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by tranzcrybe
34 minutes ago
Supporting family and friends with a mental health condition (carers)

Space for sharing tips on supporting a partner, family member or friend with a mental health condition, and seeking support for your own wellbeing with other carers.

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by Not_Batman
1 day and 7 hours ago
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by dl23
5 hours ago

Space for discussion of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, and eating disorders.

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by Rotax
9 hours ago

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by mocha delight
1 hour ago
Young people

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by Sophie_M
1 hour ago
Grief and loss

Support following the bereavement of a family member, partner, spouse or someone close to you.

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by dangerousflower
2 days and 9 hours ago

Topic: Hello

  1. adamc
    adamc avatar
    59 posts
    21 August 2020 in reply to missep123

    The White Lady is a type of female ghost, typically dressed in a white dress or similar garment, reportedly seen in rural areas and associated with local legends of tragedy.

    I don't think I have a favourite enemy in Doctor Who. My favourite companions are Romana II (it was the sight of her that made want to start watching the show in the first place), Zoe, Barbara, Sarah Jane Smith and Nyssa.

  2. missep123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    missep123 avatar
    318 posts
    21 August 2020 in reply to adamc

    Oh I see that's interesting! Do you like ghost stories?

    I don't have a favourite enemy either but the ones they do create are very interesting! I like the concept of companions in the series!

  3. adamc
    adamc avatar
    59 posts
    23 August 2020 in reply to missep123

    I like reading them and watching "Ghosts Caught on Camera" videos. My favourite fictional ghost is Sadako from "Ring".

    Which reminds me, I'm not psychic or anything, but strange things have happened in the past. For instance, many years ago Mum and I were in the loungeroom watching "Star Trek" on Foxtel one night, when all of a sudden I felt as though someone was blowing in my right ear. But it was just the two of us in the room. Everyone else were in their rooms.

    Another time when my beloved Kelli was perhaps just over a month away from passing away, I had to go down to the shops after dinner to buy her a tin of food as she would have nothing to eat in the morning and just as I was heading down the street, I heard Mum's voice calling out to me. But when I got home afterwards, I was told Mum never walked out the door the entire time.

  4. missep123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    missep123 avatar
    318 posts
    23 August 2020 in reply to adamc

    That's really interesting Adamc!

    Have you ever had any other unusual/ghost experiences? I find them really interesting to hear about! I think I would be too scared to watch 'ghosts caught on camera' videos though! Have you ever done any Haunted tours?

  5. adamc
    adamc avatar
    59 posts
    25 August 2020 in reply to missep123

    Another unusual moment I had was one day when Kelli had a vet appointment (this was after when I had to buy a tin of food for her) I was out on a walk and as I was coming up to our street, I heard Mum say up ahead "I'd better see if Adam's coming" but once again she never walked out the door. I got home and asked my sister if at any point Mum asked about me and she said "No, but Mum was thinking if you would be home in time for Kelli's appointment."

    But last night was very strange. Even though it was a dream (I'm pretty sure it was) I was laying in bed and it felt like someone was walking on my bed and then came to sit next to me.

    Dad has eaten hardly anything for the last day, saying he's just felt off. Now, with Andrews wanting to increase the state of emergency for another year, my sister told me "If it happens, it will and there's nothing you can do about it." I was nearly about to scream.

    I've never done any haunted tours. They say that if you don't believe in ghosts, you soon have your first encounter. But me, I DO believe in ghosts, and aliens and UFOs. I believe that just because you haven't seen one, doesn't mean they don't exist.

  6. missep123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    missep123 avatar
    318 posts
    27 August 2020 in reply to adamc

    That is very interesting!

    For myself I remember having a feeling that my dad would be coming home any minute (this was midday) even though he always came home around 6pm. And surely enough he did! Gut feelings are very interesting.

    Are you still going on your walks?

    I can understand it's a very frustrating time that's for sure. Have you been reading any good books lately?

    Area 51 and everything is so spooky and interesting to me! Sometimes I like to read cryptozoology i.e. big foot, lochness monster!

