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Topic: Lost in grief

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. Ez_22
    Ez_22 avatar
    2 posts
    12 January 2020
    Hi all

    I'm new to this forum, and not really sure what to say. I'm just a bit lost and stuck and in a confused space of grief and loss.

    I lost my partner to suicide 18 months ago. It was a surprise to us. Although she did have some problems in the past and, as I've learned to process since her passing, was a functioning alcoholic.

    I've spent so much time making sense of things. Processing my sadness and guilt and trying to understand and forgive her... And now I feel like I've lost who she actually was before all this trauma. I'm not really sure how to extrapolate what I have been left with, while also appreciating our life that was. I don't recognise it any more. I am numb to my present. So am stuck. And sad. And sometimes really desperate. Sometimes I am happy. I do have lots of love around me.

    I feel like I have my head under water, and am content swimming beneath the surface because when I come up for air it's all too much and it makes my head spin.

    I'm not sure what anyone could possibly say, and I'm not sure that there is anything to be said. I guess I just needed a forum and space to put my feelings into words. It's comforting to read the honest stories and supportive responses. There are a lot of brave people in the world and on this forum. It's inspiring.
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  2. Aaronsis
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    12 January 2020 in reply to Ez_22

    Hello Ez_22

    Welcome to the forum, I am so very beyond sorry for the loss of your partner, I am so glad that you have found this space though and that you have reached our for some support and some comfort here, you are so right, it is an amazing space and so full of love and support and yes, many wonderful and brave stories. In fact, the very reason I credit my healing is partly to this space.

    I am wondering if you have sought some grief counselling for this? I know it is not for everyone but I found it so beyond helpful, I want to say I know how you feel, I sort of do, I lost my brother to suicide in July, he was 19 and also a huge surprise to us also. My counsellor was so wonderful and I learnt so much about suicide which helped fill in the gaps about "why", I also learnt how to process the grief and some tools to do that.

    My main support was being here and talking and now I find I am here giving the voice my brother never had to try and give others strength. I also found writing so powerful in that I could dump, say the most horrible things, the raw thruths I felt, some of it didn't make sense but it wasn't for anyone else, just me, and I dont really go and re read it, those words get left on those pages.

    I learnt that NO ONE could have made the outcome for my brother different on that day, that this was not our fault, as your partner's suicide was not your fault. That this is not about them not feeling loved, it is about ending pain, sometimes pain we know nothing about which is why it is so hard and so frustrating, I would have done anything if he had of reached out, but he didn't.

    I think to help with the memories of her you could perhaps get some photos printed of the good times and when she was happy and some things you may have done together that remind you that she was happy sometimes and she did love you.

    I totally understand the numbness and the mixed feelings, please don't feel guilt around laughing and having a good day, you are not to be punished for this and you are still here, alive, so you must forge forward to rebuild you. You will not be the same Ez_22 of old, you will always have this as apart of you, but it does not have to define you or dictate your future. Will some great support you can process this and allow yourself some peace.

    I am so beyond sorry that you are going through this, it was not your fault, it was not your fault.

    I hope to chat to you some more.


    Sarah xx

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  3. PhoebeWings
    PhoebeWings avatar
    142 posts
    12 January 2020 in reply to Ez_22

    I feel like I have my head under water, and am content swimming beneath the surface because when I come up for air it's all too much and it makes my head spin.

    Hi there,

    I don’t know what to say really, your loss and the sad circumstances are outside of my experience. I’m just so sorry dear.

    I just wanted to send a fellow word of comfort. That’s all.

    I live with a complex grief, which sometimes sits in my life in the very way you described above,

    Thank you for it putting into words that I can understand and find comforting.

    In your pain and writing - you helped me this morning, thank you.

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