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Topic: a bit low - i think

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. rlo
    rlo avatar
    4 posts
    10 November 2019

    hi guys, hope you are all well. please excuse me, i am new to this and have no clue whether i'm doing it right or not.

    but lately, i guess for at least a month it seems as if i'm just fading out. i'm always tired, i find it super hard to be with my friends and laugh and smile along with them, i'm not talking to my family and whenever i try to i just feel like it's not worth it or i'm not worth it, also recently this non-stop urge to cry constantly has decided to come along as well which is super.

    i feel like i'm just failing everyone around me and i'm this dark cloud that spreads to those close to me. my self esteem has dropped super low and i just don't really know why, and how i can go back to how i was. i'm used to being sad but now i just feel like i've got the symptoms of sad without really feeling anything at all, sometimes anger. mostly anger actually. i don't know what's going on but i'm disappointing people and my family are getting aggravated at me understandably. i just can't seem to help it.

    i'm eating normally-ish, not sleeping too good i guess, i feel normal enough, i'm still following my passions, i'm just slightly disenchanted with life right now.

    anyone experienced something familiar??

    any tips or tricks anyone has would be a great help.

    thanks for reading and taking the time. please if you're going through something similar, join the discussion and we can help each other out. :)

  2. _ItsTheSecondAlex_
    _ItsTheSecondAlex_ avatar
    8 posts
    10 November 2019 in reply to rlo

    Hi rlo.

    I am currently experiencing something similar. Also, I'm new too so I know how much courage it takes to spew your thoughts on a forum when you're used to keeping them inside you.

    The past month has been crap. I've just..flopped. I will try to offer some tips, but I guess we're both stuck in this rut.

    Always tired? Yes. I've found it nearly impossible to get out of bed every morning. I think the best thing to do is give yourself a routine; I usually go "Ok, now we're going to stand up, get ready and go to the gym" or "Ok, let's get up and finish your studying before school starts". Just giving yourself tiny goals gives you tiny pieces of satisfaction - like how I got out of bed this morning before my alarm rung.

    I totally get it with friends and stuff. I used to be the kind and always willing to help, and I would smile and actually engage in conversation. Now I sometimes just sit with my friends saying nothing, not smiling, not joining in. It's gotten to the point where my friends have noticed. I find it hard to engage in conversations with them, and would much rather fall asleep. Best thing for this is to say to them, I'm having a crap few weeks, so they understand you aren't yourself.

    Urge to cry: literally anything will make me cry right now. I sit down at my desk to do an assignment and just start crying. Best thing for this is to cry yourself out, then have a long drink of water. Don't stop yourself from crying.

    I also feel like I'm failing everyone. I used to be the life of the party and now I barely have enough energy to smile at my friends. I just want to go back to last month, or last year. My self-esteem has fell into an abyss and I'm trying to diet because maybe getting more attractive will bring it back up, when really my low self-esteem is a result of feeling like I flopped exams and not being a nice person to be around.

    I come home and I barely talk at home. My family don't know whats wrong, it's just I don't want to talk.

    Find something to look forward to, I guess. I have a concert coming up and it's like a beacon of light.

    Basically, I totally get it. We're both going through this crap time, and can't figure out how to get back to happiness. I don't want to be a hypocrite, so I'm not going to offer anything fake or something I'm not doing.

    Right now, best thing to do is rant. Make a blank document, turn your font colour to white and just spew all over the page. We'll get through this together.

    Keep trudging forward.

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  3. rlo
    rlo avatar
    4 posts
    10 November 2019 in reply to _ItsTheSecondAlex_

    thanks for the reply, i'm so sorry you feel the same way too. no one deserves it.

    it's a bit of a crappy time right now, that's for sure.

    if i have any advice to give back to you, i would say something similar with the ranting on a blank document (very sound advice btw, i will definitely use), but turn it into poetry. i find using the creative side of my brain to spew out my feelings is super effective in making use of my darkness and turning it into something worthwhile and sometimes even something to be proud of.

    right now i have a holiday coming up to look forward to, so i guess that's an up. your concert should be super fun too. let's try focus on that.

    thanks again for the advice and sharing your own experiences. you've lifted my day and my spirits a little. you are very welcome to talk to me about anything, consider me your blank-document that you can rant to. (although my advice is usually poor to average)

    and yes, keep trudging forward.

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