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Topic: My sister

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. Rachy351
    Rachy351 avatar
    1 posts
    26 December 2019

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this so please be patient...

    My sister is an alcoholic, and suffers depression really bad. It's the day after Xmas and yesterday (Xmas Day) she told me and my other sister that she wanted to kill herself. She told me this a couple of days ago as well.

    This has come about because of a recent break up. The thing is she has only been seeing this guy for a few months.

    She has suffered from depression for many years now, and has been to various doctors and been on various meds. Nothing seems to work for her.

    But we thought she was getting better...she stopped drinking, she did an online beauty course, which she passed, and she lost weight... but now she seems to have gone back to square one.

    I have also been a drug addict for half my life, but have been clean now for over 2 years so I sort of know where she is coming from, and have been trying to give her some advice without sounding like a hypocrite.

    The thing is me and my sister are a bit stuck, so if anyone out there has any advice or direction...please lay it on me.

    Thanx for reading xx

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  2. JuAbby1402
    JuAbby1402 avatar
    2 posts
    27 December 2019 in reply to Rachy351

    Hi Darl, Am so sorry to hear about ur sister and her troubles.. It seems u have a lot to get through at the moment.

    I am no expert, but I lost my mum in November, and really thought I also had lost it.. I started drinking heavily all day, every day to try and numb the pain of missing her.. Then my 2 sisters stepped up and set me straight, and although I still miss her terribly, I actually celebrated my first ever sober Xmas in over 5 yrs, and it was the best feeling ever.. I have often thought about taking my life, then I have good people around me to make me want to live, Be that for ur sister, give her a reason to live xx

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  3. Cranberry Juice
    Cranberry Juice avatar
    19 posts
    30 December 2019 in reply to Rachy351
    Sorry to hear about your sister. All I can really say Is tell her that she is loved very much and you are there for her and if she does something silly its going to really hurt you. I been through this with my younger brother who was a ice addict and a alcoholic who is now clean and sober its tough and worrying. Hope she pulls through.
  4. Flowertop
    Flowertop avatar
    51 posts
    31 December 2019 in reply to Rachy351

    Hi Rachy

    It is difficult seeing people we care about going through such a tough time. As sisters you are all fortunate to have and care about each other because the dramas that go along with drugs and alcohol can and do destroy family connections.
    I don’t think the length of a relationship determines the amount of loss, pain and grief a person experiences and so I think acknowledging this may be helpful to your sister. Christmas always seems to make these matters worse as well as there is so much around to remind us that we are alone.
    Your sister sounds like she has many strengths with being able to study on line and get her life on track there for a while.

    It sounds like she is reaching out to you and that is another positive. It is great you also have the support of your other sister.
    Have you tried ringing one of the suicide lines for advice. They may be able to direct you on how to assess your sisters risk or where to go for help.
    I hope you all get through this time and things click again soon and your sister gets back on track.

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