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Topic: Grieving for my dog and loss of freedom

9 posts, 0 answered
  1. Guest_9466
    Guest_9466 avatar
    90 posts
    10 August 2020

    Hi there,

    i recently lost my fur baby, Pippa after a brief illness. Pippa was 13 years old. I now felt so lost without her. Every minute in my home reminded me of Pippa. I am trying to adopt a rescue dog but since I am looking for a small, young dog, it is almost impossible to find one. If there is any for adoption, the asking adoption price is as much as paying, if not more than for a puppy that one can purchase from a pet shop. The rescue dog also comes with a huge list of criteria to fulfil.

    I am now thinking of stopping the search and just focus on my mental health.

    Previously, when I felt down, I used to take a few weeks off to travel but with this pandemic crises, it just makes things difficult. So, I guess I am mourning for my lack of freedom as well.

    Thank you for your support.

  2. Tay100
    Community Champion
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    Tay100 avatar
    489 posts
    10 August 2020 in reply to Guest_9466

    Hi MorningGlory

    Welcome to the forums, we are glad to have you. We are sorry for your loss of dear Pippa. Losing a pet is hard, and just as valid as losing a human loved one. Are you searching for a new rescue pup as a way of healing? Either way, I'm glad you are prioritising your mental health- now may be a good time to introduce other positive mood boosters since travelling won't be happening for anyone for a little while right now. Think of it as an opportunity to try new things and exercise self-compassion. We can help you explore new things if you like.

    Sending kindness,


  3. Guest_9466
    Guest_9466 avatar
    90 posts
    10 August 2020 in reply to Tay100

    Hi Tay,

    Thank you for your compassion. Right after Pippa died, I didn’t think I could go through this trauma again. It was so sudden. There were the guilt feelings that I struggled with because I thought I haven’t acted quickly when she went off her food. I waited a few days because she was still eating (not as much as previously) and drinking even though she had to be coaxed. Mercifully, Pippa heeded my plea and died the following morning when the vet told me that the illness was terminal. It would have been difficult to consider putting her to sleep.

    I am hoping that adopting another dog would fill this big hole in my heart. Also, there are so many dogs out there wanting a loving forever home. However, during this difficult time, most dogs have been adopted and this is good.

    Right now, I am trying to take it one day at a time. Hopefully, the weather would improve soon and I could go out and about, instead of feeling a bit trapped at home. My home is my sanctuary but just now it is a bit painful to stay put as everything reminded me of Pippa. :(

  4. chloe.xx
    chloe.xx  avatar
    29 posts
    10 August 2020 in reply to Guest_9466

    Hi Morning Glory

    I am so sorry for your loss, losing a pet it always so hard and challenging. I sure you have many beautiful memories with your dog, and grieving the loss of your pet is a very normal process of saying goodbye.

    I am very glad you are taking care of your mental health, that is wonderful to hear. Drawing, meditation and baking are all good activities you can do whilst the weather isn't too good.

    Stay strong.

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  5. botmij
    botmij avatar
    10 posts
    12 August 2020 in reply to Guest_9466

    Hey Morning Glory, my sincerest condolences for losing Pippa.

    I lost my cat and dog that were with me for as long as I could remember in 2018 and 2019. I still think about them to this day. For me it was really hard to cope because it seemed like nobody (even family) felt the same way that I did and it was hard to talk anyone about it.

    My family recently adopted a puppy right before the pandemic hit, and you are right that it is either impossible or ridiculously expensive to get a dog today. I just wanted to say that even though we love our new puppy endlessly, she never quite filled the hole left from my old pets. They are completely different with unique personalities and characteristics. The hole left will take time to heal, and that's okay because it just shows how important Pippa was to you.

    I think Pippa was very lucky to have an owner that loved her as much as you did :)

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  6. Guest_9466
    Guest_9466 avatar
    90 posts
    14 August 2020 in reply to chloe.xx
    Thank you for reaching out to me. I do appreciate that.
  7. Guest_9466
    Guest_9466 avatar
    90 posts
    14 August 2020 in reply to botmij

    Hi botmij,

    Thank you for your empathy. I really do appreciate your sharing of your grief for your loss of your pet family. For me, Pippa was more than just a dog or a pet. She was a loving member of my family. It is hard to explain to those who did not share the same intense association, even hubby and my adult daughter, the grief and loss.

    Although Pippa was her dog but because my daughter had lived in Europe for such a long time, Pippa came to us and became my dearest fur baby.

    As you stated, another dog will not replace Pippa’s special place in my heart but there is room for another fur baby. :)

  8. Tay100
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    Tay100 avatar
    489 posts
    30 August 2020 in reply to Guest_9466

    Hi MorningGlory

    Sorry for the right reply- just thought I'd check in on how you are doing- how are things? It's sad to hear that Pippa' passing is still weighing on you, but it's encouraging that you feel you will get another fur baby when you are ready. Have you found any grieving practises that are helpful? There's been some really great dialogue on this thread so far too.


  9. DeepBlue1771
    DeepBlue1771 avatar
    16 posts
    1 September 2020 in reply to Guest_9466

    Hi MorningGlory,

    Just wanted to say I'm so sorry for your loss of your beloved pet Pippa. I know very well the pain of losing a pet, I lost my beloved little cat Sooty a couple of years ago and still think of her almost daily. Over time the pain will fade and you will have room in your heart to welcome a new fur baby that will light up your life. It's doubly hard going through this during the lockdown and the loss of normal freedoms from that. Just wishing you all the best.

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