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Topic: Inspirational song

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  1. You're #1
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    15 posts
    27 December 2019
    I have come across a song which is calming and so very true of life, have a listen when you're having a bad time. Its called Desiderata, there are several artists that sing it but my favourite is by Kamahl.
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  2. Soberlicious96
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    518 posts
    27 December 2019 in reply to You're #1

    Dear You're#1,

    Yes, I love that ..... although I don't think I've actually heard it sung before? Might have to 'Youtube' it, for a listen!

    Anyway, I have the words of Desiderata on my toilet wall, among many other inspirational quotes. I love it.

    Thanks for sharing! xo

  3. Croix
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    9102 posts
    4 January 2020 in reply to You're #1

    Dear You're #1~

    I too take great comfort from this, and found the best version for me, apart from the text on my wall in the kitchen was spoken by Richard Burton.


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