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Topic: Husband is on work cover and we are applying for impairment lump sum

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  1. Samvince
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    3 posts
    15 February 2019

    My husband suffers from mental heaolth and has now suffering from ptsd due to been attacked at his work place . I was wondering if there is anyone else that is going through the same thing eg ; impairment payment and has been assessed etc .

  2. geoff
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    16 February 2019 in reply to Samvince

    Hi Samvince, welcome to the forums.

    I am really sorry for what's happened as I too was attacked at work so I understand what you are going through although I didn't have any personal insurance, it was only through W/C.

    I was assessed by doctors galore and then had to wait 18 months or so until it was settled.

    Can I suggest that you are in contact with a lawyer for a couple of reasons, firstly that a price will be offered to you to accept, which is way below what you deserve, but a solicitor will handle this for you, secondly any doctor, psychologist counselling visits will be paid by W/C.

    What you have to do is give the doctor/psychologist your W/C number and they will send the bill to W/C, this means you don't have to pay yourself.

    If you need medication then send the bill once again to W/C, if need be, let your solicitor do this for you.

    I'd like to hear back from you.


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  3. Summer Rose
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    1172 posts
    16 February 2019 in reply to Samvince

    Hi Samvince

    I am really sorry to hear that your husband was attacked at work and that he is so ill.

    I have never made a WC claim but I manage them in my own business. I may be able to help with specific questions on process, keeping in mind that every case is different.

    Geoff is spot on: you need a lawyer. I would choose a firm with WC experience, as apposed to a local lawyer. Some of these firms work on the "no win/no pay" principle. And it is possible to receive funds for your legal fees on top of your settlement.

    You are starting a complex, lengthy process but it is worker friendly and with the right guidance I'm sure you csn get through it.

    Best of luck and feel free to ask question as you move through the process.

    Kind thoughts to you

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