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Topic: Deinf with a depressed (same sex) partner

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  1. Gay relationship partner with depression
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    24 March 2019
    My partner has depression, which he blames me for causing. I'd leave but we have young children, so that will just compound the problem.

    We're seeing a joint psychologist, which is slowly working, but taking much longer than we both were expecting.
  2. PamelaR
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    25 March 2019 in reply to Gay relationship partner with depression

    Hi Gay relationship partner with depression

    It's good you've found your way here to our community. Depression can be the pits at times can't it. Pleased to hear you are both going to a psychologist to work through things. Counselling doesn't always have an immediate effect, it can take time, as well as commitment to reflect on the sessions and yourselves and make changes if necessary.

    Just wondering though if this counselling is for your relationship or for his depression? If it were me, I'd like my partner to see someone about their depression. People have to take ownership of their own depression. While there may be factors contributing to depression, e.g. a relationship, ultimately it is the person who has to manage their depression.

    Having said that, people supporting others with depression need to take care of themselves also.Have you browsed the BB website? There is some good information available. Do a search in the search field at the top of the page using keywords, e.g.

    • supporting someone with a mental health condition
    • looking after yourself

    Hope some of this helps.

    Kind regards


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