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Topic: 2 years on and still a mess

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  1. Biddy3
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    30 November 2019
    Hi this is my first post here. It was 2 years ago in September I lost my mum suddenly to lung cancer. She died 2 weeks after diagnosis. She was my best friend and the only person that really understood me. 2 years on and I still don’t cope at all not a week goes by I don’t breakdown crying.
    I have 2 young girls the youngest was 3 months old when she passed. I’ve really struggled with my kids since she’s gone my mother gave us so much help and now that’s it’s gone I don’t know what to do she was our only help we don’t have much other support. I want to be a good mother but find it hard when I feel depressed alot.
    since she has been gone we have had family rifts I don’t speak to my brothers anymore and I have now lost some close friends. I feel at times I have no one left me and my husband barely talk anymore he was helpful in the beginning but now I feel my cry’s for help just go unnoticed. Feels like everyone thinks I should be over it by now but life is just getting worse not better. I know I need to seek some help but find it hard to ask I’ve always just managed on my own.
  2. white knight
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    30 November 2019 in reply to Biddy3

    Hi Buddy, welcome

    I’m very sorry for your loss and estrangement from your brothers.

    Everyone grieves differently be it in time or intensity. Others find it hard to endure that and move on quicker. Yes you need assistance starting with your GP. Have a hat and be proactive

    Things you can do in the meantime-

    writing or poetry about your mum eg


    I loved her as much as my own breath

    such an untimely death

    my kids in life at the start

    have a big piece of her enormous heart

    I’ll teach them how to care for others

    and be like my mum the best of mothers

    no wonder she used a broom to sweep

    to hide her footstep stencilled feet..

    I’ll find the strength to carry on

    little tackers to ponder in

    To be as good as my mum was to me

    My kids will grow to love for eternity



    group therapy


    go on picnics

    camping (change of environment)

    by all means repost


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