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Topic: Possible ADHD, can anyone relate? Low dopamine is killing me

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. Suisse
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    4 posts
    13 January 2020


    Not sure where this fits. But I found out last year I tested positive for ADHD, no one will tell me for sure if I have it. But i'm pretty convinced I do. Lately it's been super hard to focus too, and if I've had it then I've had it my whole life, but lately it's just super hard to focus.

    I keep going to get junk food, or abuse the internet, other times I have stuff to do but couldn't be motivated to do it even though I'm trying really hard. I just went through a break up and I can't help but crave something or feel empty and sad.

    When I found out at first it crashed my world cause I realized that all the shite things I've done in the past that I blamed myself for, weren't even my fault and I feel like if I'd known sooner I could have avoided a lot of heart ache. I kinda wish that when it was flagged when I was a kid that it wasn't shoved under the rug like it was. That feels unfair to my parents though because I know they did their best - but I do wish that I'd been able to use my past years better.

    I guess at the moment i'm scared cause I dont know where to go from here, once I move out of the house my ex and I live in, i'm gonna be on my own. I've never been on my own, (ive always gone partner to partner) and eventually i'm gonna quit my job to go study to change careers... how can I even trust my decisions anymore considering how corrupted by this possible disorder they've been in the past? Like how do you know your doing the right thing with adhd or if its just another novel idea?

    Anyone got experience with this?



  2. Croix
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    8941 posts
    3 February 2020 in reply to Suisse

    Dear Suisse (previously BoltRog)~

    Welcome to this section of the forum, I have read your other thread

    Forums / Sexuality and gender identity / Newbie... Anxiety, sexuality issues and more

    Where you have recently been in contact with Pepper over that particular issue.

    Actually I'm glad I did it as it does give some insight into how alone and discouraged you feel at the moment.

    I'm sorry your relationship has broken up, do you wish for a chance to get together again?

    To be alone after relying upon being with a partner, and not to have confidence in the past decisions you have made is a horrible way to be, and trying to sort it all out by yourself now may well seem an almost impossible task.

    I think it is very good you have a job, even if not ideal. Is it the same one as before?

    Worry over the future, feeling disconnected, no motivation plus lack of confidence are not surprising given your current situation and past history which goes back to the bullying you experienced in your youth.

    The diagnosis of ADHD with low dopamine is only tentative. Can I suggest you go further on the medical side, be tested for the anxiety you mentioned before, together with other conditions such as depression and see what happens?

    If you are already under regular medical care I guess you might like to tell them that at the moment your regime is not that effective.

    There may be therapy and other treatment to assists you.

    Can I also ask if there is anyone to talk things over with on a day to day basis, someone in your family perhaps? Getting an outside perspective really can help.

    You are welcome to talk abut things here


  3. therising
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    1315 posts
    4 February 2020 in reply to Suisse

    Hi Suisse

    It's definitely tough when we're not taught many of the skills that come with knowing and mastering our self. And, yes, we can't really blame our parents too much seeing that such a skill set is typically not passed down through generations.

    You sound like you're discovering skills:

    • You have the ability to recognise shortcomings in others, as opposed to seeing a fault in your self that doesn't exist. For example, you can have someone who blames them self for being too needy or harassing in the way of seeking adventure or activity in a relationship, where in fact the partner is someone who refuses to pull them self away from the tv. The fault in this relationship would be inactivity/a lack of balance
    • You crave new things, which is an incredibly powerful and necessary trait in the way of personal evolution. Pursuing new and healthy things is an active and soulful way of continuing to love our self to life

    People with adhd are naturals when it comes to living. They naturally

    • crave activity and cannot stand boredom. They love productivity
    • have an energetic mind that can face challenge when in comes to channeling that activity or grounding it in some way
    • get frustrated when no one shares the need for adventure or excitement

    and the list goes on.

    Manipulating our self into new ways of thinking is often key when it comes to managing our self and our energy. For example: It can definitely be incredibly boring cleaning the bathroom or focusing on some other mind numbing task that needs doing around the house. Just say there are 5 mind numbing tasks that need to be done. Suddenly, the whole thing becomes a challenge for a hyperactive mind - I'm going to challenge myself to do all 5 in under and hour and a half. Suddenly, bamm, done. Everything's done in an hour and 15 minutes and the result 'I'm a legendary powerhouse'. Meeting the challenge or goal becomes the grounding aspect. It helps provide focus for an incredibly super efficient person. It's less about the jobs and more about meeting incredible potential through challenge. You discover you have the super power of 'high efficiency through hyperactivity'. Not many people have this.

    I know this may sound weird but another natural ability is the ability to do without thinking. Naturally powering through a basic task without thinking getting in the way is pretty skillful. A little like switching onto autopilot. Grounding/thinking isn't always necessarily needed. Recognising when it's needed is key.


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