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Topic: My Struggles

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. Aussie English Girl
    Aussie English Girl avatar
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    8 January 2020

    Hi, I used to have depression, but I still suffer anxiety. I joined this forum because I want a second opinion. My Mum thinks because I have an intellectual disability, and PTSD (which is under control), she thinks I have bipolar.

    She thinks all autistics are psycho. Her words, definitely not mine. I don't have bipolar, do I? And I keep telling her bipolar sufferers are not psycho, but she won't listen.

    She thinks I am always irritable, but she is failing to realise I'm only frustrated when I can't understand something (I have an intellectual delay), or when she is such an essentialist. My PTSD symptoms hardly show up now. Any help?

  2. Croix
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    8930 posts
    9 January 2020 in reply to Aussie English Girl

    Dear Aussie English Girl~

    Welcome here to the Forum, it sounds very much as if you need someone other than your mother to assess how you really are. Trying to do it yourself is not always successful as you are too close, and from the sound if it your mother jumps to conclusions and regards some people as 'psycho', a demeaning and meaningless word no professional person would use.

    Having an intellectual delay would be something that would be extremely hard to deal with, constantly trying to understand everything- if there is time and matters have not moved on to something else. As a result I think I'd be both frustrated and angry -at the very least.

    May I suggest you go see a doctor and explain what has been happening, and about the worry over bipolar and PTSD? Get a professional opinion by someone qualified to do so and you will know where you stand.

    Do you think that might be possible to do?


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