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Topic: Is it okay to feel scared?

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. Yelah90
    Yelah90 avatar
    11 posts
    29 August 2020
    So i was talking to someone, who said that were invading the country. And with social media, the news.
    Im scared of the world and the current situation.
    I asked him if he was joking or being serious, cause talking like this scares me.
    He didn't reply. And said how old are you.
    So i have told him it scares me. What else can I do
    Am I not allowed to tell people how the current situation scares me?
    Also I had an counsellor and she said I acted like a 6 or 7 years old.
    So i felt uncomfortable so I let her go.
    But because i also attend art class where the counsellor knew the people who ran it.
    Im becoming more paranoid about going to art class. Which is making me feel uncomfortable to go.
    And its over the computer so its hard to express how you feel while everyone is listening.
  2. smallwolf
    Community Champion
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    4302 posts
    29 August 2020 in reply to Yelah90

    Hi, I tend to avoid social media and the news. Or I pick a time to watch or read and then go to some source I trust. I think that i I constantly watched a news channel that would get depressing. Social media can bring out the worst in people, with anonymity behind a keyboard people can say what they like. There are threads on the forum about Facebook and social media.

    I am sorry that you counsellor was not very helpful towards you. It can also be tricky to know who to talk to. This is a safe space for you to talk - the users here are supportive and non-judgemental.

    The part about being over a computer... is that where you were chatting with the other person?

    Can you also tell me about everyone listening?


  3. Yelah90
    Yelah90 avatar
    11 posts
    30 August 2020 in reply to smallwolf
    Thank you. And I mean through zoom.
  4. geoff
    Life Member
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    geoff avatar
    13381 posts
    30 August 2020 in reply to Yelah90

    Hello Yelah, thanks for posting your comment, because if we are afraid to open up then how can you get the help you need because we can't expect people to know the unknowable, say what you mean and mean what you say.

    Remember that when you only hear what you want to hear, you're not really listening, and you may believe by telling others what you think and how you feel to other people could result in their rejection of you is not right, everybody is entitled to have their say, whether others agree or not.

    Best wishes.


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