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2 posts, 0 answered
  1. metallica80
    metallica80 avatar
    0 posts
    31 December 2019
    Does anyone experience pms? I've found that's when my symptoms are at my worst 😳 what do people do to help with it?
  2. Imamamanow
    Imamamanow avatar
    1 posts
    2 January 2020 in reply to metallica80

    Hi metallica80, I get it real bad and yes, I think it can certainly make the depression feel worse. I try and remind myself it's only temporary.

    Ive found swimming helps with it. I do laps at the pool. It's gentle enough on my body that it doesn't make extra pain/cramps but it gives the nice endorphins u get from exercising too which is a nice pick me up.

    you could try evening primrose oil supplements.. ?and just some self love things I guess.. ? long baths. Beach walks. Swims. Yoga. Face masks. Whatever it is that you like to do to feel nice. It's a hard time for your body so try remember to be gentle to yourself, and kind. Extra downtime like more sleep/a nap/ or couch time with a hot water bottle and a block of chocolate are called for!

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