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by H-G
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Supporting family and friends with a mental health condition (carers)

Space for sharing tips on supporting a partner, family member or friend with a mental health condition, and seeking support for your own wellbeing with other carers.

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Relationship and family issues

Anything to do with managing relationships and family, including parenting, separation, loneliness, divorce, family, and friendships.

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Space for discussion of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, and eating disorders.

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Space for discussion of major depression, bipolar disorder, cyclothymic and dysthymic disorders, and BPD (borderline personality disorder).

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Young people

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by SarahZ
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Grief and loss

Support following the bereavement of a family member, partner, spouse or someone close to you.

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by smallwolf
2 days and 9 hours ago

Topic: Wife is mentally ill and alcoholic

  1. Blackboy
    Blackboy avatar
    33 posts
    16 September 2020 in reply to _sweetheart_

    Thanks. 7th went very well. She has had no alcohol for 5 weeks now, and shows no sign of wanting any. She is happy and productive. I think this is the way to go!

    Previously when she drank I would sometimes sleep in another room but not always. It was necessary for me to stay not far away because there were 2 occasions where she ended up in hospital from falling over on the bathroom floor, cracking her head open so that it bled, and being unable to get up by herself. On another occasion she collapsed and vomited on the floor of her psychiatrist's office and again had to go to hospital by ambulance. She has also left a gas flame on in the kitchen, with potential to cause a disastrous fire. So constant vigilance has been needed. Almost the whole of 2019 was a write-off in our lives. But this seems to be in the past now.

    The coronavirus lockdown in Melbourne has actually helped, I think, because she can't go far anyway to buy the stuff. But she could, if she wanted, get it, except that I am keeping her money and cards, which she happily agrees to.

    I don't know anything about your situation but I think you should try my method. It seems to work wonders. If you care to tell me more details, I will try to help based on my experience. I have also found 2 Facebook groups (Living With Alcoholics and Partners of Alcoholics) where people are at least supportive and understanding. It might be worth trying them out, although the members are mostly in USA. Support, of the kind that you and a few others have given here, can make a big difference!

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