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Topic: Insomnia and bowel issues

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  1. Bel44
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    29 December 2019

    Dear all

    I have been trying to take some medicine to help with my depression. I have tried quite a few medicines but not for long. I now seem to have major issues with insomnia and also bowel problems. Can anyone give me some guidance as to how to improve my insomnia. Also how to look after my bowels. I am not taking medicine at the moment.

    Many thanks

  2. Aaronsis
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    135 posts
    29 December 2019 in reply to Bel44

    Hi Bel44

    Welcome to the forum and what an interesting question...I am by no means a professional but have had my fair share of bowel issues also. I am not sure what the relationship, if any is with medication and bowels however, it could be possible.

    What I have learnt for the best bowel health for me is lots of juicy pears and green in my diet. I am actually starting to adopt a plant based diet to also see if this helps me. Dairy does not agree with me at all so I really have to avoid that.

    I think perhaps though the best person to chat to would be your GP and to discuss if the medication could be impacting your bowel health and also your sleep. The body is a tricky machine to figure out sometimes!!

    Great to chat to you Bel44 and hope to hear how you go with solving this situation, all the very best and hope you can get some answers on this one.



  3. Gadzooks
    Gadzooks avatar
    0 posts
    29 December 2019 in reply to Bel44

    Hi Bel44,

    I wanted to respond just to say hang in there. I understand completely as I have experienced both these reactions throughout this year. I agree with AS about checking in with your GP as sometimes there are short term solutions while you adjust to the medication. I found that unfortunately it just takes time and trying until you find what works which is why having a great team helps. It is also about being kind to yourself to give your body the best chance to sleep as well as your diet as AS said. I hope it works out for you!


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