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Topic: Anorexia

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  1. Alexandra Jane
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    9 September 2018


    My close friend suffers from anorexia and refuses to seek help. Her weight is now at a dangerous level. My friend lives in remote Australia so there aren’t a lot of mental help facilities available. Her family don’t seem concerned and I believe she will die if she continues like this.

    My question is, I’m going to visit her in a couple of weeks. How do I get her to attend a GP consult? I think this is the first step but I don’t know what to do if she says she won’t?

    Thanks for for your help,


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  2. Peppermintbach
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    10 September 2018 in reply to Alexandra Jane

    Hi Alex,

    I feel your friend is very fortunate to have someone as compassionate as you in her life. You must be so (understandably) worried about her...

    I think eating disorders can be very tricky and it’s hard to know how to support loved ones through it...

    I feel there’s an organisation that you might want to look up. It’s called the Butterfly Foundation. They are a national not-for-profit organisation for negative body image and eating disorders.

    I was thinking you might like to read some of the info that they have online, and perhaps even call the Butterfly Foundation helpline (the details will be on their website) to ask how to best approach this topic with your friend. Just some of my gentle suggestions for you to possibly consider...

    I hope your visit with your friend goes well. As I said, I think you’re very caring friend.

    There’s no pressure or rush but, if you’re feeling up to it, let us know how things have been since your first post and/or how talking to your friend goes. It would be lovely to hear from you again...

    Kindness and warmth,


  3. PamelaR
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    2681 posts
    10 September 2018 in reply to Alexandra Jane

    Hi Alex and warm welcome to Beyond Blue

    What a wonderful friend you are. Pepper has given you some excellent ideas for how you could help you friend. There is little else I can add.

    Maybe you can do a search in Beyond Blue for eating disorders also. There is one thread Partner with depression and eating disorder under the Supporting family and friends with mental health condition (carers).

    Also, when you see your friend you could also let her know about Beyond Blue forums. She may be interested in having a look.

    Hope your visit goes well. Let us know how things go.

    Kind regards


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