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Topic: New to this, how do I ask for help?

7 posts, 0 answered
  1. pkr00402
    pkr00402 avatar
    3 posts
    13 January 2020

    Too often I feel inexplicably sad and empty, but I never let anyone see it. I always put myself out into the world as a bright bubbly person, I work as a receptionist in a gym so it’s all about keeping others happy. I feel like there’s no reason at all for me to feel like I do most of the time, and I’ve never been to see anyone about it. I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting someone’s time or even spending money on an appointment that I didn’t need because I’m making it all up. I’ve had friends with really bad depression, and it makes me question if I’m just sad sometimes, like I don’t even have it as bad as others. I’ve seen this friend become too reliant on our friends and seen how many friendships she’s lost from being so hard to deal with, I don’t want to be that. I don’t even know if this makes sense.

  2. Anonymous7289
    Anonymous7289 avatar
    2 posts
    13 January 2020 in reply to pkr00402
    I find myself getting so anxious of the though of “what would they think” if I tell them how I feel. Like everyone around me claims they have depression and I don’t wanna look like I’m apart of their ‘trend’ I’m genuinely wanting to ask for help but I don’t want to be looking for attention. I think what your saying makes sense to me on a whole new level
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  3. blondguy
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    blondguy avatar
    10634 posts
    13 January 2020 in reply to pkr00402

    Hello pkr00402

    Welcome and good on you for having the courage to post too! I felt exactly the same and had enough of the feelings you mentioned...sad..empty....Many people also have a 'happy mask' they wear when they feel this way

    Being the 'front' person at a gym is hard work as your job responsibilities include being happy and welcoming!

    Please dont underestimate your GP....He/she has many people asking the same question about why they feel like you do

    Its only my humble opinion PKR00402......You have everything to gain (peace of mind) and nothing to lose by making an appointment and having a talk with your GP. Many people feel a lot better after the appointment.I am only one of them!

    Just a note....The forums are a safe and non judgmental place for you to post whats on your mind...Your privacy and well being are paramount to Beyond Blue

    your thoughts/questions are welcome!

    you are not alone


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  4. Leel
    Leel avatar
    9 posts
    13 January 2020 in reply to pkr00402

    This makes me so sad reading this. I could have written it word for word. I fought it for so long and went to the extent of googling and watching YouTube videos just to “make sure” I wasn’t just sad and being an entitled brat. Honestly though, I think if you are unwell enough to come here and think about getting help, then you should. That step is so so hard, but seeing a Counsellor or Psychologist could really help you with some tools to function better.

    pretending to be chipper is hard and exhausting work. It’s also hard worrying what people think all the time.

    good luck x

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  5. Aaronsis
    Community Champion
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    Aaronsis avatar
    1976 posts
    13 January 2020 in reply to pkr00402

    Hi pkr00402

    Welcome and congratulations on reaching out to get some support and some advice on this one.

    There is some support on the Beyond Blue website with a test that you can do, I will post the link here for you:


    I think that no appointment with the doctor is ever a waste pkr00402, and that if you have some concerns you can go and share them and either way, you can get some support or you can have your mind put at ease, either way I think the path forward and just knowing is good.

    I wish you all the very best and hope to chat some more.


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  6. pkr00402
    pkr00402 avatar
    3 posts
    28 January 2020 in reply to Aaronsis
    Thanks for your advice Sarah, I’ve booked in to see my doctor next week to try and get something done about all this. Even if they tell me I’m just over reacting then maybe I’ll be more at peace.
  7. Aaronsis
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    Aaronsis avatar
    1976 posts
    28 January 2020 in reply to pkr00402

    Great to hear back from you pkr00402

    I am so pleased to hear that you have an appointment, that is really awesome and I am sure that sharing how you are feeling and getting some support from your GP is going to really help your mental health journey.

    Feel free to check in here anytime to share how you went or even how you are feeling, it is great to chat to you some more.

    Huge hugs

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