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Topic: Double combo of Depressive Episode and Greif

8 posts, 0 answered
  1. fred2018
    fred2018 avatar
    72 posts
    6 October 2019

    Would be interested to hear of how others have navigated there experience of living through a depressive episode and also be dealing with greif

    from a loved one because mine so far has been interesting hah to put it lightly.

  2. geoff
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    geoff avatar
    13383 posts
    7 October 2019 in reply to fred2018

    Hi Fred, depression and grief can be different or they can both be joined together.

    Grief is something that's happened unexpectedly, unavoidably or against your wishes and can be triggered by an event, but will dissipate over time, while depression is feeling sad for a long time.

    These are only brief descriptions, but when I was in depression I didn't feel much grief, however, overcoming the depression then grief was certainly there.

    I've gone through your previous comments and there's a lot involved, so maybe you could be a bit more specific, only if you want to.

    Best wishes.


  3. Philomena
    blueVoices member
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    Philomena avatar
    30 posts
    9 October 2019 in reply to geoff

    Hi Fred 2018

    Grief is a pain that can’t be taken away no matter what may say . It can be overcome and everyone grieves differently.

    Grief has many emotional and physical reactions. The emotional reactions of grief are sadness, anger, denial, depression, fear, loneliness and the physical reactions of grief are head aches, body pain, sweating, shaking, breathless, weight gain or loss and panic attacks. You may also feel withdrawal, not wanting to do the tasks you did before and spiritually it may bring you closer to god or you distant these are reactions of grief.

    Accepting the reality of the grief and working through it and have an enduring connection with the deceased by memories, biographies could help. Try to develop new skills and new relationships. get yourself involved in activities you like or maybe a support group where you meet friends and have an interaction.

    Talking to someone whom you feel cares and you are comfortable to share your grief may help someone who can listen patiently by being non judgemental .

    i do hope this helps you. You will surely get over your depression . Keep yourself occupied with activities you enjoy and please don’t give into your feelings. Feelings play a great part on our minds. Always tell yourself everyday “I am going to stop worrying and start living” no matter what you feel and in time you will fight your depressive thoughts and become stronger . It’s only your state of mind and you alone can fight the feeling and you will if you have the will power to do it.

    stay strong stay blessed

  4. fred2018
    fred2018 avatar
    72 posts
    9 October 2019 in reply to geoff
    Thanks for the advice Geoff , my mood has not been good due to the depression and because my family member only passed away 2 years ago and relatively abruptly the greif is only surfacing now anyways, the timing of things is not always pleasant but im doing TMS for my mood and seeying a pyschologist for grief and other things so I'm doing what I can to keep moving forward.
  5. fred2018
    fred2018 avatar
    72 posts
    9 October 2019 in reply to Philomena
    Thanks for your advice Philomena, yeah we are slowing dealing with the death by looking at photos and etc, talking about her more.
  6. Doz86
    Community Champion
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    Doz86 avatar
    180 posts
    9 October 2019 in reply to fred2018

    Hi Fred,

    I've been in a similar situation.

    Meditation relating to your inner child helped me, search it on youtube.

    If its not for you totally understand.



  7. fred2018
    fred2018 avatar
    72 posts
    16 October 2019 in reply to Doz86
    Sounds interesting thanks Doz.
  8. MBear
    MBear avatar
    1 posts
    11 December 2019 in reply to fred2018
    I think I have been going through something similar. I had a family member pass away two years ago and my anxiety and depression started to flare up and it was like I didn't get a chance to grieve then and it is all hitting me now that I have my mental health more under control. More when I find the fun and happy things that remind me of them. Hopefully we will both just grieve and mourn and come out the other side ok.

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