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Topic: Introducing Myself

10 posts, 0 answered
  1. uncut_gems
    uncut_gems avatar
    8 posts
    13 January 2020


    Newbie here. I'm a PhD student from the United States living in Australia for a year doing some research for my dissertation. For most of my life I have struggled with depression and anxiety, and have sought a variety of different treatments. Over the past few years I have been doing better than I ever have before, and as mental health is both the subject of my academic research and very important to me personally, I wanted to join the community and lend support in any way I can. Looking forward to listening, sharing, and contributing!

  2. Summer Rose
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    193 posts
    13 January 2020 in reply to uncut_gems

    Hi uncut_gems

    Welcome to Australia and the bb forum, so nice to have you part of the community.

    I have been participating in the forum for over a year (member for longer) and know this to be a special place of kindness and non-judgemental support. I trust that you will also find participating to be a positive experience.

    Kind thoughts to you

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  3. Annas1
    Annas1 avatar
    0 posts
    20 January 2020 in reply to uncut_gems

    Hi uncut_gems,

    I'm impressed by your ability to create success in your life and take up exciting opportunities while managing your mental health. I too have long-standing difficulties with anxiety and depression, and was drawn to study psychology as a result.

    I'm interested to know how you manage your stressors, as I have hit a definite 'bump' in the road due to extreme social anxiety when presenting/talking in a group. Trying to hide this experience from others only serves to make it worse for myself - which makes sense intellectually but is hard to overcome at the time!

    Also, have you found that selective disclosure is helpful, whether with colleagues, supervisors or other students? I fear that disclosing my condition/sensitivity/feelings will lead to negative evaluations by others (paticularly those with relevant authority) and I will not be supported to succeed. Any thoughts?

    And another warm welcome to Oz.

    Best wishes

  4. worldsuck
    worldsuck avatar
    0 posts
    22 January 2020 in reply to uncut_gems
    hey you have a cool username, is it from the movie of the same name? ive lived in the us before, and loved it. hope you enjoy being here :)
  5. geoff
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    3392 posts
    22 January 2020 in reply to uncut_gems

    Hello Uncut_gems, thanks for joining the forums.

    We can never be sure what our mental health is going to do to, not only to ourselves but to other people as well, simply because circumstances change and can do so frequently, and remember that poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of developing mental health problems, as well as vice-versa.

    Sometimes it is hard to know what we are experiencing whether it's depression or sadness, worry or anxiety, but medical help should be sorted.

    Your participation in learning as well as contributing to these forums would be so helpful.

    Best wishes.


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  6. uncut_gems
    uncut_gems avatar
    8 posts
    22 January 2020 in reply to geoff
    Thank you geoff! So glad to join :)
  7. uncut_gems
    uncut_gems avatar
    8 posts
    22 January 2020 in reply to Annas1

    Hi Annas1,

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Managing stressors has become difficult, especially because I've been thrown into the "deep end" of fieldwork (moving to a new country, doing research on my own). The nature of my research (mostly just interviewing people) requires me to be upfront and to ask for a lot of things and to sort of insert myself (with consent of course) into different social interactions that I would normally avoid as a quite introverted person. Since moving to Oz I have done my best to stay active, stay in touch with my friends and family back home, and check in frequently with my advisor to make sure that I am still on the right track.

    I have struggled with disclosure myself. I am very open about it with close friends and family, and because I write about it academically I am forced to disclose a bit just for credibility and context. However, while I believe fighting stigma is important, I generally oppose the idea that this means full disclosure at all times to everyone as a political statement. Privacy is important, and it is totally reasonable to be concerned about how people will react to that information. Even if they take it well, it is still your prerogative to share or not share and not doing so does not make you less of an ally in the struggle of people with mental illness.

    Of course, selective disclosure can make your life much easier and in general attitudes have shifted so much that talking about these things is more normal and accepted. For example I made sure to tell my academic advisors (and teachers when necessary) just so they know where I'm coming from personally and intellectually and to help explain any behaviors they may find a bit odd.

    Would love to hear more about your work!



  8. uncut_gems
    uncut_gems avatar
    8 posts
    22 January 2020 in reply to worldsuck

    Hey worldsuck,

    Thanks so much! As a matter of fact it is based on the new film (first thing I thought of when making the account lol). I think it's a great movie. I'm enjoying it here so far, but I don't do too well in the heat haha!

    Thanks for making me feel welcome here.



  9. poorlydrawn
    poorlydrawn avatar
    3 posts
    4 February 2020 in reply to uncut_gems

    Hi Gems!

    We have had some discussion in another thread but wanted to say hi in your introduction thread too - great to meet you! It sounds like a great dissertation topic that you are looking at, particularly given your personal connection. I hope that it goes well, and that your experiences on here both help you and your project.

    Best wishes,


  10. uncut_gems
    uncut_gems avatar
    8 posts
    6 February 2020 in reply to poorlydrawn
    Thanks PD! Hope to see you around the forums :)

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