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Topic: Advice for ways to help newly diognosed partner. BPD 1.

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  1. alambi
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    20 January 2020
    My partner was diognosed with Bipolar 1 about 3 months ago. It was both a sad and relieving diognosis. Since then we have had some highs (medication that appeared to cure his chronic anxiety and lift his mood) and lows (a 2hr panic attack, this first he has had). I want to know what others have done that works to manage bipolar and I'm particularly interested in hearing if people have had a good experience with networking groups (if they even exist). My partner is a little socially isolated and I think a group could do wonders for him to socialise more and feel more normal. Im keen to meet other people in my position. Also keen to hear of any daily practices our routines anyone encourages a family member with BPD1 to do.
  2. Soberlicious96
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    20 January 2020 in reply to alambi

    Dear Alambi,

    Welcome to Beyond Blue and well done for reaching out.

    I would like to start by saying that, while I don't really have any personal experience with having a partner with Bipolar, I do think that by you coming here to Beyond Blue and looking for ways to support him is a wonderful show of support and compassion.

    Perhaps you could check out the section on supporting others: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/personal-best/pillar/supporting-others and maybe there you could find some useful hints and tips.

    And do forget that you too are entitled to support as well, should you need to reach out when the 'down days' seem a bit too heavy to handle.

    I hope that helps a little anyway. Take care. I hope you find the help you are seeking. xo

  3. poorlydrawn
    poorlydrawn avatar
    14 posts
    21 January 2020 in reply to alambi

    Hi alambi,

    Thanks for reaching out. I'm new here too, and don't have any particular knowledge about bipolar disorder or networking groups, but I'm sure someone here might.

    One thing I would say, though, as someone who experiences some social anxiety and social isolation myself, is that it is probably best to be conservative when introducing the idea of group sessions to your partner. For some people, particularly those of us who experience social anxiety, the very idea of groups of people can be enough to inspire terror and could cause more distress. I'm not saying that is necessarily the case with your partner, and I'm also not saying that group sessions can't be helpful, I would just suggest playing it carefully particularly when he is already grappling with a new diagnosis. Be gentle to start with :)

    I do know, however, that there are carer's groups around, so that could also be an option for you if your partner is not quite ready for a group setting himself. It's great and wonderful that you want to look after him, but you have to look after yourself too, and it may give you some of those ideas that you are looking for.

    Best wishes, and good luck,


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