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Topic: Lost

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. Lissy 75
    Lissy 75 avatar
    2 posts
    8 January 2020
    I feel as if I have nothing left to give. My partner is at his wits ends with my emotional roller coaster and my children are worried. Which all adds up to me failing.
  2. Croix
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    8930 posts
    8 January 2020 in reply to Lissy 75
    Dear Lissy 75~
    The internet ate my first post, so I wrote another, so if you get two \in a row you will know why.
    It must have been a huge effort to post here on the Forum, though I’m very glad you did. I also read your post to Stacmeow, offering an ear to listen. This shows more of you than you might think. You are a caring soul and really try for others.
    This can be a trap of course, it is tempting to regard oneself as a bottomless well of understanding, care and help to those one loves -sadly we all have our limits.
    Being on a roller coater of emotion can be a response to the good and bad things in life, but is just as likely to be the result of too much stress and the ability to cope becoming less and less. Are there any particular events that sets this off?
    Having no more to give? Are you taking the burden of the whole family on your shoulders without help? It often happens from cooking or washing to getting the kids off the school to bills just about everything.
    May I ask if you have been to the doctor over this and said exactly how you felt? This is how I improved, together with the support of my wife.
    By the sound of it you have a caring husband and children, this is a wonderful thing. To try to deal with all this in isolation can be very hard indeed.
    I would like it if we talked some more

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