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Topic: What do all the badges mean?

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. Sophie_M
    Sophie_M avatar
    187 posts
    21 December 2018

    Hi everyone,

    If you're new to the forums, you'll notice that some members posting have badges.  We have a directory below so you can see what they all mean, and how you might go about obtaining one.

    We have badges for a number of reasons:

    * To identify Beyond Blue staff members, volunteers and contributors
    * To identify any health professionals who post
    * To reward and recognise members who have gone above and beyond to provide peer support for others

    Please let us know your thoughts on community badges in this thread, including ideas for new badges, any questions you may have, and any improvements we can make.

    ChampionCommunity champion - Members who have volunteered their time formally to support others on the forums. You can find out more about becoming a community champion here.

    VCValued contributor - Members recognised by the community for their outstanding and consistent support of others through quality posts.  Find out how you can nominate someone for a valued contributor award here.

    LifeLife member - Awarded by Beyond Blue to members who have been volunteering for our community champion programme for 3 years or more.

    MCMulticultural correspondent - Members who have volunteered to share their experiences formally and on a regular basis in our Multicultural Experiences section.  You can find out more about becoming a Multicultural Correspondent here.

    AlumniChampion alumni - Community champions who are not currently active on the forums, or have retired from volunteering.

    HealthHealth professional - Health professionals posting on the forums at the request of Beyond Blue.  Currently, Nurse Jenn is our resident health professional and you can find out more about Nurse Jenn here.

    BVBlue Voices member - blueVoices is Beyond Blue's reference group for people who have personal experience of anxiety, depression or suicide, or support someone who does. blueVoices is open to anyone over the age of 16 in Australia with this experience.

    MentorMentor - Masters of Psychology student on placement.  If you are a psychology student and are interested in finding out about placement opportunities, please get in touch with our moderation team.

    StaffBeyond Blue staff - Paid employees of Beyond Blue.

    ManagerModeratorCommunity manager / community moderator - Paid employees of Beyond Blue who manage the online forums.  You can get in touch with the moderation team offline by email.

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  2. Guest_0345
    Guest_0345 avatar
    4 posts
    17 February 2020

    Hi Sophie and other BB workers.

    I was just wondering how someone would get any of the badges, for example do you have to have a certain amount of posts to get the valued contributor or any of that? I'll read all of the links.

    Sorry to post here and ask, just not too sure how it all works. Thanks.


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