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Topic: Supporting a friend through Covid with depression and long-term health issues

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  1. Saffyron
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    4 posts
    20 October 2021

    I have a lovely friend who was going to take me out on Friday night for my Birthday, YAY, finally able to get and about with Lockdown ending, and what a way to spend my Birthday getting back to some sort of ‘normal’

    Unfortunately our plans have had to be CANCELLED, not postponed or delayed all because he can’t get vaccinated 😞 This is because he contracted Covid nearly 2 years ago now, spent 9 months in hospital with serious health issues, and now 2 years down the track is still quite ill with respiratory problems and other chronic issues not needing to be listed

    The doctors have said if he has the vaccination it could very well kill him So, he has a medical exemption and can’t contract Covid again (although not sure about other strains as nobody is I guess), however restaurants will still not permit him to Dine In with us and he will be excluded from a lot of places because of this, making it extremely difficult to socialise and be part of the community

    My question is, how is he supposed to manage this now with the current restrictions even though he has an exemption ?? Surely this had to be factored into the Road Map Roll Out ?? I understand, and completely support those that choose not to get the vaccine, but in extreme cases such as his, he’s still in that category and won’t be able to participate in social activities and Dining Out in Restaurants because of the Government legislation, and for someone that has already experienced so much time in hospital and at home without visitors because of Lockdowns, he’s mental health is severely suffering and he is very much in need of getting back out there and socialising for his own well being

    Not sure if such circumstances have been factored into the Government legislation for getting back out and about in the community when Lockdown restrictions have eased, but he really does need to get back to some sort of Covid normal

    We really need help with how this can be managed OR what options he has to get back out into the community he experience some sort of normal because hospital admissions and long term health issues are causing him great strain on his mental health and I have spent many hours trying to talk to him and help, but really as a community we’re not really in that much of a better situation, except now we can start getting back out into the community as he will not

    Being excluded and forced to stay at home because of the situation completely out of his hands may very well force him over the edge

  2. jaz28
    Community Champion
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    204 posts
    20 October 2021 in reply to Saffyron

    Hi there,

    I am sorry this is happening to your friend. Could you contact NSW health (I assume that's where you are) and explain the situation? I would've thought if you had a MEDICAL vaccine exemption and proof of it - you would still be allowed places (because it's a minority?) I am not sure, I am in Adelaide and we haven't reached 80% yet.

    I would suggest he see a therapist or call a hotline such as Lifeline or Beyond Blue hotline 1300 22 4636. All you can really do is be a supportive friend - it's a tough situation.

    Stay strong,


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  3. Petal22
    Community Champion
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    1359 posts
    20 October 2021 in reply to Saffyron

    Hi Saffyron,

    Wellcome to our forums!

    Im so sorry this has happened to your friend.

    As Jaz mentioned maybe call NSW Health and ask the question.

    Can you do something else together if not a restaurant a picnic in a park?

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  4. Saffyron
    Saffyron avatar
    4 posts
    20 October 2021 in reply to jaz28

    Thanks Jaz, we’re in Melbourne and it sucks that’s he’s been refused entry even though they are not supposed to. As per DHHS website : if you have a medical exemption from Covid-19 you may enter a premises open only for fully vaccinated people


    So, I’ve sent this to the restaurant and asked for clarification from the Victorian Department of Health to check if they can still refuse entry

    Waiting on a reply and will post up what they will confirm with me

    Thanks For your support

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  5. Saffyron
    Saffyron avatar
    4 posts
    20 October 2021 in reply to Petal22

    Thanks for your reply Petal, greatly appreciated. As mentioned above just waiting on clarification from DHHS as to whether or not he can be refused as in their site they are saying no

    But, I appreciated the alternative suggestion as that’s what I wanting until we know one way or the other if he can be refused per each individual business

    I did think of a park but it was going to be for dinner and might be a little cold, so we might just hold off until I get confirmation if he can be discriminated against or not

    Was also thinking maybe outdoor dining but in Melbourne who knows what the weather would be like and if they would still permit him there

    Thanks for your support and suggestion

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  6. Banksy92
    Community Champion
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    Banksy92 avatar
    107 posts
    20 October 2021 in reply to Saffyron

    Keep us posted with the update from the restaurant Saffyron, and perhaps if they are being difficult have a ring around to a few others to see if anyone else can be more accommodating?

    If you're based in Melbourne, you could also make a plan to have a nice dinner at one of your houses? I know there are rules to allow up to 10 guests at your house from this Friday so that might be a nice alternative if you're struggling to book somewhere.

    Really sorry to hear you're concerned about this and that your friend has been so unwell. That must be really difficult and stressful for both of you. I hope they are on the mend soon dn you are both able to spend quality time how you want to together asap.

  7. Saffyron
    Saffyron avatar
    4 posts
    20 October 2021 in reply to Banksy92

    Thanks so much Banksy for your kind message and yes I’ll keep you updated because we could go to each other’s house but long term that’s not ideal to integrate back in to a Covid normal

    Watch this space 🙂

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