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Topic: Feeling Disconnected 🙃

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. Alekso
    Alekso avatar
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    4 January 2020

    Hi all,

    Only new here. But I’ve recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Since then my sugars have been between 4.5-7.5 so are very good. But can’t seem to get back to my normal self. I’m constantly worried about eating, my blood, having a heart attack and generally living longer now that I have Type 2.

    I know it’s silly and so many people live with it! Hence this post!
    iv even feeling disconnected from myself, caught in a day dream, can’t laugh, hard to smile, just bit myself! Sometimes I feel as if I’m spinning around and even going shopping makes it all worse! Or being in a small area with loads of people. I need help!
    I’ve had full blood tests done! They checked everting and it was perfect except slight blood sugar height. But I keep thinking I’m dying and I’ve got serious health issues. I’m a father of 3 and need to back to normal again! I’ve lost a job paying 140k a year over this! I’m almost at wits end!

  2. therising
    Valued Contributor
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    therising avatar
    230 posts
    5 January 2020 in reply to Alekso

    Hi Alekso

    Sounds like you've become very sensitive which is not such a bad thing as there are benefits to heightened sensitivity, self awareness being one.

    The body is a pretty mind blowing thing given how many functions it has and how interactive those functions or systems are. Do you think you're now giving greater consideration to this factor? If so, education becomes empowering. One thing that springs to mind in the way of education is a dietician. Have been very fortunate myself when it comes to connecting with an excellent dietician. Everything is an education with him. Every time I've seen him (for a variety of reasons regarding self and family members) I walk away quite stunned regarding the marvelous efficiency of the human body and how it interacts with food. I suppose it's pretty much about various energies (food) feeding various energies within the body. Managing diabetes from this angle could be something to consider.

    The more I discover about how I tick, the more sensitive I become. I've actually developed occasional moments where I can't stand the noise in shopping centres or restaurants. This is pretty new to me but because I'm teaching myself how to manage this, it becomes an interesting opportunity for experimentation. Sometimes I'll use breathing exercises: If I feel the energy or anxiety from noise or sensory stimulation rising I will exhaust it. Sounds seriously weird but I'll try gently sighing or taking slightly longer breaths out compared to the ones in, so as to relax my mind and body. Another technique which is definitely outside the square is - I'll zone out in order to relax. I've been an expert daydreamer since I was a young gal in primary school. Strange when you think about it but whilst some people say 'I find it almost impossible to quieten my mind through meditation' they're actually great at daydreaming, which is pretty much the same thing. If you can daydream at the drop of a hat, this is a talent. Actually read an article recently on the multiple benefits of daydreaming.

    The body is a natural wonder. Being sensitive to such a wonder will have you notice how it releases unwanted energy naturally, without any conscious effort. It will stretch, yawn, sigh, cry, sneeze, pee, poop and the list goes on. It has an intelligence of its own. Personally, I start the day letting it stretch and yawn as much as it wants usually for about 10 mins. This allows me to 'power up' for the day.

    The body does what it does for a reason.


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