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Topic: Proper Intro.

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. Weedy
    Weedy avatar
    0 posts
    17 January 2020

    Hello, so I wanted to do a proper intro.

    My name here is my nickname I was given by my Dad because I'm 'short like a weed'. It has no other meaning but that, I use my nickname a lot as I don't like my real name.

    I don't have a relationship with my Mother, I'm ok with that, I'm a Daddy's girl. I have five siblings only talk to one, fell out with the other, but honestly doesn't bother me either. I live in the Mainland but am a proud Tasmanian, I was brought up and lived in Tassie for most of my life. I have no friends, but have 2 kittens, I adore more than anything. Never had any kind of alcoholic beverage, and never smoked.

    I have zero self worth, I can't spell, don't know grammar well, I was sick a lot as a kid, I liked school but didn't get to go much.

    I hate promises, made one to my Nan, and didn't get to follow through with it before she passed away, so I don't do promises.

    I like to write stories and draw, I'm very bad at both and well I've no motivation to do anything lately though.

  2. calmseeker
    calmseeker avatar
    5 posts
    17 January 2020 in reply to Weedy

    Hi there Weedy,

    I read your first posts and noticed Sarah and Mary gave you some great feedback and info, aren't they both just lovely! - truly kind and beautiful people. These forums can be really helpful and I am so glad you reached out.

    I myself may not be as helpful to you with tips and advice, but I really wanted to tell you that you shouldn't feel isolated or helpless, there is always someone who cares right over your shoulder. You do sound very down and the GP visit is a great first step in addressing this. And btw Weedy, your spelling is just fine! I also bet your drawings and stories are great too and you're just being hard on yourself.

    Like you I am a fellow ex Tasweigan! Its much warmer when you head North isn't it :) I do miss TAS every now and again, gorgeous part of the world. I hope you keep posting. Chatting on here and reading other peoples stories and experiences and what has worked for them can be really helpful. I hope you are doing ok right now.


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  3. plants_and_lyrics
    plants_and_lyrics avatar
    0 posts
    4 February 2020 in reply to Weedy

    hey there!

    i just joined approximately 15 minutes ago so i have no idea what im doing but hi! you said you don’t have many friends well we can totally be friends 😊

    i can relate to having no motivation... the only reason i draw or study for school is for a distraction or to make sure I don’t disappoint people or give myself any more reason to hate myself. you’re totally not alone in having low self worth, im right there with you.

    i assume those are your cats in your profile picture they’re really cute! ive got a dog.

    i don’t really trust people or myself so i agree that promises are a little sketchy. im pretty used to being disappointed (by other people and me) I’ve kind of given up on romantic love because I don’t think I’d trust anyone enough to spend my life with them.

    I just want good friends so it doesn’t matter as much if they or I screw up, you know?

    i don’t think im being too helpful just trying to relate. I’ll definitely be more of a “youre not alone” person on here haha

    anyway i hope you feel better soon and that you’ll meet some cool people to be friends with, you seem like a very likeable person 😊

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