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Topic: Hi I'm new here!

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  1. sport123
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    1 January 2020

    Hi everyone,

    As you have seen I am new to this and have never been involved in anything like this before. I enjoy playing sport and going outside to enjoy the sunshine.

    At times I can feel quite alone and sad as I feel I am loosing a lot of friends. Although, I do have a great support network at home. Some mornings I feel down and struggle to complete certain activities and don't know why. I also have a lot of regrets (even though I have not done anything that I should regret) which makes it hard for me to find the motivation to go out and catch up with people.

    I am a kind person and wouldn't hurt a fly so hence why I am confused as to why I regret going out seeing as I have nothing to regret. I am not sure if it is just me overthinking everything or if I am doing something wrong.

    Does anyone else feel this way or even feel something similar?

    Thank you,


  2. white knight
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    1 January 2020 in reply to sport123

    Hi, welcome

    As a veteran of shift work and early morning starts, the best plan I put into action was having a hot shower immediately I woke up. The first minute is hard then it gets easier as your skin sparks your brain into action- most important.

    The next thing I've spotted in your post is worry. That is non productive- it will however give you ulcers one day. Time to address that with a change o thinking and therapy i you can afford it. I got therapy or it in 1987 and use those lessons daily.



    We cannot diagnose here but I'd visit your GP and discuss your sadness with him/her. I have bipolar but I also have dysthymia which has a deep sadness about it, had it or decades and now I have a small amount of meds to counter it- serious life changing result. Sometimes you have to chase these symptoms and really make effort to find out what is going on. So at 54yo I found out- best to do something long before then Sport.

    Therapy also taught me to stop "saving the world" a comment made by him. I was running around worrying about other people so much I neglected myself.

    I hope I've helped, repost anytime, even once you get professional help you can use this forum to chat about your issues in between visits with some practical advice. Some work has to be put in to get result however, it wont all be easy.




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