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Topic: I feel I have cried almost every day at some stage for 2 years

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  1. MareeBH
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    23 April 2020
    Hi. Ive come on here as my back story is I lost my soul mate , the love of my life in a work place truck accident March2018 on his birthday , 8 months prior my bff girlfriend of 35 years passed away and Feb 10th this year my mum passed away . The three closest people to me who loved me unconditionally . I have 3 daughters but the relationship is not like that of with my mum. . They think support is inviting to a grand child's soccer game . . I lost my fathers at 9 years old, identical to Daniel trucks and logs . Daniels death is still going with lawyers , Work safe etc . I am going to lawyer today to sign to be administrator of Mums will. For over 30 years my brother was Executor, he's a multi millionaire so when Mum passed he would’ve just brought his people in and had them clean her unit out etc . Nope 3 weeks before she passed he threw the paper work at me and washed his hands . I was the last person to be dealing with this . It just gets worse . So Im going to cut to now . I thought there had to be a group of some sort as when you live on own your beyond isolated . I do take meds for depression and anxiety , its genetic so with the death and trauma , it was a no brainer . Everyone in family on medication . As that first loss at 9 years didn't stop there . The death has gone on till Mum this years . Im 55 years . Prior to Daniel I had run a successful Family Day Care business for 17 years . My Service had been accredited by the National Quality Framework Exceeding . I re opened my Service 22 months after Daniel passed . Mum passed 3 weeks into reopening but I was pretty good, kept it running with experienced help, my daughter . I am so unmotivated , its stepped up since Covid I know I am hard on myself and feel you have to be actively doing something or be productive in someway otherwise its wrong . For me-that is. I was diagnosed with Adult Adhd at 48 year. My Support group now who I am truly grateful for are all paid people but without them not being on my level or not understanding me , I don't know how I would've kept going .... Tears. I feel I have cried almost everyday at same stage during day for 2 years . Thank you ...Maree
  2. jess334
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    23 April 2020 in reply to MareeBH

    Hi MareeBH,

    I am so sorry to hear about your losses. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for you to have lost so many people you love.

    I hope reaching out on the Beyond Blue forums is helpful for you. I'm glad you have a support group, children, and a successful business to keep you going. It must be tough running a family day care business right now.

    Please remember that if you need immediate support or just want to talk to someone in person, call Beyond Blue's helpline on 1300 22 4636. They are lovely people and it can really help to chat.

    Kind thoughts, Jess

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