFan93,

    Welcome back to our friendly online community. We're glad that you felt comfortable reaching out here again. It sounds like you're going through a really tough time at the moment and we're sorry to hear that. Please know that you're not alone in this. Our community is here to support you.

    If you feel it might be useful, we'd encourage you to visit our Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service. The website will be regularly updated with information, advice and strategies to help you manage your wellbeing and mental health during this time. Can we ask if you are you currently receiving mental health support, or have you in the past? If not, we would recommend that you do seek professional support to help you work through these feelings that you're experiencing. If you are not sure of how to access mental health support, please contact the Beyond Blue Support Service anytime on 1300 22 4636 or get in touch with us on Webchat 3pm-12am AEST here: www.beyondblue.org.au/getsupport

    One of the friendly counsellors can offer you some support but also provide you with advice and referrals for seeing a counsellor in a more ongoing way. 

    Many of our members will understand and may be able to help. If you would like to post further, please tell us more about what's on your mind and how we can best help support you.
  3. therising
    Valued Contributor
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    1493 posts
    30 June 2020 in reply to AirJordanFan93

    Hi AirJordanFan93

    I feel for you so much as you face the overwhelming challenges that life can bring. Hope the following helps in some way:

    Personally, it took me years to work out why, when having left my depression behind me some years ago, I'd occasionally face struggle in not slipping back in. Some times were fearful, given the nature of depression. 'Would I struggle for the rest of my life?' became my question. Among a lot of soul searching analysis, I had a life changing revelation: Every challenge in life will hold the potential to bring you down or to raise you (to a higher level of understanding or consciousness). The change is in the challenge. So the next question became 'How do I manage the challenge?' The answer, 'Identify what the challenge is, then ask whether you can manage on your own or if you need help or clarity regarding the way forward'.

    While this sounds pretty straight forward, sometimes it's not easy to identify what the challenges are. Some will take me minutes to work out, whereas others may take me days or even weeks. The ones that take weeks are typically those that require me to let go of some significant long held self limiting beliefs. It can be the equivalent of trying to take a blanky off a 3 year old. I just won't want to give up my sense of comfort/security (when in fact that sense of comfort/security is what's stopping me from moving forward).

    Would you say your challenges involve

    • Working out how to live in a world which appears to have gone mad (crazy and angry)?
    • Working out how to bring about positive changes within new social limitations, based on all the restrictions?
    • Working out how to manage other people's negativity and/or sense of fear?
    • Identifying purpose or the reason why you're here?
    • Accepting crying as a constructive form of venting? By the way, it's so important we don't keep dis-ease (unease) in our mind and body
    • Working out whether to leave the job or stay and master the challenges within that role, with help from others? Is the job depressing/unfulfilling might be a basic question worth asking. Finding another job would be the next challenge to rise to

    You obviously know how to accept and manage challenge. You managed to make it out alive, out of your last depression. You accepted the challenge of needing to open up and managed to achieve this on the forums here.

    You have traveled far since your last depression, on your path in life. Have faith in your ability to navigate beyond this one too.


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