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Topic: I am Philomena

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  1. Philomena
    blueVoices member
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    1 October 2019

    I am just finishing my Certificate IV in bereavement support and my idea of doing this course was to be of help and an inspiration to those suffering grief in some way or the other either through the loss of someone or something they held dear to them.

    Having lost my son aged seven years in an accident a long time back I went through a lot of pain anxiety depression and lived with it silently for many years i could never share with anyone my feelings and panic attacks fear uncertainty I really could not do the things I wanted to do I took me a long time to get over this not even anti depressants could help it was only my will power and my spiritual life that I was able to find my way through it all and after years of struggling with anxiety fear and emotional problems withdrawal physical problems caused due to emotions headaches etc. I now can confidentally say I have made it through and am strong bold and courageous I can face the world .

    It is with this determination I am now completing my course so that I can be of help to those battling anxiety depression and suicide and give them hope for the future and teach them how to overcome these emotional problems and enjoy life to its fullest and as long as there is life there is hope.

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  2. quirkywords
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    8020 posts
    1 October 2019 in reply to Philomena

    Welcome Philomena,

    I am sorry about your son but pleased you have found away to use your grief to help others. I imagine studying the course would have brought back painful memories.

    I can feel your strength and courage through your words.

    With your personal understanding you will be able to help others .

    Congratulations for your determination and perseverance to go through studying and completing your course.

    You are an inspiration to help those suffering by using your personal pain.


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  3. demonblaster
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    6866 posts
    1 October 2019 in reply to Philomena

    Hi Philomena and everyone ☺

    What an incredible post. Good on you darl. I'm deeply sorry hearing of your heartache 🤗 a hug if you're a hugger.

    You certainly do sound very much like an incredibly strong person to get through like you have. Well done ⚘

    I imagine as our lovely Quirky has mentioned there might have been hard triggers along the way with your course I hope it also has helped you more too. Very nice you wanting to be able to help others going through such hard times.

    Thanks for sharing and for such an inspirational post and for what you're doing.

    Wishing you peace and light.


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