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Topic: new mumma

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  1. SkellyBB
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    7 January 2020

    Hi, I turned 34 yesterday, I have suffered from anxiety in the past. I have a beautiful baby boy 7 months olds I had a very traumatic birth that took me some time to accept I held onto a lot of guilt that I didn’t get to spend the first few days of his life with him, I felt as thou I failed as a Mum, even thou he was born healthy and well ( I was sent to ICU). I’m still recovering from birth 7 months on and just spent 3 days in hospital, I lost feeling in my arm and had a 3 day headache, my anxiety from being away from my baby was to much that I checked myself out. I followed up with my GP yesterday and asked for help but I didn’t get what I needed he asked to see me in a few days as what he felt I was feeling is from the pain I’m in. I returned to work recently and I’m not coping. I have a coworker who doesn’t like me making my time there very hard. I lodged a formal complaint against them yesterday as she has been making accusations against me that are not true to bosses trying to get me in trouble and now they have made up stories to try and cover them self that I have caught her out . This with being a new mum with no support besides my husband I feel like I have just got my head about water. Iv reached out yesterday to my works free councillors and they should get back to me in the next 48 hours. I’m don’t feel that I’m sad just overwhelmed. My husband has taken a few days off to be home with me and support me. Thanks for reading

  2. romantic_thi3f
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    7 January 2020 in reply to SkellyBB

    Hi SkellyBB,

    Just wanted to say hello and welcome you to the BB forums. I'm really glad that you are here and opening up about what's going on for you. It does sound very overwhelming! From what I've reading you've had to go through a hell of a lot of stress in such a short time. I'm really glad you decided to reach out to the free counsellors though; hopefully they can offer you some support.

    You did talk about feeling like you've failed as a Mum, is that still there? While I'm not a Mum myself, I know that there are so many Mum's out there who have had to be in the same boat too - for not fault of their own not being with their baby straightaway. Not immediately being with your baby doesn't make you a failure - it's the fact that you wanted to be with your baby and are with your baby now that makes you a great mum. Hopefully other mums will jump in here and offer some reassurance too.

    I do hope that you find some support within these forums. Feel free to post around or browse around if you like.


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