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Topic: Howdy my name is Tarnya but call me T.

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  1. dare2diva
    dare2diva avatar
    3 posts
    26 March 2020

    Hi there. I haven’t logged in for years. I didn’t realise I had an account until I went to join. I have schizoaffective disorder and generalised anxiety and I have less than a year to come to terms with the fact I’ll be turning 50 in February next year lol

    I decided to reach out because my anxiety is quite high with all the virus thing. I’m working from home and we have a daily meeting to keep connected and to talk about anything no set agenda just a space to chat. We would normally have a bit of a chat in the kitchen or while waiting for the lift. I miss my colleagues but this is the next best thing. Of course the virus has been the topic since working from home was mandated by my department. It helps to know that everyone is having anxiety about this. It makes me feel somewhat normal. My depression dropped considerably since November last year and a change of meds has got me to a level which is below where I want it to be but it is stable. I’m going to give it another week and if I haven’t improved my psychiatrist said I can send him a text and he will give me a script for the stronger dose of what I’m on. I’m grateful I have a great psychiatrist I can trust. I also have a great psychologist but getting an appointment with him is hard and it will have been 7 weeks in between visits but I have made appointments monthly up until December. I need a sounding board and he is a no bs guy. He will tell me straight out if my thinking is way off or if I’m being too hard on myself or if I am just being stupid. I like his approach better than psychologists that are all fluffy bunnies and rainbows. That doesn’t work well with me.

    I am definitely grateful that I am still able to work firstly because I have a mental illness and secondly because I am lucky to have a job in the current climate. I’m also grateful for a great mental health team. I’m grateful I have a great family. My father and sister and her family all live with me and we haven’t hurt one another yet so all is good.

    thanks for reading. I’ll log in more often. I would love to have some online support and perhaps I can give some support and pay it forward.


  2. Raggity
    Raggity avatar
    0 posts
    26 March 2020 in reply to dare2diva

    Hi Tarnya, hope you're doing ok

    it's great you have your family close by and some other support also. We are all going to need help to get through these times i think.

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