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Topic: help talking to parents about depression?

8 posts, 0 answered
  1. 16.12.18
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    12 June 2019


    i don’t know who to turn to anymore so i guess that’s why i’m here. i talked to my closest friends and asked for help about my depression and bad habits and accidently influenced them in doing so.

    i’ve tried explaining to my parents how i felt and what i’m going through but they just tell me to “get it together”, or they mock me and tell me i’m just being useless and lazy.

    i’m just so sick of everything. i’ve stopped talking to people, i’ve been staying home a lot more rather than going to school and to be honest, im constantly on the verge of breaking down. i hate being around people because it makes me feel so much more out of place and alone. its a constant struggle just for me to leave the house.

    i don’t know what to do. i choke up trying to talk about my depression, it’s so impossible to talk because i feel like everybody just thinks i’m a moody teen or just ‘going through an attention seeking phase’. i don’t know who or how to ask for help, but i do know that i need it really bad.

    i guess i’m just asking for help on how to talk about it and ask for support after being rejected and made fun of so many times.

  2. :/
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    12 June 2019 in reply to 16.12.18
    I was in the exact same position a week ago, I strongly urge you to see a school psychologist or somewhere near you to talk to them. At first I thought it wouldn’t do much, but talking to someone who genuinely understands how to help helped me out so much, they even can talk to your parents and personally my psychologist told my parents they needed to take me seriously etc. I also struggle to go to school and talk to people but the psychologist really helped. If you don’t have a school one then you can go to many that accept Medicare etc. I hope this helps
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  3. smallwolf
    Community Champion
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    13 June 2019 in reply to 16.12.18


    welcome to beyond blue.

    Please read and re-read the above post from :/

    secondly, the fact that you can post here is a good start. Being able to talk to someone can be very powerful. You can get a different perspective on things. It is unfortunate your parents might think that its just a phase, so my heart goes out to you, and as you live together the changes might not be noticeable and what goes on in your mind is not easily seen. (As you (read "I") get older we learn to wear a mask as a form of shield.)

    Some links you might also find useful are....

    Headspace, ages 12-25, also have a free online 1:1 chat here

    Kids Helpline, anyone under the age of 25, have a free 1:1 chat here
    kidshelpline.com.au/get-help/webchat-counselling and a 24/7 number 1800 55 1800

    If it helps, continue to post here as well. You are not alone and there are many people who can identify with your experiences.


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  4. 16.12.18
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    13 June 2019 in reply to :/

    thank you so much for the advice. there is only a counsellor at my school currently, but i’ll definitely try to find a psychologist somewhere close by.

  5. 16.12.18
    16.12.18 avatar
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    13 June 2019 in reply to smallwolf
    thank you for the warm welcome and the links, i’ll be sure to check those out. it’s sort of comforting to know that some people can relate and that you can find some good advice and help here.
  6. blondguy
    Community Champion
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    853 posts
    15 June 2019 in reply to 16.12.18


    I am a latecomer on your thread...and good on you for being a part of the forums too :-)

    Just a thought.....Even a school counselor can be a huge help if you cant arrange to see a psychologist now

    Any questions are always welcome

    The forums are a non judgemental and safe place for you to post! Your well being is paramount to us

    I hope your weekend is treating you well

    my kind thoughts


  7. hestias
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    20 June 2019 in reply to 16.12.18


    Although I'm quite late to your thread, I just wanted to say that I've been struggling similarly with approaching my parents with my problems, and it can be very difficult if they don't take you seriously, it can be very demoralising.

    Like blondguy mentioned before me, even talking with a school counsellor can be a huge help. Simply talking about how you're feeling with a person who's trained to listen effectively can help so much. I'd also encourage you to visit your GP or a doctor, they can refer you to a psychologist on medicare, and will also help your parents understand the seriousness of the situation.

    It can be really hard to talk about something like depression, maybe if you try writing out what you want to say about it or explain, that might help? Best of luck, I hope this is helpful, and take care :)

  8. geoff
    Life Member
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    3184 posts
    21 June 2019 in reply to 16.12.18

    Hello 16.12, that's a date I will always remember, but thanks for coming to the site.

    It's difficult when your parents or anyone tell you 'to get it together' because they are denying you have a problem and they simply can't brush it under the carpet as it doesn't go away by itself.

    Can I ask if you have been able to contact any of the contact numbers provided by those above me.

    Hope to hear back from you.


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