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Topic: Trying to manage my bipolar and function with all other areas of my life

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  1. Sars88
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    1 posts
    26 August 2020

    Hi ,

    I was diagnosed with bi polar , PTSD and depression years ago.I have had depression since i was 16. However I have noticed in the last two years it is getting worst. 2018 was the year a psychiatrist diagnosed my with bipolar.

    So days i feel really at peace with my self and only have certain maniac episodes. I do enjoy the maniac moments because i feel like i have so much fun . I know they are not great to have, because typically i have a massive meltdown the next few days THEY ARE THE HARDEST because all i think about is suicide. I know I wont do it, well i think i wont , but a big part of me wants to.

    In 2018 I lost my pop, and then last year my nan. They were practically my parents, I then had my relationship end this year after almost 3 yrs. I feel i have blocked everything out atm and feel insanely numb about everything. I have started seeking help, however I feel they just don't listen and they just want to pump more pills down my throat. I sometimes wonder if this is my life forever. That the thoughts in my head wont ever go away.

    I guess what I am asking is there alot of Bi polar people out there that go through the same mood swings. One day your on top of the world, the next you hate everyone and everything., does it ever get easier .. will the numbness ever fade. Do i need to see a different shrink ? what meds are other people on ?

    thank you .

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  2. Sophie_M
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    3430 posts
    26 August 2020 in reply to Sars88

    Hey Sars88,

    Wishing you a warm welcome to the forums. It takes a lot of courage to be so open and honest with your feelings, and we are so glad that you have reached out here tonight. We're so sorry to hear that you've been feeling worse over the past two years. We can hear how overwhelming these feelings must be, but please know that you've come to a safe, non-judgemental space and our community is here to support you through this difficult time.

    It's great to hear that you have been so proactive in seeking help, but we're sorry to hear that you feel they won't listen. Please know that you are always welcome to talk through these feelings and concerns with the friendly counsellors at our Beyond Blue Support Service, who can offer some extra support and advice to help you through this. They're available 24/7 by phone on 1300 22 4636 or you can also get in touch through Webchat (3pm-12am AEST) on our website: www.beyondblue.org.au/getsupport

    In addition to this, we'd urge you to reach out to our friends at Lifeline (13 11 14) or the Suicide Call Back Service (1300 659 467) whenever these feelings become too overwhelming to cope with- you're never alone.

    We hope that you keep checking in to let us know how you're going, whenever you feel up to it.

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  3. white knight
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    8254 posts
    27 August 2020 in reply to Sars88

    Hi, welcome

    Youve painted the bipolar picture very accurately

    I also have bipolar and depression. I took several meds over 2 years before the right one hit the mark- a mood stabilisers, also a small dose of anti depressants.

    Bipolar will be with you lifelong. Our extreme moods are well beyond normal so our priority is to reduce those extremes to a level tolerable by other people

    The spin off when reducing our extreme moods is less suicidal thoughts. Everything reduces and improves to a manageable level. Most important

    If we set goals unachievable we will get disappointed and that will feed our depression.

    Good sleep is important- more so than we think.

    Intrusive thoughts are best tackled by distraction. Keep busy.

    Please place these topic in the search bar at the top and read the first post if each

    A good nights deep sleep

    He helped me for 25 years - Maharaji

    Distraction and variety

    medication is a whirlpool

    Never ever give up

    30 minutes can change your life

    i hope they help. Reply anytime


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  4. demonblaster
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    6866 posts
    27 August 2020 in reply to white knight

    Sars88 welcome to the forums ☺ Hi everyone 👋

    You did very well explaining how it is. I too am bipolar c-ptsd depression and some others too.

    It's very hard work going through this and as much as it seems near impossible to get control over it all it is possible which I can chat to you about when I return. Just tagging for now ☺

    Take care

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