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Topic: 6 Months On

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  1. beckboo29
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    5 posts
    20 March 2020

    6 months since my dad passed away from a sudden heart attack, things just seem so raw at the moment.
    It’s hard not having that one person that meant the world to me, the man with all the reason and the person that could see the funny side in any situation. I worry for my baby boy I try to be strong but now been two he can see my emotions. I can’t hide that melt down moment anymore.
    with all this crazy in the world at the moment, I wish he was here.

  2. Birdy77
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    20 March 2020 in reply to beckboo29
    Hey beckboo,

    6 months is still so soon ... it must hurt so much in your heart right now.

    And feeling like your baby boy can see your emotions - that's ok!

    It's real and normal for you to be so, so sad.

    You're human and you're sad, and it's unfortunate that your baby boy won't get to meet your awesome dad.

    But he will get to see and meet all those attributes that your dad has passed on to you.

    There is so much in you that was your dad ... you can reflect all the awesomeness that was your precious dad, and pass that humour, and reason and fun on to your beautiful boy.

    Be all the things that you lived about your Dad - be those things for your boy.

    He lives on in you.

    That's what i believe anyway.

    Thinking of you.

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