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Topic: My partner is struggling

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. klz
    klz avatar
    2 posts
    2 October 2018

    Hi everyone

    I don’t normally do this but I am at my wits end

    my partner (male) has suffered with anxiety for many years before I knew him and this in turn causes depression. He has smoked weed regularly for about 4 years (also before I met him) and he cut down greatly since he’s been with me and used it only for sleep but today is one month since he has quit. He is now super angry and struggling with sleep and has been abusing alcohol and prescription drugs. He knows all of this is wrong but all he wants is sleep and he also feels like he can’t be sober because he hates his life so much.

    *before we met, he also used to go out every weekend and do party drugs and “nangs” and has now stopped all that completely

    About 3 months ago I asked him if he wanted to move out with me because I had to move and had no where to go and he freaked out a little about it so I said don’t worry. Since then he has had this “sick” feeling towards me but it has been on and off. Lately he has said the sick feeling has been constant now and none of us know what this sick feeling is. He always is honest with me and he told me that he doesn’t want to leave me and we’re perfect together but he’s sick of this unknown feeling.

    he has been to a psych who made him feel a lot better about the feeling but now he’s got It back again and also has seen his doc who gave him anti depressants about 2 months ago

    i guess what I am asking is has anyone else experienced anything like this before? So far I have come across nobody who has experienced a partner having this “sick” feeling

    and there are a lot of issues in here like th drugs abuse which I will also need some help With in who he can turn to for both issues

    thank you for reading

  2. Doolhof
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    Doolhof avatar
    8099 posts
    3 October 2018 in reply to klz

    Hi klz,

    Welcome to the forum. Can your partner describe how this "sick' feeling manifests itself?

    Maybe he could look up symptoms for depression and anxiety and see if any of those fit how he is feeling.

    Is it possible for him to return to the psych or to consider what the psych told him so he is able to help himself further.

    Mixing the medication with the alcohol is not going to do him much good, that could be contributing to him feeling "sick".

    A Dr. would be able to inform you of services in your area that can help with drug abuse issues.

    Hopefully your partner can more clearly identify this "sick" feeling so you can both work on it together.

    Cheers from Dools

  3. klz
    klz avatar
    2 posts
    3 October 2018 in reply to Doolhof

    He doesn’t know how it manifests now because he’s had it constantly for weeks :(

    and he definitely has both depression and anxiety and we are trying to get back to the psych ASAP

    i agree that the mixing of all those things won’t be helping at all but he’s slowly getting away from that habit too.

    He said that this sick feeling is his main worry because the anxiety and stomach pains from it are crippling him and he doesn’t know why he feels this way about me

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