  7. adamc
    adamc avatar
    59 posts
    30 August 2020 in reply to missep123

    I still go on my walks. I have to. I despise anything that covers my face so I don't wear a mask when I go. It's strange that I am doing something perfectly normal so why should I have anything to fear?

    What disgusts me is how you see and read police arresting, fining and charging people for refusing to wear a mask (citing they are disregarding the CHO's advice - that's all it is: advice!) or refusing to answer questions yet when our government ministers commit fraud, deception, covering a crime, completely mishandle a pandemic causing hundreds of deaths and refusing to answer questions on what went wrong with hotel quarantine, police won't even lay a finger on them.

    If I'm out on a walk next time and police stop me for not wearing a mask, I will mention this to them and see what they say.

    It has gotten very frustrating lately and Andrews wants it to last longer. At night I've been replicating house designs in "The Sims 4" for new occupants to move into. And when I'm in bed, I have been reading "Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club".

    I still go on my night walks along the dark footpath next to the local golf course and there are a particular set of trees that look quite creepy at night. If there were going to be any "visits", that spot would be the best place for it.

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  8. missep123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    missep123 avatar
    318 posts
    31 August 2020 in reply to adamc

    From our conversations I can see that going on walks is very important to you. Fresh air does wonders. There are times since I am working from home that I don't go outside at all for a week and I can really feel the toll of that.

    That's a great idea to replicate house designs in Sims 4! It can be a really relaxing time to build a house and decorate. The sims is great for that. I've heard rumours about Sims 5, how do you feel about that?

    What's that book about? Reading is a great way to unwind at night. I need to start doing that because I feel like my mind gets so active at night.

  9. adamc
    adamc avatar
    59 posts
    2 September 2020 in reply to missep123

    My walks are very important to me. I can be by myself (which I like), I can think and there's the fresh air.

    In regards to "Sims 5" I'm looking forward to it as one thing that drives people nuts with "The Sims 4" is that things that should be easy to are hard. I mean, the game won't let you build a water fountain within a house. Why not? Hopefully the next iteration allows greater freedom without limits.

    The first "Lady Helen" book I'm reading is set in 19th-century Regency London where Helen Wrexhall discovers that she is a member of a group called Reclaimers to rid the world of demons that inhabit the bodies of everyday people.

  10. missep123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    missep123 avatar
    318 posts
    3 September 2020 in reply to adamc

    I agree, I'm trying to take more walks. Especially with working at home there are prolonged periods of time where I don't get fresh air!

    That's very true! I personally think that Sims 2 and Sims 3 had so much story. They really worked on everyone's backstories and there was so much you could do i.e. go to a shop, drive. There's also a new game that's being developed that may give EA a run for it's money! It's called Paralives.

    That sounds really interesting! Mixing history with supernatural is always a fun mix! Is that your favourite genre?

  11. adamc
    adamc avatar
    59 posts
    4 September 2020 in reply to missep123

    The other day with news that 8PM curfews will be extended, my mum and sister responded to with with "Well, it doesn't affect us as don't go out after 8." That seems to be the same attitude with Andrews government ministers with all their rules and restrictions: "It doesn't affect us so why should we care?"

    Mum and my sister are still demanding another dog; the other day I overheard my sister say to her "Next time when one becomes available, take it!" For some reason, they can't understand why all their requests go unanswered. I think people are starting to see that they don't deserve one, they want another dog for the wrong reasons. Rather than giving a dog a loving home, to them they just want it.

    My favourite genre is fantasy, especially movies of the genre from the 1980s; "Legend" and "Labyrinth." When I go to my bookstore, if it any story sounds good and it centres on a woman, I'll get it. The titles I am glad I bought are:

    - The Last Balfour

    - A Court of Thorns and Roses Trilogy

    - Throne of Glass saga

    - Sophia: Princess Among Beasts (I LOVE this one!)

    - Lady Helen and the Dark Days... Trilogy

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